1. Mark Hilts

    Bowers & Wilkins 606’s versus Mission 234i’s

    Hi, I am thinking of changing my floor stand Mission 234i speakers for a pair of stand mount B&W 606 S2’s. i‘ve heard the 606’s in a couple of settings and love the clarity. They may not quite have the bottom end oomph of the Missions, but I prefer a clearer, brighter sound. Only time I really...
  2. drummerjohn

    Question JVC HD1 versus a new sub £1500 TV

    Asked in the projector forum but would appreciate your thoughts here as well as some of you may have moved away from a projector. I'm wondering how my ageing HD1 would compare to a sub £1500 70" to 75" TV. Bulb in HD1 is due for replacement and the image is great apart from dark scenes. Will I...
  3. drummerjohn

    Question JVC HD1 versus large screen TV

    I'm wondering how my ageing HD1 would compare to a sub £1500 70" to 75" TV. Bulb in HD1 is due for replacement and the image is great apart from dark scenes. Will I see an appreciable improvement? I have a dedicated cinema room so ambient light is not an issue. Also happy with 1080p image so not...
  4. D

    Sony versus Fiio

    Hi. Last week I ordered and got a so called refurbished Fiio M7 DAP as a birthday present for my wife. ..Her Old Apple nano has a battery whuch would not last a decent walk .. I myself am a Sony NWA 45 and 35 and previously 25 user. .So in a spirit of independence, wanted her to have...
  5. E

    Question Dolby Atmos Soundbar & Subwoofer versus wired home cinema system

    Greetings folks, I’m new to the forum. I’m downsizing and currently have a 10yr old home cinema system (Onkyo amp and 5.1 surround wired under the floor); new house the living room will be smaller but wanted to get folks views on whether the Dolby Atmos soundbars with a subwoofer out there...
  6. dazed&confused

    Question Lifelike versus accurate

    Are lifelike and accurate the same thing? I imagine I've always been trying to achieve the same goal as most hifi enthusiasts, or 'audiophiles', which is to make my speakers, my room, and all other components of my hifi disappear entirely. I want zero colouration, or distortion, or...
  7. G

    Question Samsung qe55q70 versus qe55q80

    Hi, replacing a 6 year old 55 LG 3D led tv and have basically decided on qled as risk of oled burn is too great in our house. can get the qe55q70 or q80 within budjet and only 100 quid between them. it’s a fairly bright room so there is some window glare to screen One thing that really...
  8. BC57

    auto depth enhancer versus contrast enhancer

    Which option is better between auto depth enhancer or contrast enhancer? I'm looking at two Samsungs but each one has a different option. Thanks in advance.
  9. jimowl

    Samsung Q85 75" versus Q90 65"

    Using a works perk discount I can buy either the Samsung Q65Q90 for £1724 or the Q75Q85 for £2249. My source will be Sky Q, Amazon 4k firestick and Netflix. Zero gaming. Viewing is mostly straight on at about 3m but is open plan back into the kitchen area up to 8 meters. It feels like the 75 is...
  10. J

    Question Sony 950G versus Samsung Q70 and Q80

    How does 950G compare to the better QLEDs?
  11. P

    Answered Monitor Screen versus TVs

    An old question which I now need to resurrect. I currently use a Fujitsu 42" Plasma monitor with Sky, DVD, PC all linked directly to the screen and through my Arcam amp for sound. It has been brilliant for 10 years or more but it is time to upgrade the screen. The question is: do I look for...
  12. PaulMancUK

    Q Acoustics 2050i versus B&W 602 s2

    Hi. Does anyone have experience with the Q Acoustics 2050i and the older B&W 602 S2? I am using the B&Ws as front speakers with a Yamaha Adventage av amp as part of my surround set up. Does anyone know if the Q Acoustics 2050i would be an upgrade in sound against the ageing B&Ws? Many thanks
  13. bogart99

    Question Netgear Orbi versus Linksys Velop

    Having reached the stage where I am getting fed up with poor wifi signals at certain points of the house. Tried various routers, extenders done the setting up of various AP around the property etc etc I need an all in one solution so I can set it up and forget it. Both of these seem to offer...
  14. DanSobel

    Laptop Guidance: Acer 3 versus Lenovo IdeaPad

    Im loking for advice on a Laptop circa £500. Defo no more than mid 500. Looking for FullHd screen, decent battery, something which will last me a few years without needing to be over powered. Mainly for use of watching movies, surfing tinternet and some basic powerpoint, spreadsheet and word...
  15. barbegame

    LCD 55" versus monitor 24"

    Hello! I'm interested in buying a 55 "LCD from Philips, the 7303. My concern is that I do not know at all how windows10 will display since currently I open my OS on a monitor 24" and that when I have text to read, it is always too small and I have to enlarge in the settings. So who can make me...
  16. Csound

    Question B&W M1's Versus Monitor Audio MASS 5.1

    Can anyone give thier opinions on the difference in sound and quality between these two B&W M1's Versus Monitor Audio MASS 5.1??
  17. N

    Dali Spektor 2 Versus Monitor Audio Bronze 2

    I was wondering if anyone out there can give me an opinion on the Dali Spektor 2 speakers or the Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers. It would be ideal if there were also someone out there who has listened to both and could tell me which they think are better. Thank you
  18. M

    Hisense H49N5700 versus Panasonic TX-55EX580B

    Hi All The Panny is officialy refurbished with 1 yrs warranty £400 The Hisense will be new with Hopefully 5yrs warranty from John Lewis or another site with standard warranty. Hoping to get this for £350. JL website states 10bit panel with the Hisense but their own site states 8bit+frc...
  19. LASound

    Question Straight versus Surround Decoder

    I have a Yamaha RX-A760 receiver. I'm using DirecTV NOW, but when I have the receiver set to Straight, I only get sound from the Front (L+R). When I set it to Surround Decoder, I get total 5.1 surround, which is how I have my system set up. When I watch Netflix in Straight Mode, I get surround...
  20. George Carlin

    55" LG OLED E7P versus Sony's best OLED... toss-up, TKO, or a knockout?

    We currently have 2 TV's. A 50" plasma in basement for movies/sports, and a 37" moderate quality set in BR. There are no gaming consoles. If we get a 55" OLED it would be in the basement. I would then move the 10 yr old plasma to the bedroom. Splitting hairs between two great TV's.... just...
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