vhs tapes

  1. J

    Question Philips VR110 and Sharp 32AC6EE LCD TV scart connection sound but no picture

    Hi, I bought a Philips VR110 VCR player for my dad. He has alots of old VHS tapes (wedding ceremonies, birthdays etc.) He wanted to watch them again. He has a SHARP 32ACEE LCD TV. It has a SCART connection. The Philips VR110 also has scart connection. I bought a scart cable from a local store...
  2. Stuart

    Question Converting Uncompressed VHS AVI Rips to MP4

    I've got several huge uncompressed AVI captures from old camcorder tapes that I'm looking to convert to usable/shareable MKV/MP4 versions. Any tips on best way to deal with deinterlacing etc (I want to create progressive I think as most will watch on devices that probably aren't good at...
  3. M

    Precious VHS tapes not displaying picture

    So i recently found my old vcr and a number of tapes. The vcr is in good working order and plays 90% of the vhs tapes i found. However a few of the tapes do not display the picture or any sound when inserted in the vcr including an old home Christmas video. The time on the player remains at...
  4. A

    Blank VHS tapes?

    I was just wondering whether anyone was aware of any current sources of good-quality blank VHS tapes which don't cost an arm and a leg (i.e. retailing at the sort of prices they used to sell in the shops for)? With the DVDR half of my VCR/DVDR combi having failed, I could do with a couple for...
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