1. W

    Cheap and cheerful all-in-one streamer

    Hi, looking for advice on whether the sort of device I want even exists. I bought a second-hand Philips Streamium WAK3300 a few years ago for about £30, and in terms of functionality it's spot-on for me. It's small, it's all-in-one with builtin speakers and screen for navigation, and it'll...
  2. Alex1

    UPNP casting (AVTransport Service) - Go2TV

    Hello all, Just wanted to showcase a software I'm currently maintaining. It's called Go2TV and it allows you to cast a single video files (supports subtitles too) to any Media Renderer that supports the AVTransport service. (Basically most smart TVs). Link here: Releases · alexballas/go2tv...
  3. J

    How to Configure Asset UPNP on Synology NAS

    After receiving a prompt I updated my Synology NAS to DSM V7. Unfortunately this rendered my Asset UPNP app redundant. I have removed it and downloaded an updated version from the dbpoweramp website and installed onto the NAS. However, I can't remember how to configure it to add the music...
  4. jamieu

    UPnP/DLNA extension for Roon

    Just saw this over on the Roon forums, could be interesting for users wanting to use Roon with their UPnP/DLNA only AVR. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/rooupnp-finally-a-roon-extension-for-upnp-streamers/149977/5 The developer is giving out free beta/trial licences at the moment — don't get...
  5. P

    Stream/cast audio from web browser to HiFi

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a solution to something which really shouldn't be beyond the realm of modern technology. I've spent a while searching for solutions but it seems that the only real option available is Google Chromecast. Anyway, to the issue... One of the ways I like to enjoy music...
  6. S

    Official Freesat Box: DNLA/uPnP client?

    I have a Humax 1100s Freesat recorder. It works fine. It also allows me to stream films from the hard drive on my PC on my home network, because it has a DNLA/uPNP(?) client and the computer is the server. I also sometimes use the PS4 as a client and stream from that. Cool. Now that I have, with...
  7. P

    Minimserver question

    Hi all, this question is probably not Mimimserver specific but; is it possible to listen to a stream on an iphone ( which is on the same LAN ) that is being played on a device such as my Cambridge Audio CXN V2 which is being fed by MinimServer ? I hope this makes sense 😁
  8. T

    Sound bar with DLNA

    Hello, I am trying to find a sound bar with DLNA capabilities. Basically, I would like to listen to my mp3, which are on a NAS drive, on the sound bar. Anyone have an ideia about a model with this capacity? Around 300 max. Thanks
  9. C

    Please free me from iTunes

    Looking for advice please. I have been using iTunes for several years, have a huge library, and have playlists. I use a Synology DiskStation NAS drive and have purchased a Cambridge Audio 851N & 851A. Some of my music files are 320kbps MP3 and some are lossless Alac files ripped from my CDs...
  10. R

    Question UPNP, DLNA, Android renderer, NAS source

    Hi everyone, I have a number of NAS devices some of which are set up to store media, mainly photos and music. I use a PS3 to render these files to my TV which works OK. I have recently bought an Android Media box to use in another room but I'm struggling to find a suitable app. I need the app to...
  11. Ophicleide

    Question Lossless streaming to Monitor Audio A100 (with DLNA etc.)

    I have a Monitor Audio Airstream A100 amplifier. At the moment, I am using BubbleUPnP on an Amazon Fire tablet to stream FLAC files from a NAS to the A100. I presume this is using DLNA, although the interaction of the various protocols is very obscure to me! In particular, what is not clear to...
  12. Westindieman

    Restricting UPNP devices to

    I have a homeserver computer which streams media to network devices at home using Serviio, XMBC, and JRiver (they all work differently that's why I use 3). Sometimes guests or people temporarily staying asks to connect to the wifi or wired network so I allow them but don't need them to access my...
  13. K

    UPNP audio zone delay on Yamaha RX-V677

    Hello, I am trying to send audio to one of the above receivers from a music server. There are several other zones in the setup all of which feature speakers that are wired directly into the server/amp. The Yammy is connected to a wired network, I don't think it is directly wired to the music...
  14. R

    Bubble upnp will only repeat tracks now

    Been using Bubble UpnP on an Android phone to play music from Synology NAS to Denon CEOL renderers for a year or more now. Just recently I cannot get tracks to advance, all it will do is repeat the track playing. I have tried changing the repeat options on the Now Playing screen from Repeat...
  15. Basquelle

    Answered Is Marantz AVR (with Airplay) UPnP / DNLA compliant?

    I have been using ROON (on PC) to stream TIDAL (lossless) to my Marantz AVR (SR6009), via Ethernet. It worked for a few weeks, then stopped working. ROON support staff were unable to fix the problem, saying that the AirPlay function which the Marantz uses is difficult for them to work with. I...
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