1. Krimoon

    Question Should I get this Vestel 4K TV??

    I have found a Vestel 4k 50' at our local grocery store FOR 470 USD Honestly I am not an expert and I cannot tell whether this a low quality item or something decent! I'm not planing to use the TV for gaming I just want good realistic quality pictures! Please check the attached pictures for...
  2. Ensign Skippy

    Are some Vestel rebadged TV brands better ranges than others?

    it would be useful if there were some guide on this, it's probably hard to get professional reviews with HDR brightness spec but it's also difficult to know if some of the brand names used are usually better models than others. The main ones you see in the UK are Hitachi, Toshiba and Techwood...
  3. steocullen91

    Old WP3711LCD Walker (Vestel) TV With Yellowish Tint

    Hi. I have a TV from 2010 or 2011 i think it was purchased. Anyway it was in my sitting room with my parents using it but now I have it in my room for the time being. I've noticed it has a yellowish or greenish tint that's there even with the temp set to cool. I've been in the service menu by...
  4. tempura

    Panasonic TX40ES500B - Vestel?

    Can anyone confirm if this model (sold by Richer Sounds) is a Vestel? Thanks!
  5. chrisr1949

    How to Tell If Your TV's a VESTEL

    HOW TO TELL IF YOUR NEW (or old) TV IS MADE BY VESTEL There has been a lot of talk about the large previously high market brand names taking the easy way out and using companies like Vestel of Turkey to produce for them. There are plenty of fallacies regarding re-badgeing or re-packaging...
  6. M

    Question Finlux/Digihome/Vestel 65" firmware update

    not sure if anyone can help but I'm after a firmware update for my Digihome 65/240 or 65FME249S-T(the finlux version) or Vestel 65PF7575 finlux wouldn't help unless i have a serial number for the tv. thanks
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