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  1. Fletch17687

    Valve Amp help

    Hi All I’m after some advice. I believe my step dad built this valve amp and after he passed away I inherited it along with other items. Sadly I don’t have room for it these days and therefore am looking to sell it as it has less sentimental value then other items. However I haven’t got a clue...
  2. JohnProton

    Biasing amplifiers is it that easy?

    I have never biased an amp before but I have ordered the Biasmaster 4 octal probe BiasMaster 4 Octal Probes BM4 and its due for delivery today. ive been reading a little and i think with calculations to calculate the milliamp you would devide the wattage of the tube by the voltage of the amp...
  3. E

    Speaker Recommendations for a Valve Amp

    I recently bought a valve amp off ebay on a whim to go with my turntable. I like to get a pair of floorstanders to replace my existing bookshelves - MA BX2 as I find them a bit too bright and maybe lacking a bit on midrange.. My setup will be mostly for vinyl listening but I intend to connect...
  4. JohnProton

    Valve amp 1 channel lower than the other.

    Im having a problem here im unsure of, I am actually running speakers in at the moment that i bought over a month ago but i checked by plugging the other speaker into the other channel and its not the speaker becuase its the same loudness in the other channel. But i can barely here one channel...
  5. C

    Valve amp bar

    Can't believe I've not been here before. All cocktail bars should be like this. @spiritland
  6. JohnProton

    Triode vs Ultra Linear

    This has probably been asked time and time again but im going to ask anyway because I couldnt find a thread on here about it. Ok so Ive been experimenting a bit becuase ive got new speakers with my amp, amp being 55 watts in ultra linear and 28 watts in triode both speakers and both amp modes...
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