1. zombionicdoom

    Valve phono pre-amp recommendations

    Hi, for a bit of fun recently I bought a cheap valve phono pre-amp off Amazon just out of curiosity to see how it compared to my Rega phono mm. As I suspected the valve amp sounded more open with warmer bass, a better top end but it was pretty wafty and all over the place in the mid-range...
  2. F

    BeoVox 1200…Amp?

    Hi all, I recently inherited a gorgeous set of B&O BeoVox 1200s. I was going to sell them, but decided to have a listen in situ…no surprises, it made my expensive Bose system sound processed and hemmed in. My difficulty is…I don’t know much about HiFi but I appreciate good sound...
  3. Fletch17687

    Valve Amp help

    Hi All I’m after some advice. I believe my step dad built this valve amp and after he passed away I inherited it along with other items. Sadly I don’t have room for it these days and therefore am looking to sell it as it has less sentimental value then other items. However I haven’t got a clue...
  4. S

    Vive Pro vs Valve Index vs Reverb G2

    I want to get the best VR mainly for gaming atm. But I am in Australia so the Valve Index is not available to us. Is there anyone who can chime in on which VR headset I should get out of: 1. Vive Pro ($2200 AUD) 2. Valve Index (Import through Amazon for $3100 AUD) 3. Wait for HP Reverb G2...
  5. J

    Question Looking for an affordable valve amplifier

    Dear forum members My current stereo system, particularly the amplifier, is on its last legs after many years of service. I have small entry level system adequate to my room - a Marantz PM4001 2 x 30 watts amplifier, a Marantz CD5001 CD player and a pair of Mourdant Short Avant 902i speakers...
  6. D

    Oculus Rift S or Valve Index?

    Hello guys! I need some help deciding which vr headset to buy. Sorry if a similar thread has been posted earlier. So I’ve tried the Oculus Rift S and was immediately sold, I needed to get myself my own vr headset. After some research I have narrowed it down to either the Oculus Rift S or the...
  7. Don Dadda

    Where to test Tube/Valves and Valve tester

    Hi good folks of AVF Would anybody know where i can get Tube/valves and a valve tester checked/tested in the London area - preferably South London. I'd found a Max Funke K.G. 590 Adenau /Eifel and a couple of boxes of Tube valves (Mullards, NEC, and a couple other makes) in the loft when we...
  8. Rachel H

    Answered Best speaker cable for valve amplifier?

    Hello everybody I'm hoping somebody out there is a bit of a valve guru because I'm currently having trouble matching up my valve amplifier with a decent speaker cable. I have a puresound a30 valve amplifier and a pair of Tannoy revolution 8's which are attached via the 4ohm binding posts due...
  9. markie g

    Radiator termostatic valve - either on or off

    Our bedroom radiator termostatic control is either on or off - no middle ground. We have a range from 0-5 on the dial but these don’t seem to control the radiator and it’s either off or if I turn to 1 it’s full heat. What causes this? Is it just a faulty value head or something else? Combi...
  10. S

    Thermostatic shower valve problem

    I have concealed thermostatic shower valves but the main shower is not delivering suitably hot water. The boiler is working (copious hot water at the taps), and looking at youtube it seems that there is an insert controller which could be the cause. Do these all come as a universal size that...
  11. Ozzy81

    Question Leak valve amplifier

    Hi all. I no to little experience in vintage sound equipment. I stumbled on this today. Hole music centre radio, turntable and built in speakers. Looks in rough condition. But I love the retro look of the unit. Is Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ozzy
  12. E

    Speaker Recommendations for a Valve Amp

    I recently bought a valve amp off ebay on a whim to go with my turntable. I like to get a pair of floorstanders to replace my existing bookshelves - MA BX2 as I find them a bit too bright and maybe lacking a bit on midrange.. My setup will be mostly for vinyl listening but I intend to connect...
  13. JohnProton

    Valve amp 1 channel lower than the other.

    Im having a problem here im unsure of, I am actually running speakers in at the moment that i bought over a month ago but i checked by plugging the other speaker into the other channel and its not the speaker becuase its the same loudness in the other channel. But i can barely here one channel...
  14. C

    Valve amp bar

    Can't believe I've not been here before. All cocktail bars should be like this. @spiritland
  15. NeverEden

    Shower Mixer Valve Leak

    Hi All Came home to a worst nightmare scenario (relatively) where ceilings were dripping with water from above. Luckily not the pipes, but managed to isolate the issue to the shower valve mixer. Question is, how do I take the middle bit out - that's where the waters streaming out? Does it need...
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