1. P

    VA 50 inch tv for bedroom

    Hi again. I am still on the hunt for a tv. I am considering spending about 400 for a bedroom tv. I have read through the forms and dodges best TV’s. I am not sure about a Hisense due to the software and also I have heard reliability can be an issue. I had bought a song xg8396 from the refurb...
  2. giggsy1950

    Question Is there a 55inch VA panel for £700 out there?

    Hi everyone! I'm a plasma guy (still rocking a Kuro) but my friend is after a new television. She's wanting a 55inch screen and I have told her that a VA panel will be best for better black levels. She has £700 max to spend (Black Friday around the corner I know!) so which models have VA panels...
  3. ab12

    Entry-level (VA) TV with best up-scaling/processing?

    I'm in search of a new tv for my folks. They happily own a Samsung UE46D5000 which as a FHD Chi Lin/Innolux VA-panel. But they want something more modern with smaller bezels and such, and also a lager screen size. They are basic users and watch non-hdr content, such as regular tv broadcast...
  4. B

    Question Why is high price diff. between SamsungUE50MU6102 and Sony 49XF8096?

    hi, i need a new 50'' TV, and i wanted to buy a Samung MU6102, because of the good reviews and VA panel, smart remote etc... i know its a 2017 model, but it would cost ~500 €, and i had more Samsung devices in the past without quality errors experienced. i almost bougth the TV, but then a find...
  5. L

    Best VA LCD viewing angle

    Hi , looking for opinions on what model LED/LCD TVs with VA panels have the best viewing angles .
  6. B

    Question 43PUS7303/12 IPS or VA ?

    Hi Just a quick question, there are a couple of contradictory threads and posts elsewhere. Is the 43PUS7303/12 an IPS Panel or a VA Panel ? Please and Ta's
  7. U

    50 inch all VA?

    Hi Looking at replacing a several years old Samsung and 50 inches fits in the space. The TV is VA panel so thinking of getting the same type. From reading on here, I was thinking 50 inch is safe to say is VA and this brought some of the LG models onto the shortlist. However, the Cello review...
  8. N

    Samsung 43NU7400 - Looks like it's a VA panel!

    UPDATE: Confirmed, it's a VA panel Spanish review: Samsung NU7405 (UE43NU7405, UE50NU7405, UE55NU7405, UE65NU7405) - I've just received this TV and I'm pretty happy with the image quality. (The exact model is UE43NU7405U here in Spain) Blacks look good, and from the sides...
  9. J

    Question New VA panel TV from amazon - 40-55"

    Hi. I've got £200 of gift cards loaded onto my amazon account and was looking to add to it and upgrade my 32" Toshiba 323030C. It's an entry-level HD-ready model from around 10-11 years ago with (I think) an IPS LG panel. I'd like to get a similar lifespan out of its replacement. Current...
  10. J

    Question Is a VA Screen suitable for my viewing situation

    We are now in a position to purchase a new TV with the intention of getting a 65 inch set, our viewing distances are 9ft & 12ft. The set will situated in a corner like our current set which is an IPS. Would much prefer a VA screen but unsure of the suitability. Thank you.
  11. Edgeington

    55mu6400 pls or va panel?

    Hi all, Long term lurker! I have read several threads about the 55mu6400. I cannot see whether or not this has a pls or va screen. I would be very grateful if anyone could let me know? I have a 40mu6400 which is va and i am very impressed by. Also if anyone can point me in the direction of...
  12. L

    best 40 inch va panel Fhd or 43 inch va 4k?

    Hi there: @Dodgexander I would like if possible your advice: I would like to now what is the best 40 inch fhd tv, I came across with the Sony kdl-we663 (400£) but same reviews say that have issues with motion and im very sensitive to that, I also view the sony 4k 43inch xd8005(580£), both...
  13. J

    Samsung UE49MU6500 VA Panel?

    Does the Samsung UE49MU6500 (Curved) has a VA panel? Also does anyone know who is the manufacturer of the panel? Not a fan of curved TVs,but it's a closest option to 49MU6400 (which has IPS panel and suffers from light bleeding) and I've heard the Curved one has VA panel. Is it a good buy? my...
  14. J

    Hisense 43N5700 - VA or IPS Panel ?

    Looking for 40" ish TV for a child's playroom, will be used mostly for Netflix and gaming..... Is TV this any good for £400 - how does it compare to the Samsung UE40MU6100/6400, does anyone know what panel this uses, VA or IPS, conflicting information regarding this on the internet ? Does...
  15. Lutz

    Question Looking for a 40"-43" 4K HDR VA Panel TV - Recommendations?

    Hello all, The time is rapidly approaching where I'll be ditching the dual FHD monitors, and replacing with a 4K screen. Given the proximity of the monitors I think that 43" is my absolute limit. The room I'm putting this in is also on the dark side (Cue Imperial March...) so from what I've...
  16. Loopthrough

    Sony 2017 TVs - panel types

    I've been frustrated trying to get a one stop place to find this info, so here's what I have so far. If anyone has information further to what I add here or about models not listed, please use this thread so we can all keep track. This information applies to UK models, but should be the same...
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