Universal Serial Bus
  1. M

    Recommended USB to Ethernet adapter for Samsung TV The Frame 2019?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter that works with Samsung TV The Frame 2019? I would like to plug the adapter to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the TV's One Connect Box to increase the TV's internet download speeds. The built-in Ethernet port on the One Connect Box only...
  2. ldc2710


    LIONCAST PS3/PC USB FIGHTING JOYSTICK in good working order and condition,only used on pc but works very well with mame and coinops
  3. B

    Achieving Gapless playback for mix albums copied to USB

    Hi, I have a large digital library of files, all of which I own and are DRM protection free etc. All of these have been imported to Apple Music which I use as the management platform for correcting all tags, updating file metadata etc. Most of the files in my library are AAC or a few MP3...
  4. B

    For Sale Audioquest dragonfly Red USB

    Audioquest Dragonfly USB stick . Includes apple lightning cable. Im also including a extension cable to stop it getting damaged by plugging it directly into Pc. good condtion and excellent working order
  5. H

    Making a 3440x1440 144Hz monitor USB C with a dock or hub

    Hi there I currently have a monitor which is 3440x1440 resolution and runs at 144Hz. I use a displayport to usb c cable to my laptop to run it at the moment. I believe that's display port alt mode. The cable also has an in-line usb c socket so I can inject power. I just need a few USBs and...
  6. Piscauk

    USB to Ethernet possible?

    Not quite as straightforward as appears. Appreciate there are many adapters to pop an RJ45 to USB connection, but I specifically want the connection below... Android 12 phone -> USB Internet sharing -> ethernet -> PC to provide Internet connection. I don't have admin on the PC to add the USB...
  7. rexxyic4

    For Sale 2 x 8TB Verbatim Store 'n' Save USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (Windows or Mac) – Fully Boxed

    2 x 8TB Verbatim Store 'n' Save USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (Windows or Mac) – Fully Boxed Sleek, smart and quiet, in excellent condition, with original protective film still intact. Both drives used for cold data storage, so have had very little use; one has total use of 237 hours (9.87 days)...
  8. toadoftoadhall

    Audio out, usb media in?

    OK, so I'm pretty new to projectors but OK with technology. Am I right in thinking most projectors under 1k don't play media straight from a USB stick. Am I right in thinking most under 1k don't pass sound via Bluetooth to external audio equipment.
  9. T

    Using Two USB Headsets Simultaneously

    Good afternoon, I always use a USB connected headset (mic + headphones) with my desktop when I Skype my daughter as my hearing is not too good these days and they are nice and loud/clear. My wife would like to join in the conversation at the same time as me rather than afterwards! If I buy an...
  10. S

    LOGIK L43AUE21 Android TV – USB Flash Drive Issue

    Hiya, I have just purchased a LOGIK L43AUE21 Android TV from Curry’s and can not get the USB flash drive to work. I want to play various media, including films and images but the drive is not recognised. I have tried a 2GB and a 32GB flash drive, both formatted to FAT32 as per the instruction...
  11. crmpicco

    Enable USB port in my LG 32LH20D

    I have recently acquired a 32LH20D and I am keen to enable the USB port to allow me to watch video. I’ve searched around but I can’t find instructions on how to do this.
  12. sep8001

    KM Switcher that does not require power

    Hi A long shot but I am looking for a keyboard and mouse switch so that I can use my keyboard and mouse with two machines. At present I have to unplug them from one machine into the other. I do not want to install a software KM, as I do not want to use the two machines at the same time, just...
  13. JimJoiner

    JZ2000 USB Playback via Xbox - No Audio!

    Dear all I looking for some assistance if possible. I set up my JZ2000 today and out of the box I am over the moon with the quality of both picture and sound. However, I am struggling with something. I have spent the past few months ripping my large UHD blu ray collection to MKV files for ease...
  14. I

    Installed USB 3.0 card crashes when anything is plugged in.

    Hi All, I've just got a USB 3.0 card. Whenever anything is plugged into it the PC crashes. I've used a program to scan my Drivers and they are all up to date. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  15. bruce-leroy

    “Too many USB devices connected to PS5” error - help/advice appreciated, thanks!

    Hi all, Merry Christmas but not so much for my son. :( Almost a year to the day he got his PS5, my son’s console decided to break down yesterday. His PS5 displays the message in the title, keeps lagging and very slow to respond from the menu stage. Games are next to unplayable. I didn’t buy...
  16. S

    Subtitles on TV via USB

    Hi, I have a little problem. Subtitles on TV via USB are not displayed. I have old television: Sony BRAVIA KDL-46HX820. A couple of years ago I watched movie “Dracula”, subtitles were shown, but since then, subtitles don't show up anymore. What am what should i do?
  17. EatingSnakes

    USB C -> DP -> VGA

    Hi Guys I've got USB-C Thunderbolt 3 on my laptop. Can I use one of these...
  18. JimJoiner

    Backup of my Dolby Vision/ Atmos UHD Blu Ray Library - MKV file playback via USB connected to JZ2000 USB port?

    Dear all, I spent a lot of time over the most recent lockdown backing up my collection of UHD Blu Ray Dolby Vision Atmos discs to file. I am almost complete and the ones I have done are now on an 8TB external usb 3.0 hard drive in .mkv format. I have been waiting for delivery of a Panasonic...
  19. steve33shoreham

    Sennheiser Momentum faulty USB

    Hi all I have a 6 year old pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 OEBT (On-Ear Wireless) which have been going strong despite the loose USB B port for the past few years. The port as finally given up on me, apart from Sennheiser who once quoted me £149 to repair, does anyone know of an alternate USB...
  20. Swizz

    USB to mains plug

    I am on the look out for a USB to mains plug, to charge/power a small lamp. I'm aware there are a range of them on Amazon and eBay, but - with mixed reviews, it's left me unsure... It's to...
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