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    Can my Q90 2020 Samsung Smart TV display jpgs from a USB drive?

    My brand new Samsung TV (QE55Q95TATXUU) play mp4s from a usb drive, but not jpgs. Is this normal. I do not want to use the Gallery as it means uploading images to the net first...or is this really the only option? Thanks
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    Panasonic Viera HDD Playback Jerky...

    Hello I recently purchased a Panasonic AX820B TV and have been trying to playback 4K video from a USB3 external hard drive. The drive plays 1080p content OK, but when I try playing a 4K video with a higher bitrate I get jerky playback. I have tried several hard drives all with the same result...
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    Question Looking for my ideal server/streamer

    Hi I'd appreciate your thoughts on moving away from using a computer as the music server (currently using Win PC - foobar -ifi Micro idsd - headphones). The idsd offers great flexibility as regards file type, sample rate and sound quality. My first thoughts led me to investigate a dedicated...
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