Universal Serial Bus
  1. B

    Denon Ceol N10 How to Browse USB Music

    Hi, On a Denon Ceol N10 I can’t seem to browse the folders on a USB stick. I have a USB stick with 10 folders (1 album per folder) on the top level directory, with the individual MP3 files within the directory for each album. When I turn on the player and press USB nothing happens. The when...
  2. Sandra51

    Unsupported audio on Panasonic UB820

    Any ideas why it cannot play the audio in this MKV movie via USB, it just did a firmware update on Tuesday evening so it is up to date. My computer plays it without a problem. This is the information from MediaInfo I would rather not have to re encode this and any future files if there is a...
  3. Ekko Star

    For Sale Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Silver

    Hi, Looking to sell an unused new Blue Yeti USB Microphone. Silver in colour and all boxed. Collection welcome Thanks
  4. Keiron

    Question Can I connect a monitor to a USB output?

    The mini HDMI output on my little computer has failed. The PC is a small Intel thing that is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. You have to wiggle the cable around and hold it in a specific position to get a signal. So, it seems the connector on the board is dodgy. There are however...
  5. O

    C8 Freeview & Freesat USB Recording

    Does anyone know if you can record with the Freesat Tuner while simultaneously watching a Freeview channel. I know you cant watch a Freeview channel while recording another. I thought maybe utilising both Freesat and Freeview tuners may allow me this functionality. Has any one tried this and is...
  6. icemanonline

    Question How do you make USB bootable Linux mint drive on chromebook but for Windows laptop!!!?

    As title. I have Chromebook but want to download Linux mint for Windows laptop with broken drive. Is it possible to download the Windows iso fur mint and make a bootable USB on the Chromebook but with the Windows version of mint os??? TIA Ice P.S I have the Lenovo C330 Chromebook.
  7. JabbaNut

    Share Your Mind, Win USB DVD Drive & More!

    I was asked to share this link, if interested. https://www.winxdvd.com/windows-10/top-dvd-players-for-windows-10.htm
  8. J

    USB Sound card

    My laptop has no line out, just a mini-jack headphone output. When working, I like to improve the sound by connecting it to a small amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers. This is not super HiFi (my main system is elsewhere in the house) but it is considerably better than the built-in...
  9. gargoyle67

    For Sale HDMI USB 37MP 1080P 60FPS TF Video Recorder 100X Video Electronic Digital Repair Microscope Camera

    Used Microscope camera, only used a couple of times, good for inspecting/recording electronics or other small items coins e.c.t Stand plus led light, Has UK AC adaptor, Can be attached to a trinocular stereoscopic microscope with the correct mounting. Specification: Image sensor: Panasonic...
  10. B

    Question Help, USB problem

    Hi, can anyone help, i've just bought the lg sm8600. once set up i've spent a couple of hours watching video files from my usb memory stick and everything was working fine. Day 2 the tv now wont recognise the same usb drive with the error message showing "unavailable file system 1". Not sure...
  11. A

    USB battery pack

    I need some battery back up for two mobiles on a 5 day camping trip coming up this year. Currently I have an Anker 20,000mAh pack which is quite good but won't last the trip. Can anyone recommend a larger capacity pack? There seem to be plenty of packs around 30,000mAh priced similarly but then...
  12. pure_geordie

    Dolby Atmos test on USB stick - no Atmos display

    Hello, Just a quick question please. I have recently purchased a new home cinema kit it works great, Dolby Atmos is great and all working as it should with my Atmos speakers. Dolby Atmos is display on the receiver as it should when playing movies and all is good. However I've downloaded the...
  13. L3OONY

    Popcorn Hour A200 multiple USB query

    Hi all. Have a PCH A200 and decided to experiment with two USB drives through a powered USB hub, to see whether it would work. It initially worked really well. I had visibility of both USB drives, and could play movies from either without issue. After powering the PCH down and back up again...
  14. S

    Panasonic DVD recorder/PVR - USB to HDD (Hard drive)

    Hello, I need advice/recommendation on what model I need the following: I am playing on buying a Panasonic DVD recorder/ PVR but want it to be able to move files from a USB stick to the internal Hard drive. (It is crucial I can do this!!!) Thanks in advance. Ben
  15. davweb

    For Sale Fiio E10K USB DAC

    For sale is a Fiio E10K USB DAC. It's in full working order and comes with instructions, original cable and box. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Price is £30 including delivery.
  16. P

    Strange Music player behavior over USB?

    A while back I brought a rather generic Bluetooth portable music player that's sold on various website using different labels. I simply needed something that that was cheap and light, that I could connect to my headphones at times when using a phone would be inconvenient (My phone is just to...
  17. n00bftw

    Move app to USB Drive

    I heard this is possible but I have no option to transfer the data to USB how ridiculous. Has anyone achieved this? According to sony it is possible but the instruction are garbage.
  18. scumball

    For Sale 4G LTE USB Modem 150mbp - Huawei E3372 Unlocked

    As title. Boxed. Unused but tested as working. Bought to test with my Vigor 2762, but my router doesn't support load-balancing so no longer required.
  19. A

    USB Decrapifiers

    My streaming setup consists of a Intel NUC with Volumio installed on the hard drive, Audioquest Jitterbug, Audioquest Cinnamon 1.5m Micro-USB Cable, feeding a Chord Mojo, Rega Brio and Dynaudio Emit 10s. I’m undecided whether to upgrade the Audioquest Jitterbug to IFI micro iusb3.0 or similar...
  20. B

    For Sale PS Classic and 16GB Sandisk Cruzer USB (Boxed/complete)

    PlayStation Classic console and two controllers. Used a handful of times, the second controller, HDMI and USB wires have never been out of their packets. Also includes a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer USB stick (low power draw USB so recommended for the console if you're wanting to put...
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