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  1. R

    ThinQ not recognizing Fat32 action camera USB Drive anymore, won't reformat either.

    I have an LG Nano ThinQ but I bought the year before last on Black Friday. The TV has been far from perfect because the HDMI audio sync fails when switching inputs and watching YouTube. Yesterday I tested out my new Akaso Brave 7 action camera. For the camera storage I purchased a SanDisk...
  2. Pebbleridge

    Sony Android TV Recording onto USB Hard Drive

    Hi Guys, I have a Sony Android TV, does anyone use theirs to record onto a USB Hard Drive. I would like to get rid of my Sky Box and record programs through the TV. What do you think? Regards, Paul
  3. pat clancy

    Usb drive on Fire Stick

    Hi all,do any of the Amazon Fire Sticks play video files from a Usb harddrive ? Thanks
  4. R

    How to record TV program on external USB drive?

    I would like to make use of the advertised recording capabilities of my 46pfl9706k. Unfortunately, this seems not to be possible, despite my having fulfilled all the requirements described in the user manual, 46pfl9706k_02_dfu_eng.pdf. I have attached a 500GB hard drive to the USB port on the...
  5. K

    Can my Q90 2020 Samsung Smart TV display jpgs from a USB drive?

    My brand new Samsung TV (QE55Q95TATXUU) play mp4s from a usb drive, but not jpgs. Is this normal. I do not want to use the Gallery as it means uploading images to the net first...or is this really the only option? Thanks
  6. L

    Panasonic Viera HDD Playback Jerky...

    Hello I recently purchased a Panasonic AX820B TV and have been trying to playback 4K video from a USB3 external hard drive. The drive plays 1080p content OK, but when I try playing a 4K video with a higher bitrate I get jerky playback. I have tried several hard drives all with the same result...
  7. H

    Question Looking for my ideal server/streamer

    Hi I'd appreciate your thoughts on moving away from using a computer as the music server (currently using Win PC - foobar -ifi Micro idsd - headphones). The idsd offers great flexibility as regards file type, sample rate and sound quality. My first thoughts led me to investigate a dedicated...
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