1. J

    Question Philips VR110 and Sharp 32AC6EE LCD TV scart connection sound but no picture

    Hi, I bought a Philips VR110 VCR player for my dad. He has alots of old VHS tapes (wedding ceremonies, birthdays etc.) He wanted to watch them again. He has a SHARP 32ACEE LCD TV. It has a SCART connection. The Philips VR110 also has scart connection. I bought a scart cable from a local store...
  2. bobbymax

    VHS camera?

    Apologies if the wrong forum (mods?) Long shot question..... . My wife has inherited a Panasonic NV-M5 VHS HQ movie cam from her dad, who passed away. It's in perfect condition and works when connected to the mains (battery is flat, and probably needs replacing). Yes I know, it's very old...
  3. J

    Retro AC Adaptor replacements

    Hey guys, I am trying to restore old DV tapes for a 90's handheld camcorder. My issue is the adapter is not holding charge for more than a minute. Finding a replacement is hard and costly where it is available. There must be universal adapters available local to me that will do the job. Here...
  4. F

    Vhs to Laptop

    I have a lot of vhs tapes that I need to convert to my laptop. I bought easier capper to try and use it but sometimes while the tapes are playing properly on the tv they are jumpy on the laptop. I'm using capture video and the easy capper software was useless. Anyone have any experience of this...
  5. Mhd1993

    VHS to PC/DVD

    I am currently in the process of transferring my old vhs tapes via a vcr player and climiaxdigital vhs to pc which i purchased from amazon. I can see the quality of the video once on the pc is reduced compared to when the vhs is played directly to the tv via a scart lead. Would it be better to...
  6. stevehartwell

    VHS Cleanermate VC-8088

    Anybody know where I could buy a VHS Cleanermate VC-8088 ?
  7. Zanerichardson

    Question Confused about VHS to DVD conversion - can this device do it?

    Hi all. I appreciate this question has probably been answered a million times so I apologise. following some family deaths, us young ones want to put the entire family’s collection of VHS recording of old family events onto DVD. my sister bought this player for the job, but I’m reading the...
  8. A

    Using VHS with a Sony RDR-HXD870

    A two in one question. On occasions I want to play VHS videos the easiest way would be connecting though the composite connectors on the front of the recorder, selecting the correct line input and pressing play on the connected VHS deck. As I have a load of series linked programs configured on...
  9. H

    Converting VHS onto a Mac or PC

    Hi I would like to convert VHS tapes onto either a Mac or PC any good value hardware to do this also and what software as well. Thanks.
  10. J

    VHS tape showing black and white stripe?

    Hi, First time posting! I'm currently trying to digitally capture all my old family VHS tapes. The issue I'm having is my Samsung DVD-V6800 DVD/VCR combo player is displaying a horizontal band in the image only in black and white while the rest of the image is in full colour? See pictures...
  11. MiketheMechanic

    VHS to digital capture / conversion - help refine my transfer workflow?

    Hi all. With some extra time at home due to COVID, I'm tackling a project that has been outstanding for 15 years. I have over 50 VHS tapes to transfer to digital before the tapes are lost to time. The recordings are 99% PAL and a mixture of camcorder home movies on VHS-C and recordings on VHS...
  12. Raj007

    Question VHS to DVD Sony RDR-HX870

    I recorded some of my vhs tapes recently through scart onto my dvd recorder. Unfortunately one of the recordings consisted of 20gb. ( I want the highest recording quality as possible) Is there a way I put the video on many different dvds?
  13. Jason W

    VHS to digital help

    Apologies if this is the wrong section, i did look and this seemed the closest to my question. I have a copyright protected purchased from a shop years ago TV comedy on VHS which was never, and will never be brought out onto DVD. It's called Barry Welsh The Second Coming, a hilarious but not...
  14. M

    Faint margin top and bottom of picture on vhs when copied to panny recorder

    Hi, I am converting my VHS and sVHS recordings to digital using a scart lead (gold connections IXOS) from a high end sVHS player JVC to my Panasonic DMR BS850 bluray recorder player HDD unit. Having done hundreds without trouble, I recently noticed a faint margin at the top and bottom of the...
  15. J

    Best method for capturing VHS video at the highest quality possible.

    I have several VHS tapes that I want to encode to computer files. I was looking at an analog converter by Elgato that has a composite and S-VHS input with a USB 2.0 connection which encodes the video to H.264 @ 1.4 MBps. Would using another device to capture at a higher bit rate (if this is even...
  16. S

    VHS to digital - Video is flickering..

    Hi, I recently went to the purchase of various equipment to digitize the old VHS tapes from my childhood. But have now come up with a problem... I use the following software: ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 (newest version), and a Nedis Video Grabber USB 2.0. In the software the movie is flickering, aswell...
  17. A

    Denon AVR-X3600H playing composite video from VCR

    I'm hoping I'm not the only one here who keeps a VHS deck plumbed into their AV system :) Since upgrading to a X3600H, I've found the amp has trouble converting the composite video signal to HDMI. The sympton is that using any of the functions on the VCR that 'disturb' the video signal (pause...
  18. djeyewater

    Using VHS to DVD recorder as RGB scart to HDMI converter?

    Does anyone know if the old VHS to DVD recorders you can get (I've been looking at Panasonic models) with RGB Scart in and HDMI out will convert RGB Scart input to HDMI (and do it decently)? All the info I can find about them is just talking about their output of Freeview TV, DVD, and VHS over...
  19. A

    VHS to digital convert

    Hello I want to ask if someone can suggest best combo to digitize VHS tapes. There are USB grabber. I tried one cheap but it makes the poor VHS quality even worst. I have tried basic VHS recorders with TV card in computer, but from Scart connector the video lags sometimes, from AV connector the...
  20. T

    Question Panasonic M7 Recording issue

    My Panasonic M7 VHS camcorder recording horizontal lines, but only after a time. I don't know what can cause this problem, maybe some of you can? Thank you! (Those lines appears when the motors operate too) A video about my problem:
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