1. S

    Versatile hub for Mac Air with USB-C

    Just bought the new MBAir while overseas and bringing it home next week. Want to order a hub that will be the most versatile and looking for some help as I have no USB-C peripherals. Ideally looking for a couple of USB2s at least and a way of also adapting my mini display 'Thunderbolt' plug...
  2. kev1987

    Question Advice wanted: KVM solution for USB-C/thunderbolt laptop and Desktop PC without USB-C output

    Have got a new home office and I'm looking to try and tidy up an existing KVM set up that I have from an old laptop. Looking for some advice/pointers. The ideal requirements are: USB-C with PD to connect from my Dell Latitude 7300 work laptop, and the kids' Chromebooks HDMI/VGA/Displayport and...
  3. D

    Question USB-C multi Hub? Does one even exist currently?

    Hi all. Does a USB-C to multiple USB-C hub exist? Not been able to find one. Only results I get are USB-C hubs with a USB-C PD power port and then a few USB A ports. Don't think the PD port supports data at all? The below adapter works but not with all devices apparently (with a USB C to USB...
  4. Puntoboy

    USB-C USB 3.2 Gen2 to 10GBASE-T adapter

    I can't seem to find one that's not Thunderbolt. Am I right that a Thunderbolt version only works with TB ports? It's not compatible with standard USB as well?
  5. virtual_boy

    Question USB-A car charger for 11 Pro

    I have a QC 3.0 USB-A car charger that can output 18W and 3A, will the 11 Pro charge at 18W or does it need to be an 18W USB-C Power Delivery charger? Will I still be able to get the full 7.5W if I opt to use wireless charging? Thanks in advance
  6. donka

    Inateck 9 in 1 Multiport USB-C Hub review.

    For those with a new iPad Pro with USB-C connectivity and are looking for some added connectivity, this USB-C multiport hub may be something of a godsend. This is a simple product in principle, a short USB-C cable to a compact Hub offering up 2 USB-C, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, SD/micro SD...
  7. donka

    Inateck 60W Wall Charger Dual USB-C ports review.

    There has been a lot of talk about chargers for the new iPad Pros so I thought I would write up a quick review on this one with dual usb-c ports. This USB Charger from Inateck is a double port, USB-C wall charger which is great for travellers. Measuring in at 77 × 77 × 30mm and weighing 189g...
  8. aerodynamic18

    New MacBook Pro USB-C hub needed

    Hi Guys, I have just bought one of the new 2018 MacBook Pro's. Now that I have it I really need to get a dock for SD cards. If it was an all in one that had some normal USB's on it that would be perfect. I use the Mac mostly on my lap so a dock that is suitable for this as well would be perfect...
  9. iRyanHD

    Answered Looking for a Monitor.

    Hey guys, This is my first post here so apologies in advance if I messed up. I'm looking for a Monitor with specific preferences: - 4K - Supports USB-C (For MacBook) - HDR (Any version of HDR, doesn't have to be HDR10) Price range isn't an issue. I own a MacBook and an Xbox One X and I plan on...
  10. K

    Question What is the best USB-C extension cable to connect a Nintendo Switch to a dock?

    I would like to purchase a USB-C extension cable to connect a Nintendo Switch to the dock.* Which is the best one to purchase? I've heard that you have to be careful when purchasing USB-C extension cable as some of the cheaper ones can damage your system. So I would be greatful for any...
  11. melmorc

    Question Recommend a USB-C to USB Adapter

    As per title, has anyone purchased a usb-c to usb adapter please? Just need one for my MacBook Pro to use my other older devices please but would appreciate recommendations :) Thanks
  12. Dancook

    USB-C on PCs - problem

    I have a USB-C port on my PC, but the USB hub and the extension cable of different manufacturers won't stay in it. I believe it's because the back plate doesn't allow the usb cable to be pushed in far enough. Rather than think the backplate is at fault, it's got me thinking that USB-C was...
  13. M

    Question Apple USB-C Lightning Charging Help + Dell XPS

    I have invested in a new MacBook Pro TB and now need to make the switch to USB-C but I am unsure what cables are safe and what chargers are suitable. I originally had a 12" MacBook so purchased an Anker 60W USB-C charger which I was hoping to have on my desk and charge all my devices with 1...
  14. R

    Question How to get best sound from USB Type C?

    Hello all! I am thinking of buying the Moto Z and also some over-ear headphones. The problem is that the Moto Z does not have a standard 3.5mm jack. The sound must be output from the USB Type C port. Motorola do provide an adaptor to 3.5mm but I can't imagine this acts as a very good DAC...
  15. P

    need a Usb-c extension / extender cable

    I need to purchase a USB-C to USB-C extension cable (ie a cable with 1 male and 1 female end on it). I just bought a USB-C multiport adapter from amazon and it comes with most ridiculously stupid cable thats so short as to be impractical. I need an extender and i cannot find one anywhere...
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