1. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    Original NES Valuation

    Hi Guys Apologies if this is in the wrong forum etc but couldn't find any others. I have an original NES, complete with the original box and packaging etc that i am looking to sell but have no idea what it may be worth. It powers up fine and i will plug it into an old TV to fully test but it...
  2. Alps

    Ford Galaxy X 2010 valuation

    Guys I need some advice please from anyone who might know about car prices. I've seen a 2010 Ford Galaxy X. It's in excellent condition but is basic in spec (no sat nav or panoramic roof). The guys asking for £8400. Is this a good price? I valued it at car wow and webuyanycar and there...
  3. D

    CR Developments Romulus V2 and ASTINtrew 3500 value

    hi all, looking for some 'Sound' advice (sorry for the pun). I inherited many years ago the below; CR Developments Romulus V2, and ASTINtrew 3500 Im looking to sell these now as i just feel i dont do them justice. I lack the audiophile buzz that they deserve. Both are in good working...
  4. TommyWAFC

    Sony TV valuation help

    Hi, Need some help please. Does anyone know roughly how much I'd get for a Sony X900F 49". A Family member wants it and want to give it him for a fair price.
  5. I

    Onkyo TX-NR656 Valuation Help Please

    Have an opportunity to buy a TX-NR656 for $200 and I know nothing about recent AV models. I have been using and satisfied with two almost "ancient" surround receivers - Onkyo HTR-500 and Pioneer VSC-D811S. Is the Onkyo TX-NR656 a satisfactory and reliable AV surround platform to replace one of...
  6. C

    valuation please thorens td160

    valuation please just got this from my dads loft thorens td160 super mayware formula iv unipivot tonearm very dusty and will need a service thanks in advance
  7. henda1988

    Help valuation a Lewis Hamilton signed helmet

    Hi, hopefully this is allowed here. I am going to be getting a few of my signed items out of storage soon and one in particular is a signed full size Lewis Hamilton helmet. I was just wondering if anyone knew someone who was good at valuations on these thing or had a rough idea themselves...
  8. BrynTeg

    Question Macbook valuation

    I have a 2010 Macbook Pro that i would like to sell as spares or repairs, I just feel it doesnt deserve to be skipped :confused: Looking for some advice on where is best to sell and possible value of it, I have removed the Hard drive , Not sure what the fault was it just had slowed down to a...
  9. gentsuki

    Question JAMO R909 - valuation

    My mate is considering to sell his Jamo R909 floorstanders. Both are in mint condition, no retail boxes but incl all of the accessories etc. I would imagine that these are very rare and possibly collectible. Anyone knows what would be a current reasonable value? Also where would be the best...
  10. Greg Hook

    Various PC bits valuation help wanted

    Hi all I've got the following that I want to put up for sale, but not sure on the value, other than going by eBay. Any ideas would be welcome! All in perfect working order, complete with all boxes/instructions/cables etc where applicable. i7-6700k CPU EK Supremacy EVO Nickel Plexi CPU Water...
  11. C

    Original Star Wars figures - Valuations

    I stored all my Star Wars stuff at my parents when I moved out 21 years ago(!!) and I am finally going to dig it all out and go through it over the xmas break. Other than Ebay are there any reliable websites where I can have a look at what I've got and work out the value?
  12. R

    Question How much is my gaming PC worth?

    Hi all, I am looking to sell my gaming PC but I have no idea what to price it at. Please would you be able to help? Thanks in advance! The specification is: Processor Intel® Core™ i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology Motherboard MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758) Memory 16.0GB Dual-Channel...
  13. Arcam_boy

    Question Rough valuation of my PC please...

    Hello. I'm in two minds whether to sell my desktop PC as I rarely use it and have a laptop/ipad/xbox one 1 that I use more but if its only going to be worth £50 then I might as well keep it! I'd rather just sell as a complete system than mess about splitting although appreciate that'll limit...
  14. martwho

    Question Help with PS3 bundle valuation

    Wondering if you guys could help me with a number to sell my daughters Ps3 bundle for, she finally wants an Xbox one ;) Its a PS3 super slim 500gb with 2 dual shock controllers & comes with 16 games inc. most of the COD games. Your help is appreciated!
  15. F

    Old CCTV system valuation?

    Hi. A little off the beaten track this one but I do need the help please. I have an old (6 years) CCTV recorder with 2 analogue (non-IP) colour cameras, which I need to value for sale - not for sale via this thread/forum! I suspect that like any old PC, it's value is next-to-nothing but I have...
  16. nitro1471

    Question Valuation advice please

    Looking to upgrade to an iMac, what is the general consensus on value of the following if sold as a complete bundle: Late 2012 Mac Mini with 16gb Ram, 2.5 i5 and 256gb SSD with Apple wireless keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse and Apple 24" Cinema Display, all are perfect and no dead pixels etc Should...
  17. R

    Question Valuation Please

    Shortly going to be selling my DENON AVR-X2200W and was wondering what sort of value I'd be looking to get? Thanks
  18. M

    1950s Quad electrostatic loudspeaker, amp and control unit - Questions

    Hello I am hoping that I will be able to get some information regarding a pair of Quad Electrstatic loudspeakers, a Quad II Power Amplifier and Quad 22 Control Unit. My father passed away a year ago and this was his hi-fi set up - I remember these being in the house all my life and despite 3...
  19. W

    Question What's an iPhone 6S Plus, 128GB, silver on O2 worth?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this... I've upgraded one of my business contract lines with O2 this morning and will be receiving a 128GB silver iPhone 6S Plus, but it's with O2 so not sure if it'll be locked to O2, or whether it's unlocked when you receive it and then it'll lock to...
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