1. M

    VESA Stand that moves tv forward

    Hi Apologies in advance - I don't know if I'll explain myself well here. We have our tv sitting on a fairly tall sideboard style unit in the living room which works well for us. Recently got rid of my old Pioneer plasma for a LG C1. While happy with the tv, because of differences in stand, it's...
  2. S

    Vertical Locations of VESA Mounting Holes

    I have found lots of references giving the height and width separation between VESA mounting holes - but that is only half of the story. In general, they seem to be centered from left to right, but the vertical location of the pattern can vary between manufacturers & models. I just recently...
  3. Kanata23

    LG G1 Built in Mount in Safe in Extended mode?

    Hello Folks I'm having a conundrum. I'm planning to buy the G1 Evo 77 in a few days. But my power and data on the wall are on the wrong side (right side instead of left, and cannot be changed now). I was thinking of going C1 with a Vesa but the gap would be nearly 3 inches from the bottom Vesa...
  4. S

    55 inch OLED’s vesa hole positions

    Hi do all 55 inch models have the vesa holes in the same place roughly on different manufacturers sets? I intend to buy one soon but want to mount my existing 42 inch Panny plasma TV on the wall do the wiring etc then when I decide what I want fit that onto the bracket. Thanks for any help, info...
  5. D

    27" Smart TV with VESA holes

    Hi. I've looked around but I can't seem to find many 27" TVs any more. Are they no longer a thing? Keep finding monitors or Smart Monitors. I'm looking for a Smart TV with fair number of inputs 2 or 3 HDMI. I'm guessing SCART / phono is defunct. Nice to have but otherwise I'll try some...
  6. P

    Sony XR-65A90J VESA holes compared to TV's body

    Hi, I'm tempted to buy the new Sony XR-65A90J but first I need to know the distance between the upper VESA holes in back and the TV's top. I've downloaded the manual but there's no such information. Thank you very much! Matt
  7. Godiva1107

    Vesa 75x75 tilt only television bracket.

    I'm in need of such a mount for a the imminent arrival of a new 24" telly. Ideally, I would like a tilt only mount which caters just for 75x75. All the mounts I have discovered so far are not just for 75x75. The position of the mount on the telly is very high up on the telly, and I really don't...
  8. Z

    Stripped vesa screw on back of sony ag9

    I am freaking out right now as the retailer promised me an upgrade to a90j for 1000 dollars in May and I somehow managed to strip the placeholder screws for the vesa mount the first one went out the next one was impossible and the screw is completely stripped however since these screws protrude...
  9. S

    Back to back Vesa Mount for 200x300

    Hello I need to mount two tv's back to back and I've looked at floor to ceiling poles and ceiling mounts. The only problem is that the two tv's are Hisense 50A7100FTUK, which have Vesa 200x300 hole patterns and I can't seem to find mounts that say they are compatible. Would this be compatible...
  10. T

    Panasonic TX-P55VT65 VESA stand mount

    I have a Panasonic TX-P55VT65 on its original stand. I want to use a larger centre speaker and I’m thinking of getting a stand that uses the VESA fittings so I can raise it a bit to get the speaker underneath the TV. Anyone use and can recommend one of these? Picture to show my problem.
  11. F

    Question Does Vesa 200x300 exist?

    Hi, I’ve just purchased the Hisense 58A7100FTUK, which has vesa 200x300 hole pattern, is this a mistake? Since I couldn’t even find such a vesa hole pattern, the only one close to it was 300x200. I have tried Googling the answer with no success, would be grateful for some input. Thanks.
  12. A

    Panasonix TX-65HZ1000B VESA hole Top Offset

    Dear All, Can you measure a Panasonic TX-65HZ1000B, or one of the series models, and tell me the measurement (in mm) of the top VESA holes from the top of the screen. It is a VESA 400*400 hole pattern and the 65" model has a height of 837 mm. The available Panasonic Technical Dimensions drawing...
  13. spacebrodie

    UE65TU8500 - VESA Dimension question

    Hello Could anyone with a UE65TU8500 please let me know the dimension from the bottom VESA screw holes to the bottom of the screen? many thanks!
  14. WeegyAVLover

    Vesa wall mount - 400x200 - 77" TV - Question

    Hi All, I am planning on buying a new TV and new wall bracket is needed. I plan on buying a 77" OLED LG TV that has a Vesa mount that is 400x200 and weighs 26kg. I am looking at this on Amazon: View...
  15. K

    Vesa TV Stand (table top) 65NANO956NA

    Hi does anyone recommend a good TV stand the table top style please? Model 65NANO956NA LG 65 Nanocell Thanks
  16. G

    Question Vizio P75QX-H1vesa pattern position

    Hi All, I'm hoping that the P75QX-H1 price will drop by cyber Monday so I can hang it on my existing wall mount without interfering with my soundbar. I almost bought the 2019 model a year ago then decided to wait but had already installed my wall mount. Comparing photos between the 2019 model...
  17. W

    VESA TV Brackets

    Hello! Could anyone tell me if the centre of the square or oblong formed by the VESA fixing bracket screw holes in the back of the tv always corresponds to the centre of the tv screen? Any advice would be appreciated!
  18. B

    LG CX Vesa Stand

    Hi guys, just plumbed for an LG CX that is coming next Wednesday, I'm looking for a suitable stand as I have a samsung HW-Q90r soundbar which obviously isn't going to work with the LG CX default stand. Looking for suggestions? Of course i've done a preliminary search on vesa 300x200...
  19. J

    Sanus Wall Mount - anyone know what model?

    Hey folks. Does anyone know the model of this Sanus wall mount? Was bought in 2015, and currently holds a Bravia 43 tv. Would like to look up what max tv size and weight it can take, but can’t find any of my purchase documents or anything online that looks similar.....
  20. J

    LG OLED48CX - Height above VESA mount

    Hi. Can anyone who owns a LG Oled48cx tell me the measurement from the top vesa hole to the top of the tv? looking to replace a current 43 Sony want to ensure it will fit on current vesa bracket as there is a shelf above the bracket. Pictures on the web make it seem like the vesa holes aren’t...
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