1. C

    For Sale Velodyne SPL 1200 ULTRA SUB

    Velodyne subwoofer SPL 1200 ultra. Good condition, perfect working order. Subwoofer does have the odd mark here and there but overall I’d give it 8/10 for it’s condition. I have tried my best to picture any imperfections but they can be hard to picture due to the gloss finish...
  2. Ash90

    Velodyne Vs wharfedale Which will be the best Pick ?

    Hello, Im looking to buy Velodyne Impact 12 Mk2 for Living Hall .., many reviews seems good ., my living hall is large a quite and this fits my budget can i move with this ?? or Wharfedale sounds better when compared to velodyne ?? and also which seems good in brand wise .. i enjoy a deep bass...
  3. J

    remote control for Velodyne CHT and Onkyo RC 690M

    Anyone knows where can I buy the remote control for Velodyne CHT and Onkyo RC 690M? can't seems to find it online. anyone from Singapore knows where can I get? prefer original. if not, third party, but if you can recommend, thank you
  4. fetish31

    Replacing Velodyne DD12

    Hi , My Velodyne DD12 is not powering on any more so I looking for new Sub(s) . On my list so far : 1. 1x SVS SB16 Ultra 2. 2x SVS SB3000 3. 2x Paradigm Defiance X12 Room size is around 6.5 x 5m open plan kitchen .
  5. aandpwoodley

    Advice needed, replacing my Velodyne DD18+ with what ????

    Advice needed please, some of you may be aware but for those that are not I've been having problems with the DD18+ and once it's been repaired by Redline (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) I'm planning on selling it, or if I'm feeling really generous giving it to my son if he covers the...
  6. Qaisr

    Velodyne spl10r worth it?

    I currently own a va1215 which consists of a 12inch active woofer at 250watts rms and 500watt peak 22hz at plus or minus 3db with a passive radiator at 15inch down firing. Its 40×40×40. I do enjoy the depth this has but its clearly a home theatre subwoofer and i need it to work with music. And...
  7. DodgeTheViper

    New Velodyne DB Series

    Thanks to @AmericanAudio for the heads up and prompting the search. Info is scarce at the moment but I found a few pics.
  8. aandpwoodley

    Question Velodyne DD18+

    I need some advice please, I want to reduce the really low bass my DD18+ produces for a test as I'm getting some vibration in a newly built stud wall when the bass is really low. Is there an easy way using the digital drive software to get the sub to roll off around 18hz so it doesn't produce...
  9. M

    Question what speakers to go with denon 6500h and dual velodyne spl-800 ultra?

    looking to upgrade my current setup of MA bronze speakers(5's + centre + fx) My other av gear contain Denon AVC-X6500H 2x Velodyne spl-800 ultra 2x KEF Q50a (atmos) lg oled 65c9pla jvc x-3 Room size is 4.1m x 4.7m. Main usage will be home cinema. Was thinking about MA silver range but open for...
  10. R

    Replacing an old Velodyne HGS-15 - Looking for input

    I have an 18 year old Velodyne HGS-15. It's starting to making some popping sounds. I think it's time to replace it. Looking for some advice on which way to go. My room is small at 15x13x8 and fully enclosed. The Velodyne is probably too big for the room, but when working does a very good job. I...
  11. A

    Question Velodyne HGS blue light wont work anymore but subwoofer works.

    I have a velodyne HGS 18 which had its amp repaired due to rapid thumping noise. Sub works well but blue light which worked initially when installed repaired amp, now does not work, but everything else works. I checked the connections of the circuit board that plugs into amp and appears tight...
  12. A

    Velodyne CHT 10R - Monitor Audio Radius 380

    My wife feels my Velodyne is is too large and ugly and as a compromise im thinking about changing. My current speakers are Monitor Audio so have found a Monitor Audio Radius 380 sub for a good price that's a good bit smaller so allot easier to hide. I guess technology has come on along way...
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Velodyne MicroVee MKII subwoofer launched in UK

    The MicroVee MKII subwoofer is an evolution of Velodyne Acoustics’ popular first version and brings increased power, a revised DSP profile along with cleaner bass with plenty of speed and control. Read the news.
  14. S

    Question Velodyne DD12 - Rattling - Amp or Voice Coil ?

    Morning My DD12 has sadly developed a death rattle. I've sent it to a local speaker specialist in London who believes the amp is at fault. Having taken it apart he couldn't find anything, and has now sent it to an electronics specialist, who are also struggling. Looking at other with similar...
  15. aandpwoodley

    Velodyne DD18+

    Hi, Quick question for anyone that has or understands the digital drive software. I need to turn the crossover off which has to be done in the software, I can set it to 199 and then it goes to -- I assume the crossover set to -- is then off ? Thanks
  16. LuvCVs

    Question Velodyne DD12 worth it?

    I only have 2x REL Q400E's, I want more power but I'm on a budget now. I saw a Velodyne DD12 up for sale at £750 bit I'm thinking it's too much? Only got £700 to spend, could I get a DD15 for this type of money?
  17. Racy Jace

    Answered 150w sub Vs 500w sub

    Hi. I just wonderd if anyone can tell me if my reasoning is correct or not as I don't understand how a sub with an extra 350w has what sounds like the same out put as a 150w sub Sub (A) is sealed, 150w. Gain is set to 12 o'clock/ half way. Sub (B) is ported 500w. Gain is at 12 o'clock/ 0db I...
  18. Racy Jace

    Question Subwoofer advise. Replace Q150 or dual sub?

    Hi. The Rel Q150 is designed to be placed up the corner of the room following the manufacturer instructions. This sounds great but I now want more bass. I added my 2nd Q150 up the rear corner which sounded even better. The problem with that is it cant stay there as my rear speaker is there. When...
  19. niggly60

    Velodyne DD10+

    I have one of the above subs in my home cinema system Running the sub using the built-in calibration on a laptop, sets the volume level to 16. This leaves the overall system sounding a bit lightweight in the bass department. I then run the calibration on the whole system using the ARC...
  20. petrolhead

    Question Is my Velodyne DD12 sick??

    My main sub in the HC room started making a strange noise, like its thundering. At first I thought the phono leads may be picking up interference so disconnected but the noise remains. Here is a small vid to give you idea of the noise - Any idea what this could be?
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