Very is an intensifier in the English language.
Very may also refer to:
Véry, a commune in the Meuse department in France
Very (lunar crater)
Very (Martian crater), named after Frank Washington Very
Very (Pet Shop Boys album)
Very (Dreamscape album)
Very, an album by Miki Furukawa
Very (online retailer), a British online retailer
VERY TV, a television channel in Thailand
Edward Wilson Very (1847-1910), US Navy officer, inventor of the Very flare gun
Frank Washington Very (1852–1927), American astronomer
Jones Very (1813–1880), American poet, essayist, clergyman and mystic
Pierre Véry (1900–1960), French novelist and screenwriter
Very Idham Henyansyah, (born 1974), Indonesian serial killer
Other uses:
Very, the most common type of flare gun

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