1. L

    Philips or LG upscaling

    Tough decision. Mostly wanna watch movies and series in HD, occasionally full HD or even SD movies via USB from mkv and avi files. Probably prefer IPS rather then VA, unless there is one with good viewing angles. These models are what I found in ok price: Philips 58pus6504 Philips 55pus6754...
  2. A

    Best all-in-one solution for streaming downloaded 4k HDR files and 1080p upscaling?

    We have a new Vizio MQ8. A good chunk of our content is downloaded. Some 4k HDR stuff, also plenty of regular 1080p rips. Yesterday picked up an x700 which plays back the 4k HDR content from a flash drive beautifully. The upscaling for 1080p looks excellent too. Obviously the catch here is...
  3. A

    Smart TV vs Streaming Stick Picture Quality

    I have a Sony Bravia XG90 which is based on the Android Smart TV platform (updated to the latest firmware Android 8 Oreo). Plugged in to the Sony is an Amazon Firestick 4K. My question is related around which is the best option to get the best possible picture quality. Would using the built in...
  4. D


    If you stream through a fire stick does the fire stick do the upscaling or is it the fire stick followed by the TV processor? Thinking about getting the Philips OLED 745 but don’t want to use their OS and watch Netflix etc on the fire stick.
  5. D

    Which has better upscaling LG B9 or Philips 755 OLED

    Mostly watch 1080p streamed movies from Netflix, which does a better job converting to 4K? Only about £100 difference in price now.
  6. D

    Question Sony A8G vs LG C9 upscaling capabilities.

    Anyone know the extent of the difference of upscaling capabilities between the LG C9 and Sony A8G? I'd heard the Sony is better, but wondering to what extent. Currently the A8G is $500 more than the C9 (65"). As long as the C9 is solid enough to handle 720p sports ( american football) and...
  7. Mayandi2

    Question Upscaling by Smart 4K TVs

    I have read that films on regular Blu-ray discs are upscaled to some extent by 4K TVs; but what about DVDs? Does the TV upscale their output as well? I have a huge collection of DVDs and as these are older films mostly, am not going to upgrade them to blu-rays. To get the best PQ out of them...
  8. G

    DVD upscaling to 4K

    How is your DVD upscaling to 4K? I just got a Sanyo FW65R70F, and I'm viewing disks from an old Sony BDP-S360. Upscaling from blu-ray looks great, but upscaling from DVD, though in places impressive for 24x upscaling, is sometimes swimming in artifacts. I tried setting the blu-ray player to...
  9. ab12

    Entry-level (VA) TV with best up-scaling/processing?

    I'm in search of a new tv for my folks. They happily own a Samsung UE46D5000 which as a FHD Chi Lin/Innolux VA-panel. But they want something more modern with smaller bezels and such, and also a lager screen size. They are basic users and watch non-hdr content, such as regular tv broadcast...
  10. tibrocks

    Question Poor Video Quality on Pioneer BDP-LX91?!

    Hi all, Used a Pioneer blu-ray player for the past 4 years (for audio CDs as well), a BDP-51FD and recently I got a BDP-LX71 (which is very similar to the 51, slightly better quality build and the unnecessary touchscreen fascia) While installing the LX71 I came across a LX91 so I got that one...
  11. V

    Question LG 55SK9500 blurry HD upscaling. Share your experience?

    Hello! I just bought new Super UHD LG 55SK9500 TV. TV cable content is mostly provided in FULLD HD 1080, but upscaled to 4K screen is blurry. No settings really helped. Youtube HD is the same problem. I am sitting in 2.3 meters from TV and is unpleasant blurry. 5 years old cheap Samsung HD TV...
  12. shroud

    Question Upscaling from very low resolution input source

    Hello! We have had an ACER H6517ST projector for two years now, and it has native resolution 1080p. While we have been using it without much problems with fairly lower resolution inputs such as DVDs and old laptops, I have recently tried to use it with an ancient home computer which has very...
  13. M

    Question Phillips 50PUS7303/12 upscale

    Hello, I need a little help. I have connected a satelite receiver(1080p). The picture is not in very good quality it seems like its not upscaled, lot of pixeleting and blurry. This same is on Raspberry Pi with Kodi. With a Kodi on Android TV is everything great and Full HD looks amazing, only...
  14. S


    Is this feature started automatically or do you have to instigate it manually in one of the menus. Some programs just don't look quite sharp. Of course, this could be a failing of the system's ability to render some old non HD channels sufficiently accurately.
  15. Madrigal

    Question Sony STR- DN1080 upscaling 2 channel content

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the upscaling on my STR-DN1080 when listening to 2 channel content. Should ALL 2 channel content upscale when it's set to Dolby Surround or Neural X? I previously had a Sony STR-DB940 (which sadly died on me, although the sound from the 1080 is far superior)...
  16. parmageddon

    Question Which HDFury device do I need? Help!

    Hi all, I've got an LG Oled B8 TV (UHD HDR) and an Epson TW9200 Projector (1080P) in the same room. I'd like to be able to split the output from my AVR and be able to display these at the same time. (I appreciate when doing this that the lowest common denominator resolution will display on...
  17. I

    Question Upscaling on 4k tv's

    Is upscaling normally automatic on 4k tv,s when viewing sd or hd on Freeview etc.
  18. J

    Question Upscaling

    I really hate these OLED vs LED things as it's been done to death however in my circumstances this doesn't get mentioned much.... Which is better at upscaling. I watch mostly full HD but am thinking about biting the bullet on the LGB7 Does is upscale better or worse than LED or does it depend...
  19. Verdanth

    Question Upscaling process 1080p to 4K

    Hello guys, I have a little doubt regarding upscaling mechanics and input lag on 4k TV's. I'm considering buying a 4k TV for gaming, that will be "feed" by a PS4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch. Currently I'm a 1080p Tv User. As you may know Nintendo Switch can't output at 4k. So in this case, the...
  20. S

    Question 65” Sony X930E vs LG B7A - Especially Upscaling

    Hi guys, I’m on the fence about these two particular tv’s, right around the same price. I get the OLED has a better overall picture, but one thing I don’t see a lot of input on is upscaling quality. All of my content is watched through my Apple TV, but I’d say 60% of it is subscription TV...
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