1. nokiauk

    Nest V3 Thermostat Wiring Setup

    I've had my Nest thermostat installed but am curious about aspects of the wiring if anyone can help. Coming into the Heatlink are: 2 x Neutral (Grey/Blue) 2 x Live (Brown) 1 x Call for Heat (Black) 1 x Call for Water Heat (Green) 2 x 12v to Thermostat (Red/Blue) Now this is wired as per...
  2. T

    Philips Hue Lightstrip V3 Strips not working together

    I have a Philips Lightstrip plus V3 that needs extending. I know the V4 is not compatible. Using the Litcessory cut-end adapters (what a pain) I managed to short out the controller. Bought another V3 set and got better working with the Litcessory stuff and managed to get a starter to angle...
  3. drummerman

    Budget system; Audiolab 6000a & quad 11l Classic (v3)

    I can get the two above for £ 600 all in/delivered. Anyone got any thoughts on it? Came from a far more more expensive Hegel/ProAc system which I had to let go for financial reasons. So this a starter system again. The Audiolab should serve ok as a pre-amp in the future if required. I heard...
  4. jason shep

    Question NAD T758 v3 with Dirac Live

    Should any forum members have experience of this receiver, i would be very interested to hear of their thoughts about it ? Dirac specifically, has piqued my interest & ive always admired the simplicity of NAD equipment, it’s good to see the back of this device isn’t plastered in obsolete...
  5. Atmos

    Pimax 8K/5K+/8KX Chat

    Pimax 8K is a cutting edge virtual reality device designed for VR futurists. Our goal is to create an intuitive VR without the shade of the headset, and sharp enough that you won't be disturbed by pixels. We doubled FOV to 200 degrees, with an increased resolution to 2*3840x2160. Meanwhile, we...
  6. dennis1

    Help with acer aspire v3 keyboard

    Cleaned the keyboard on my acer last night after I turned it off, now the only keys that work are the 9, 8 and 6 on the top line. What have I done? Help would be appreciated, many thanks.
  7. 3

    Question Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz with P4600 graphics doesn't have a sharp picture

    I run a few DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Servers with Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz with P4600 graphics as Win 10 PCs where I have added graphics cards and all is good. Link to item: http://www.serversplus.com/servers/tower_servers/dell_t... However, when trying to use the stock on board Intel...
  8. avnow

    MF xDAC v3 needs help with volume control

    hi all, i'm very new to HF and in a bit of a silly situation here. basically i just bought a MF xDAC v3 and hook it up to my rotel power amp. digital input source from my dvd player. so the problem now is i couldn't find anywhere to control the volume (all 3 units have no volume control). so...
  9. Haizum74

    Question Nest V3 and install issue (potentially)

    I currently have a Tado smart thermostat and have been looking at the Nest thermostat however a friend who has one has said it would not be compatible at my home. I live in an apartment and the boiler is in a plant room outside of the apartment. Apparently the Nest has to have something attached...
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