1. Boostrail

    Upgraded to Superhub 4 Youtube problems

    Hi I had been experiencing momentary drop outs since FOCupgrade to M600 which were interrupting and ending Zoom sessions, casting to TV, streaming from various sources and most annoyingly UHD Footy and Wimbledon via the i Player. One day no problem but next 3 or 4 dropouts. Also got "No...
  2. A

    Question Using CA CNXV2 as a bridge to upgraded DAC

    I am contemplating using the digital outputs of the CNXV2 to drive an upgraded DAC - for example Chord Qutest. Does anyone know the output spec (coax and optical) for the digital outputs which are an unprocessed stream? Any views on wether the Chord Qutest will be a reasonable upgrade to the...
  3. DoogyDawg

    Upgraded model equivalent

    Rather than me trawl through the internet as usual. It's far easier to ask advice on here. I am looking to get a new TV. I currently have the old UE55F8000, been a great TV until a flying pencil case hit the screen. I was hoping to get the QE65Q90RATX but missed the boat on that as everywhere...
  4. Rob_Meister

    Problems after upgrade from SSD to NVMe

    Hi all, Not really sure how to explain this one. I have recently installed a Corsair MP600 M.2 SSD on my MSI x570 pro mobo and carried out a fresh install of Windows 10 on this system. Windows 10 was already installed on my existing SSD and I am still using this one anyway, because I am...
  5. Atherlon

    Question I’ve just upgraded my LG tv

    I’ve just upgraded from a LG smart 3D to a LG webos tv UM7400PLB which has LG channels , which are great but can I record them so I can watch later
  6. A

    Question Upgraded to 350mb and using sh3 in modem mode but only getting 200mb? In router mode it's above 300mb.

    I've got a SH3 that I'm using in modem mode connected to a dlink 878 router. I got a decent upgrade deal from vm to move from 200mb to 350mb. However, my speeds get nowhere near 300mb let alone 350 in modem mode. I'm getting around 200 max. If I remove the dlink and use the sh3 as a router I...
  7. C

    Question should I have upgraded to oreo? Sony XF9005

    set up my TV last night and watched amazon prime in HDR for a bit no problem. then used the usb route to upgrade the TV to oreo. went back to prime and after about 10 mins it crashed to the app list.
  8. CupraKid

    Dual CS505-2 - Upgrade Suggestions ?

    Hi All, Newbie to this forum but have seen some threads around this topic. I have a Dual CS505-2 turntable fitted with new leads, a glass platter top (more mass for the platter) with an AT120E cartridge feeding into a Rega MM stage. To me it sounds excellent considering its age - crisp sharp...
  9. Waynej

    Anyone upgraded to a new PJ using their existing mount? Still centred?

    I have an old 720p Optoma HD67N wallmounted and lined-up to a pulldown screen. What I would like to know is if all Optoma projectors are designed in such a way that they can be easily swapped out on existing mounts, and for their lenses to still hit the centre of a fixed screen. Does anyone...
  10. dollag

    Just upgraded to an arcam from a marantz

    This is a follow on thread from Question - ARCAM 390 v ARCAM 550 My sr7010 was used for 50/50 movies and music. I always very happy with the movies side but music seemed flat with auddssey. I usually listened to music in direct mode and for the most part sounded great but the lower...
  11. Brummy1875

    Question Upgraded to Ryzen 2 should i upgrade motherboard?

    Hi guys just upgraded from a ryzen 1500x to a 2600 im on a b350 board and can only get a stable 4ghz overclock is it my board holding the chip back or have i lost the sillicon lottery? would i get past 4ghz on an x470 board? and would the benefits be worth it i only browse the web and a fair bit...
  12. A

    Question Upgraded to 4k projector. Need help with transmiting picture 10m.

    Hi, just upgraded my old BenQ 1080p projector to an Optoma UHD40 and a Sony UBPX700 UHD player at the weekend. The HDMI cable that is currently installed is 10m long and is run under the floorboards of two bedrooms and chased into the plaster down the wall. They did tell me in Richer Sounds...
  13. Doctor Smith

    Question Anyone owned the Vibe Monolith Classics and upgraded?

    As the title. here are the speakers in question Vibe Monolith/Omicron 5.1 surround setup | TechRadar I have owned them for around 7 years and I was thinking of upgrading. However, as there is very little information around regarding the speakers, Im not sure if I will be upgrading, downgrading...
  14. sonysean

    Upgraded my router. Kind of disapointed so far

    I had a cheap TalkTalk router (one of those Technicolor's) which going by many internet postings isn't considered 'good' in any way, and so decided I'd 'upgrade' to a new router hoping that maybe it would at least somewhat improve my Wi-Fi range and speeds. I went for a TP Link Archer VR600...
  15. D

    Answered Upgraded to PS4 Pro - no pro patches

    Hi, this is probably a silly question. Today I transferred all my games from my base PS4 to my new Pro. I was expecting that I would have to download Pro patches for most of my games. Some of them(e.g. Mafia 3) definitely had one released. I checked all my games and it always said that they...
  16. Garrett

    Anyone Upgraded Memory On A veho Mini Vid Camera?

    I have veho mini video camera which the picture are, well let say acceptable but the video only last round 30 minutes, which I believe due to the memory and not the battery. I was wondering if anyone who has one has stuck in larger memory as its only 4Gb at present. And if so did it record longer.
  17. John

    Spec my upgrade ! New Amp, Turntable and 4K Player. £1kish budget

    So, £1k budget and, as per title, would like 4k player, Turntable and Amp I had been leaning towards the XboxOneS for the disc spinner, but i cant remember the last time I actually "gamed" so swinging towards a dedicated player now. If so, which one, or is OneS really a no brainer ? Turntable...
  18. D

    Question Upgraded phone on EE - Unlocked?

    Hi guys, I've just upgraded my phone with EE. I will likely be selling the phone, and wondered if anyone can tell me whether it will be unlocked? I have read conflicting info on Google. It is stated somewhere that contract phones cant be unlocked for 6 months, but then I read on to say they...
  19. pop80_uk

    Question Upgraded to IOS 11.3 now black bold text everywhere. Help!

    Hey all, Ive upgraded to IOS 11.0.3 and since I have huge BOLD text at the top of my email and messages MESSAGES shown in bold huge text at the top and the same for email. Any ideas how to make it vanish? Thanks
  20. grahamlthompson

    Humax announces upgraded Freeview Play Box FVP-5000T

    See FVP-5000T | HUMAX-United Kingdom There is a number of reviews on the internet. Google Humax FVP-5000T
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