1. B

    vertical shift on older JVC Pj

    i have a JVC DLA HD100 pj. it has a vertical stretch option. what i understand is - it will stretch any cinemascope movie vertically so that it covers the screen, my question - when it does v stretch, does picture look odd as pic is now pulled at bottom and top? also, i noticed the sub titles...
  2. K

    H50U7BUK Vertical bars

    My TV will now only display vertical coloured bars which change in colour and position as the TV turns on. There is no picture at all. See attached photo. I have replaced the T-con board with a refurbished unit and cleaned and reseated all available connectors, but the issue remains. Any ideas...
  3. O

    Lg cx thin vertical lines right hand side of screen

    Hi guys after about 11 months of using this TV the other day vertical lines have appeared on the right hand side of the screen. I'm just within the 12 month warranty thank god lol. Does anyone think this is a panel problem or loose connection inside maybe? They appear on all inputs and apps...
  4. J

    QN65QN90A vertical shadow

    I've had the QN65QN90A since early this year and I've occasionally noticed a shadow right down the middle of the screen (see pics). The shadow is not visible at all during most content, but with a lighter background such as grey or light blue sky, it becomes more apparent. Doing the built-in...
  5. C

    Vertical band after 2000 hour pixel refresh on c1

    Hi all 6 month old tv that was perfect before the 2000 hour pixel refresh that ran two days ago I now have vertical bands that are visible in panning content or grey images. It's not bad compared to others I've seen, but... it's still there So- should I, A. wait it out? Does the pixel...
  6. C

    Vertical band on LG C1 after 2000 hour pixel refresh

    Hi all 6 month old tv that was perfect before the 2000 hour pixel refresh that ran two days ago I now have vertical bands that are visible in panning content or grey images. It's not bad compared to others I've seen, but... it's still there So- should I, A. wait it out? Does the pixel...
  7. G

    White vertical banding on new LG 86NAN075

    We have only had this TV a few weeks, but I have noticed white vertical banding in bright and dark shows. Not sure if this is the TV or our Apple TV device causing the issues. I will have to do some more testing with different sources and maybe another HDMI cable. Just wanted to see if anyone...
  8. zbillster

    Vertical lines in a VHS tape playback?

    I'm watching a factory-produced VHS movie, and getting these faint stationary (meaning they don't move; same position on screen) vertical lines throughout, like a jail cell. They are mostly noticeable (and annoying) during dark scenes, but wash out against light backgrounds, only to reappear on...
  9. marty1

    Sony bravia vertical lines

    Hi All, I just bought a second hand Sony bravia Kd 75xd9405 and the picture looks amazing but I noticed on grey colour screens there is very faint, fairly wide vertical bars, going across the whole screen, they are only visible on blank colour screens, like Amazon prime homepage. Is this...
  10. F

    LG 50LF652V - Vertical Lines

    hi guys, is this screen easily repairable? It's a 50" LG on sale online and very cheap :) Vertical lines = the flat connectors on the top of the screen ?? or T-CON ? Horizontal lines = signal clock in rows somewhere between 1-8 ?? Thanks
  11. J

    Vertical Line on LG C1 OLED

    Hello, I have had this vertical line appear on my screen this evening. It has happened before a couple of times, but went away itself (I had actually forgotten about it until tonight.) I ran a dead pixel test to get an all black screen as it shows up more clearly on that Does anyone know what...
  12. E

    one vertical line

    I have a philips 55OLED706 that I bought in January. out of nowhere, it has suddenly come, a line on the screen that I can not remove. I have updated the TV to latest version, done OLED reset, pulled the power plug for a long time. the only thing i have not tried is factory reset. what is...
  13. Gabriel Lorscheiter

    LG 49UJ6525 vertical white line, any guess what could it be?

    Does anyone know, or guess what could this problem be? I think it could be the flat cable, but some friend told me it could be an electrical short.
  14. cdoublejj

    anything i can do about this vertical banding, is it normal after motherboard swap?

    B55 never had any banding before but after swapping all the circuit boards with a shop jimmy kit i now have vertical banding. i tried pixle refresher but, no dice. i tried to photograph but, i just can't properly get it to show like it does in real life. it's apparent when watching regular tv...
  15. L

    Sony xf9005 vertical lines.

    Hello I have what I believe is a 55 xf9005 which hasn't been turned on in about two or 3 weeks. I have just turned it on today and after a few minutes I get vertical lines all over the screen where there is something displayed. It all looks fine up until about 5 minutes of being on. Any idea...
  16. kenshingintoki

    Top bar masking ?? Blind?

    Any solutions guys have for a DIY blind or osmoenw who can make them? I need around a 4M blind, only about 60cm drop. MVEL of course. Can't find anyone who can do it at this size. its depressing.
  17. druxka

    Help with flipping BARCO CINE 6 CRT Projector image

    Hi, I just acquired a barco cine 6 in great working order. I would like to rotate the image so it goes from ceiling/front to table/front. Instructions say that I should open it up and flip all 9 multiplugs (horizontal, vertical and another 3 that need only be flipped when in front/table...
  18. Q

    Wharfedale EVO 4.2 owners - how bad do they perform when you are at a vertical offset/non-sweetspot position?

    I recently got gifted a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.2 to start my first Hi(Mid)-Fi system. Obviously I want to make it right and dived head first into research, starting from the speakers themselves. I have no other components for the system yet and have no chance to audition them myself as I'm on...
  19. S

    LG A1 77 OLED black vertical line.

    Hi all. So I have a Brand New set and I spotted a white vertical line running down the centre of the screen. I performed pixel cleaning and following that the white line is now black. Funny thing is that at certain times whilst watching Netflix (same cable) the line completely disappears, for...
  20. D

    Problem with vertical flashing lines on 806 under windows

    Hello together, maybe someone here can point me in the right direction, when there is a white space on the screen, left from it i get flashy lines. Maybe someone can at least point out what causes this problem. Grafik card / TV / Cable / something else or maybe can give me a forum where i can...
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