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  1. D

    For Sale VAVA Chroma 4k UST Projector & 100" ALR Screen - REDUCED

    Unopened VAVA Chroma 4k UST triple laser projector plus 100" ALR screen. Other than checking the contents of the box, and to see that there were no HDMI port alignment issues (reported on some early examples) this is a sealed, unused projector and screen. Selling as I didn't get my...
  2. nero0410

    What do you have your ust projector on?

    Just looking to get more ideas as I have a ust projector, the Optoma UHZ65UST, and all of the ones I’ve found you can buy are about the price of a used car. I know a lot of people use besta, but I’m more considering getting either some worktops or funnature panels and going for a ‘rack’ kind of...
  3. R

    Help with buying UST Projector

    Hi, I already have a projector setup. I have a 150" Screen Gray. I noticed some of the UST projectors only go up to 120" I'm trying to find a 150". Thanks
  4. P

    LG CineBeam HU715Q 4K UHD Laser UST Projector

    New UST from LG: LG CineBeam HU715Q 4K UHD Laser UST Projector | LG UK
  5. R1KEB

    4K UST - Bomaker?

    Hi all, Realise that over the last 18 months UST seem to be popping up everywhere by almost everyone and why not, they do look awesome. In readiness of jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve been doing some research and have come across a make (&model) called Bomaker Polaris - anyone heard of them...
  6. S

    Best UST projector at the moment?

    I've just started looking at this and so far have found the following: Samsung LSP7T - around £2,380 Optoma CinemaX P2 - around £2,600 LG HU85LS - around £4,300 Samsung LSP9T - around £4,875 Has anyone tried these? Any thoughts on these models or alternatives that I have not seen yet?
  7. J

    4K Ceiling Gaming Projector

    Hi all, I'm looking for a 4K ceiling mounted Gaming Projector. I'm also looking for a motorized screen that would go well with it. I'm reading alr screens are basically a must? I've seen a bunch on elite screens but overwhelmed. Here are the known requirements so far: Fast response time for...
  8. C

    Help choosing a UST projector

    Long story longer, I just installed a lovely wood burning fireplace on the wall where my TV used to hang. I can hang my TV on the new chimney chase... and block the lovely masonry work I'm doing and potentially soak the TV full of heat from the fireplace, but I have decided to go projection...
  9. M

    CLR/ALR or CLR screen for short throw projectors?

    hello everyone Anyone has experience with short throw projector screens? (i'm going to get optoma cinemax p2 and need correct screen) They have 2 versions one is CLR/ALR diamond shaped texture for UST CLR straight lines texture For UST Which is better? here is layout of my cinema room.
  10. Giulios86

    Help with Fengmi 4K Cinema UST projector

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum as a writer, even if I've been reading regularly. Sorry if I'm asking help on my very first post.. As in title, I really need help with my projector. It's a Fengmi 4K Cinema UST bought in January 2020. Model: L176FCN I had an issue with a Firmware update...
  11. V

    Question Which UST projector to chose?

    Hello, After 9 years and two lamps, the time has come to replace the Optoma HD33 with something newer :) Optoma UHZ65UST seems to me the optimal choice, but I’m open for other suggestions :) The projector will be used for games I. PS4 and movie watching. We’ll be casting directly on the wall...
  12. turnpike

    Question Which UST?

    Hi, I'm hoping for some suggestions in choosing an ultra short throw projector which might be passable in a light room (I know it will always be a compromise and better in dark). I can't seem to find much info on either the Optoma HD31UST or Benq W1600UST. They seem to be the options for...
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