Universal Serial Bus
  1. Q

    USB to HDMI converter

    Hello I am looking to use a black magic Atem mini camera switcher to stream video to Facebook I would like to use USB cameras with this but need a converter to change the camera output to hdmi as the Atem only has HDMI inputs. I have seen Youtube videos of a device used with Logitech usb cameras...
  2. B

    USB / HDMI wiring

    Hi there. I'm moving my router and NAS under the stairs and networking bits of my home. The cable run to my study is 12m, the run to the TV in the lounge is 8m. Pull-throughs and ethernet are already run and those lengths are a close approximate. Ideally I would like to run USB and HDMI 2.1...
  3. easyrider

    For Sale Zalman Z11 Plus usb 3.0 case and gaming headphones.

    Have this case for sale. £30 shipped Decent case...having a clear out might be use to someone... shipped. Also got a pair of trust gaming headphones...these are unused IIRC £20 shipped.
  4. B

    Question Qled usb app

    The built in usb app is pretty naff on these tvs. Are there any better tizen apps out there? Guessing no is the answer. Was hoping to leave Kodi in retirement.
  5. Aidan364

    Question Cambridge Audio CXA80 Usb issuws

    Hi all, I'm having issues with my CXA80. I recently decided to connect it the dac via the usb input, but none of my devices are recognising the connection. I've tried connecting 2 laptops and an Nvidia sheild tv usb and none of the devices are recognising the audio out to usb. One thing I have...
  6. Begadoc

    Line out from an amplifier to USB in to PC

    I need to setup a means of taking an output from a mixer/amplifier or whatever to input signal to USB port of laptop which only has USB sockets and one headphone socket. Can I purchase such a cable or, if I can get wiring, DIY. I can find all sort of USB to other connector cables but not to a...
  7. T

    For Sale Maxtor 1TB Portable Hard Drive - USB 3.0

    The hard drive has hardly been used so won't have many hours use on it. It's in great condition. USB 3.0.
  8. N

    Ion Max LP USB not working

    Kinda as the title says. I've used the USB connection to my mac previously and it all worked fine. Tried it again and nothing. The Mac "sees" the turntable but doesn't pick out any audio. Just to be sure, I connected it to a pc. Again, Windows "sees" the turntable but doesn't pick up any...
  9. H

    No Sata to USB Cable

    Hi all, I am trying to change the hard drive in my Xbox one x and, of course you know, I need to format the new flash drive. I do not have a sata to usb cable currently and want to know if I can put the hard drive in the Xbox and then connect the USB port on the Xbox to the USB port on my...
  10. T

    USB c android thermal transmitter?

    Hi, I have a parrot bebop 2 drone and the longer range controller. I'm looking to hook one of these: FLIR ONE PRO - Android Version » Monroe Infrared To it to have thermal in the sky. I'm on a large horse ranch and it would be invaluable for us if a horse gets loose/ to mitigate predation on...
  11. teenaxta

    is there any way to place dolby atmos content via USB on LG b8

    I just upgraded to a proper 5.1.2 setup and now I want to play some atmos content via USB. However, when I play the content via my external HDD which is plugged in the tv directly, the TV says something like audio not supported and I dont get atmos audio. I am getting proper atmos with netflix...
  12. Stephen1976

    For Sale PS4 Pro / Two official Controllers /4 Games & USB charging Caddy £240

    Only selling as I have now picked up a PS5 and trying to claim some of the funds back. Pick up welcome from north west London or can deliver within a few miles for the same amount I’m asking for postage. Things to note; charger only comes with one connector (you can see this on the back of the...
  13. C

    Tv USB port to hdmi port?

    Hi!! I need to increase the number of hdmi ports on my tv. I know about the switchers, but I was wondering if there’s a way to turn my unused USB ports into hdmi ports. My guess is I can’t because I would need to install drivers on my tv, but maybe someone can clarify this for me. Thanks in...
  14. G

    Question PHILIPS 55pus6703 RED LED USB PROBLEM!

    I have a Philips 55pus6703_12 - It has front LED constantly flashing and the volume is constantly on the screen as if the volume down on the remote is constantly pressed - I have tried resetting to defaults - software is up to date - it all works fine apart from that - it’s blocking me doing...
  15. marcd5123

    Question Denon AV-4308 USB File Format Error

    Hi everyone.. I recently purchased via ebay a almost mint 4308 froma a guy that had his unit in storage for 8 years so basicly has had very little use. I purchased it to replace my possibly faulty Denon X4100W. Everything absolutely works on the 4308 and having this unit for now a month it...
  16. C

    USB Media

    Hi all, Are there any apps on the Series X that will play 4k Movie content via a USB stick? Or any other ways to play 4k Movie content via a USB stick? Currently my Series X doesn't support it, I'm trying to mainly use MKV files up to around 20-25GB. Any help is appreciated.
  17. petrolhead

    cant install windows from USB - NOW FIXED

    trying to install windows 10 on a new pc from a USB stick. all it does is display the windows logo and then nothing. Sat like that for over 30 mins any suggestions
  18. R

    Wanted USB external blu-ray drive

    Any one got a USB blu-ray drive sitting about they no longer need?
  19. transwest

    HDMI & USB features

    Hi all, I have just taken delivery of my Panny 65 HZ980. Is there a list of what each HDMI & USB types are for what ? I don't mean "hdmi is for ????" or "usb is for???", or sizes, but the extra features in them: arc, earc etc etc. ? Hope everyone is keeping well
  20. S

    Good USB disks for PS5

    Hi All! My internal disk is now filled with PS4 games so it is time to move them over to a USB disk. Looking at comments on Amazon they are not all equal! I am looking for a 2TB disk. I would prefer an SSD if they are not too much more money. Anyone using a good 2TB disk? Either SSD or non for...
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