1. B

    Velop Mesh system question

    Is there a way to "force" a device (iphone 8 latest ios) to connect via 2.4 ghz rather than 5ghz? I am trying to set up a wifi smart socket that requires the phone to be on the 2.4 network and it is on the 5ghz network. I understand that because it's a mesh system the network are merged but the...
  2. G

    Unreliable Mesh - Linksys Velop WHW03 - advice please

    My 400Mb internet service from FTTP provider Gigaclear is distributed around our house with a Linksys Velop WHW03 consisting of 1 parent node (Gigaclear supplied) and 4 child nodes (1 from gigaclear, 3 I bought separately from Amazon). We live in a large detached property with 3 floors and a...
  3. Tom Tom

    Linksys Velop - Nodes - Fibrenest ISP

    So I have moved into a new build that is only supplied by Fibrenest. I upgraded my router to an Asus and am running AImesh, so I'm all OK! However my neighbour is having a few coverage issues, so I was going to give him my Linksys router that I was provided with. What I wanted to know is the...
  4. R

    Help with Linksys Velop mesh wifi

    Hi I hope anybody can advise me with the following issue, have tried linksys support but unable to help, didn't seem to understand the problem. I have my Velop AX4200 tower connected via an ethernet cable to my ISP gateway. The wifi coverage is excellent so am well pleased. However I have a...
  5. Cheap Gaming

    Linksys WHW0102 Velop Wireless AC-2600 for Virgin 500mbps?

    So we recently upgraded to Virgin Media 500 with the Superhub 3. Utter pants as anyone who has it will know. I looked into a mesh/nest system. I ended up buying the TP Link Deco E4 then realised the ethernet ports on it are 100/10 so its getting returned. I am now looking to get the Linksys...
  6. Burakiosaurus

    TP-LINK TL-WPA8630P vs Linksys Velop AC2600 Whole Home Mesh

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a WiFi extender in my house and ability to use ethernet in another room (Games Room/Man Cave) to plug into a TV and PS4, maybe an android box too. Looking at the two systems mentioned in the title. The TP link has 3 x Ethernet Ports and the Linksys has only 2...
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