1. Fitodde

    Solution to vertical lines in Xiaomi UST 4k projectors

    Have anyone encounter problems like this on Xiaomi UST laser projector ?
  2. R

    Is this vertical banding?

    Hi All, Noticed this suddenly on my tv. I have raised the issue with Curry's who have advised that although the tv is out if warranty I can return it for £95 deposit and if it's classed as a manufacturing fault they'll repair it and return my deposit. If it's not they take the deposit as part of...
  3. kenshingintoki

    Vertical Masking solution for the top black bar anyone?

    Hey. I'm after a masking solution please for my setup. The bottom half, I can just make panels and stick some MEVEL22. However the top part is more difficult because I do switch aspect ratio. I soemtimes go from 16:9 to 2:35:1 and obviously the height changes? Is there anything electronic or...
  4. I

    Freesat: Can only receive Vertical channels.

    I have a Humax Foxsat HDR, with 2 feeds from a Quad LNB attached to an old Sky minidish. This has all been installed and working for many years. Yesterday, I noticed that I can't receive some channels, and after a bit of checking it looks like I can receive all channels with Vertical...
  5. J

    Green Vertical Line?

    Watching disc 2 of the extended Two Towers 4K UHD....a solid bright green vertical line on the RH border of the picture evident. other blurays don't have this problem. Is it likely to be an artefact on the disc? or a setting amiss on the equipment, which is..... Opposition 205 into Yamaha...
  6. V

    Blinking black vertical line on screen

    Hello! got my samsung ru65 uhd TV 14 months ago. But soon after, after few minutes of watching tv, a flashing or blinking black vertical line appeard. Once it starts, it flashes every second. I contacted samsung support they said I should update the software and turn off the TV an push 10...
  7. teenaxta

    Is this much vertical banding on LG CX normal?

    Hello I have 65inch LG CX TV. I have noticed that there is vertical banding when watching movies in dark room. I cant understand if this is normal or is my unit a faulty one. Does LG replace such TVs or is it as is? The images exaggerate the problem but it is noticeable.
  8. G

    Lg cx6 Green vertical line

    Hi all, I have just bought a cx6 been around 5 weeks and tonight noticed a green vertical line from top to bottom of the left hand side of the screen was there for around a few scenes 30 seconds or so and then gone.... Question is should I be worried/concerned? Is this a sign of something...
  9. steranevdy

    LG CX vertical bending

    I just received a new LG CX and seeing a vertical bending that is more prominent on the right side. The bottom half appears to be straight but the top half is kinda flexible and looks to have some bend in around the middle part. Is this a common thing or more of manufacturing defect?
  10. DLxP

    Digital vertical shift and masking - why isn't it more common?

    I've been wondering lately why digital vertical shift isn't more widely available. Partly because its lack of availability means, as far as I can see, I'm somewhat locked into using Kodi. By digital vertical shift I mean the ability to shift the active video content up or down. Kodi allows one...
  11. D

    LG OLED 55CX - Vertical line of equally spaced white pixels

    Hello, I purchased a brand new OLED55CXPUA yesterday. Set everything up and it worked great for about 4 hours. For apparently no reason, a large line of perfectly spaced white pixels appeared out of nowhere (pictures below). This line only appears watching 4K Dolby/HDR, etc using my AppleTV 4K...
  12. Z

    Placing ps5 vertical with the back pointing to right and hdmi cable goes to left question

    Hi. I was wondering if this could make stress to the hdmi port over time. Setting up the ps5 for the first time today. Since it’s large it have to stand like this // at an angle to the right, to Get enough space back for the air vent, (small table) The tv hdmi goes long from left side on tv...
  13. R

    Many black vertical lines coming down from top to middle of screen on un55d8000

    I have these black vertical lines coming down from the top of the screen on my Samsung LED TV un55n8000. See attachment. Any thoughts?
  14. M


    I have a Samsung model UN55F7100AFXZA LED 3D TV. About 2 months ago the screen developed several multi-colored vertical lines from top to bottom. It happened all at once like turning on a switch, that quick. Now normally I’d say, heck, it’s 8 years old, time to get a new one. However...
  15. P

    M.2 SSD vertical mount bracket for Asus Z370-G

    I have an Asus Z370-g board and want to add a second m.2 SSD but cannot find where I put the vertical mounting bracket. I’ve been looking online but cannot find anywhere in the UK that seems to sell them, I emailed Asus and they do not sell them and said to try eBay and Aliexpress but only ones...
  16. T

    kd55s8505c Vertical lines

    Hi I have a Sony kd55s8505c. A few weeks ago it sudden started to display no picture and vertical lines. You could see, for example, the android logo but the colours extended vertically from the top to the bottom of the screen. After some research I figured it was the tcon board. £9.99 no...
  17. S

    Vertical banding

    I'd uploaded the following images to the Hisense support complaining of vertical banding ruining my TV viewing also what seems to be an out of post led..... there are more than one along the top edge. Just received email to say that this is acceptable and if still not happy contact the retailer...
  18. P

    Question Half of screen vertical lines on LG 65nano866na

    Hi there, I recently bought a 2020 LG 65nano866na and it’s a fantastic TV. The trouble is that I keep getting a horizontally chopped vertical bars issue (bottom half of screen) when watching any app such as iPlayer, Netflix, NowTV. I have an Xbox One plugged in and whilst I use the LG versions...
  19. L

    Question Lg backlit tv vertical line discoloration

    Hello. My tv recently started displaying discolored vertical lines. Every other patch is discolored but the other ones are the correct color. It happens randomly.
  20. C

    Would LG replace my LG B8 Panel due to vertical banding?

    Hi, would LG replace my LG B8 Panel due to vertical banding?
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