1. J

    Samsung Frame TV automatically switching to Art Mode while watching TV

    My 2021 Frame TV automatically switches back to Art Mode while I'm watching TV. There's no predictable pattern to when this happens - could be after 5 minutes or over an hour, so I can't figure out if it's the TV or something in the Yamaha rx-v673 that it's connected to via e-arc. The obvious...
  2. G

    Yamaha RX-V673 Sound Issues

    Yamaha RX-V673 Sound Issues Hi All, I’m new to the group and this is my first post. When I turn my amp on (like I have the last 6ish years) there’s no sound as of the last month or so. It’s always left on standby overnight. I leave it on for half an hour or so (with no sound), I then turn it...
  3. B

    Yamaha RX V673 cutting out and making crackle and popping noises.

    Hi As per the thread title, my amp starting to make loud crackling noises through the speaker a few weeks ago. The noises would stop 5 mins or so after having the amp turned on but this gradually became more frequent and now the sound disappears completely and only returns if I faff about with...
  4. FriskyMoose

    Question Yamaha V2067 vs V673

    Hello I have just upgraded my Yamaha V2067 to the A3070. My parents have a V673 and I am not sure if it would be an upgrade for them to exchange the V673 with the 2067. They have a 1080p TV and don't use airplay but internet radio. The current Yamaha V673 is powering some Q Acoustics 3050...
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