1. MahaRaja

    Very low wifi speed on PS5 but high on smart TV?!

    Hi Guys, Bought my son a LG C1 OLED TV for Gaming in his room and we have a new BT Smart Hub 2 router which gives about 130mb. The router is in the hallway downstairs. On his C1 TV via wifi it shows he's getting over 100mb and Youtube does not buffer when he's watching 4k content but the PS5...
  2. J

    What low cost phone for very occasional use?

    I want to get my 87 year old father a phone for Xmas. He would hardly ever use it, but when he is out driving, if his car broke down he would need to get in touch with someone. And very occasional use for other stuff. What phone and deal would you recommend?
  3. tonycommander

    Some very simple questions Re: charging at home

    Hi, just ordered first EV on our works salsac scheme which ought to be here in feb/mar all being well. Audi E-tron SUV if it matters. However i have a couple of questions regarding home charging... We have solar panels that were installed quite a while ago on a scheme whereby the installer...
  4. Dobbyisfree

    Very quick thoughts about Netflix's "Nightbooks"

    Can't see any comments about this other than the link below about the LFE. The film seemed to have a "misdirected audience" although, at the same time, I couldn't switch it off. Not sure whether that was the film itself grabbing me or the LFE. We both enjoyed the acting, maybe it was that...
  5. Dobbyisfree

    Blue Miracle (Netflix) very brief review

    I went to look for a thread about this film and couldn't find one. Sincere apologies if I've missed it. Apparently based on a true story, whilst slightly predictable, this film was engaging with some great acting (particularly from the children). Picture in Dolby Vision, I have never seen...
  6. K

    Denon X1600H HDR to SDR and back very slow

    I have recently purchased the Denon X1600H as i upgraded my projector to an Epson TW-9400 projector (4K upscaled) and also purchased an NVideo Shied TV (2019) device. I purchased new premium HDMI cables to handle 4K/60Hz. I noticed a large black screen delay using Netflix when switching between...
  7. T

    HDR very bright

    Hi. A general Panasonic OLED question. My 55JZ1000 is great and am using Pro 1 and Pro 2. For SDR, I've tweaked luminance level slightly on Pro 2. For HDR, luminance defaults to 100 for all HDR formats. In these cases Pro 1 and 2 are too bright. All 3 DV pictures modes are also too bright. I...
  8. kristianity77

    A very very odd electric problem. Anyone help?

    So here's the deal. I have a TV, connected to a ps5, and a pc. When I or someone turns a light on, or the kettle, microwave, whatever in the house, I lose video signal from the pc or ps5 for about two seconds then it comes back on again. No power outage, just signal. Anyone here...
  9. outoftheknow

    Very fast boot from power off

    I have reinvigorated my Acer Aspire X3995 i3 2nd generation, by replacing the failing HDD with a Crucial MX500 SSD and the single 4GB DDR3RAM with two 8GB DDR3. I also loaded defaults in BIOS and now from power button press to Windows is so fast there is no POST beep and no BIOS splash screen. I...
  10. craig808

    Zen Stream - Would it work well with the Lyngdorf 2170?

    Just as I was professing to people how I am completely happy with my current set-up, the Zen Stream caught my eye 😏 The blurb says: "It has one purpose – to send music from the Internet to your DAC with no loss of quality. True hi-res performance of PCM384/DSD256 via WiFi/LAN. Just add your...
  11. Don Rogers Tash

    PS5 Games (coming very soon) That You'll Definitely Be Buying.

    Death Loop, The Village and Ratchet and Clank for me. I've no interest in Returnal. You ?
  12. 1

    Very slow internet with Windows 10

    I bought a TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless USB adapter as my old adapter was slow. I installed the driver and got the same slow Speed Test result of 1 Mbps. My iPhone has a Speed Test result of 60 Mbps so it's not the router. What could it possibly be?
  13. D

    Very strange CPU error

    A friend of mine and I both purchased and build PCs a couple of years ago using the exact same parts. Recently his died and would just power cycle. He thought it might be the CPU so asked me to pop mine in to see if it would start. Tried it, didn't work just continued to cycle. The weird...
  14. S

    Samsung Q80T 20% off @ Very

    Very have 20% off the 55" Q80T if bought with their 12 month buy now, pay later. So with the 20% off it would work out at approx. £880. Deal expires on the 5th November... I was going to wait for Black Friday and hopefully get the Q90T but am tempted by this deal - is it a good one do you...
  15. A

    dell e5470 speakers very low volume...headphones are fine....???

    hi,,,i have dell e5470 ..was working day the speakers were very distorted.....then few days later the volume went very low but both still i have to use headphones connected to the headphone jack.....i thought maybe bad drivers due to an update.....i tried reinstalling...
  16. gfplux

    The Woods Netflix (Harlan Coben) very poor

    I am a great fan of the author Harlan Coben. For example Tell No One was for me a 10/10 book and film. However the 6 episodes of The Woods was poor. Maximum 6/10 You should avoid.
  17. bignig

    LG pic very dark

    hi all ,ive turned on my LG 32lb580v and the picture is so so dark,this was repaired by lg around 13 month ago where the screen went black and it needed back light replacement ,since then no problems until today,everything works as it should ,i can control the back light and turn it down to make...
  18. IWC Dopplel

    Very tricky to get/choose a twin matching 5K screen set up, upgrading an old iMAC ! thoughts appreciated

    I would of thought it would be easy ! I have an old 2010 iMac, have always wanted to upgrade to a new 5K 27" screen, I do a lot of photography using Lightroom and now working from home (which I intend to do more of) I thought time to get two screens, big linked complex spreadsheets are really...
  19. I

    Upgrading external speakers for new TV - suggestions and advice very welcome.

    Hi, I've been fortunate recently to be able to replace my old 32" Samsung 720p TV with a larger Philips 4K TV. At the moment I use my Labtec Pulse 2.1 computer speakers for TV sound, connected via phono lead from my Humax PVR. This gives me quite good sound. My PC is also connected to the TV...
  20. M

    Question Best budget floor speakers

    Tannoy eclipse 3 or wharfedale diamond 230? Very best budget audiophile speakers?? Which would be better sounding with punchier bass and clarity???
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