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"Non Functional Upgrade" (NFU) also called "non-functional financial up-gradation" (NFFU) is the name of a scheme implemented by the Congress(I) led United Progressive Alliance(UPA) Government, in 2008, to reward civil servants of 49 'Organized Central Group A Services', also called Central Group A Civil Services, including members of the Indian Police Service(IPS), with automatic time bound pay promotions till the Higher Administrative Grade(HAG). The promotion under NFU scheme are independent of organizational requirements, vacancy, level of responsibility or span of control of a post. NFU scheme ensures that all IPS and civil servants, at a minimum, retire at the HAG pay grade, a grade equated by Government with Lt Generals, Vice Admirals, and Air Marshals of Armed Forces. There is no international precedent for NFU scheme which has had wide-ranging financial, organizational, governance implications.

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  1. Scooter64

    An amplifier upgrade to aim for

    When speaking to a dealer recently about my system, he suggested I ‘ditched’ my Audiolab 6000a and invested in a unit that would cost in the region of £2,500! Ok, so I knew the 6000a would be a limited step up when I upgraded my amp a couple of years ago but I also realised that it would...
  2. jacetheicesculptor

    Upgrade advice needed

    I have a home theatre and need some advice on where to focus upgrades. Current setup is 5.1 Front speakers: Energy RC70 Center: Energy LCR Sub: SVS Pb2000 Rear: Episode in wall Screen: 120” Receiver: Pioneer lx101 Projector: Epson 5030 I don’t have a huge budget but would like to total...
  3. G

    Upgrade advice

    I posted this also in the home cinema forum but as i got no replies i though i would ask gere as it is mainly a music listening question:) I want to upgrade, I like the sound of my system but want a little more from it. Devnon x3400 Audiolab 6000a Wimm pro DDRC-22D B&W 606s2 matching centre...
  4. G

    Amp Upgrade Advice Please

    Hi Thanks for reading I’ve been using a LG CJ45 amp from argos, sounds okay for the £260 I paid, but now I am trying to move onto a more hifi setup. I upgraded the stock LG speakers with a pair of focal chorus, I picked them up used for £100 which gave a big improvement in sound quality. Also...
  5. A

    Soundbar Upgrade Advice

    I currently own a Sony HTG-700, and looking to upgrade to something with a little more punch. I've never really been happy with the Sony, although I suspect this is because it's not got power for the size of the room. I think the room is probably just about the worst shape for any home cinema...
  6. flashandy3

    Seeking upgrade advice (WiiM Amp?)

    Hello. I would appreciate some guidance on my planned low budget sound system upgrade... Current setup Pro-ject Primary E turntable Elac Debut B5.2 bookshelf speakers Pioneer A-109 stereo amp Andover Audio Songbird streamer Context & needs I've been running the above for a couple of years in...
  7. W

    Upgrade Advise - What is my weak link?

    Hi All, I've had my hifi system for around 4 years now and never had any complaints with it, I've added some bits and pieces over the years to try to improve the system without changing any of the core components, amp/speakers etc.. Speakers : Dali Spektor 2 + Cambridge Audio SX-120 Subwoofer...
  8. Troglodyte2000

    Question Center upgrade worth it? Dali Spektor->Oberon vocal

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2xOberon 7 and 2xOberon Onwall(rears) and a Spektor vocal as center. Powered by Denon x2400h, room size 25m² (can't use sub because neighbours) Now with black Friday and other pre-Christmas deals I'm thinking about replacing my center with an Oberon one. Is...
  9. Davyb100

    Question 5.1.2 speaker upgrade advice (and help)

    Hi everyone, I was looking some advice on whether it would be worthwhile changing my LCR speakers. I currently have a Denon X3700, Kef iq50 LR & iq60C Centre, Eltax HT2 bipolar surrounds, a pair of Q50a upfiring Atmos speakers sitting on my fronts and a B&W ASW610 sub. My living room is average...
  10. B

    To upgrade…or not

    Currently have a Marantz 7000N and CD5004 feeding B&W 606 S2 in a medium to large room The CD player is the old man of my collection and whilst it’s doing well and has all the features I need, would I get sonic improvements by upgrading to Marantz’s CD6007 (or something else) given my current...
  11. graystone

    AVR upgrade advice for 2.2 setup with 4 ohm speakers and room correction

    Speakers: I recently picked up a pair of Arendal Sound 1961 towers for my living room, and I have a pair of SVS 3000 micro subs on their way (size and aesthetics played a big role in the selection of the speakers/subs for spousal approval). Sources: almost all TV/Movies are streamed through my...
  12. McCol

    Question Speaker upgrade advice needed

    I'm currently using Dali Sensor 3 bookshelf speakers, these have served me well but I get the feeling I could get more from my system if I looked to upgrade them I've just bought the Rega 50th Anniversary edition planar 3 turntable which has got me thinking about the upgrade My amp is a Yamaha...
  13. M

    Question I'm in the mood to spend some money

    Hi All, I've got that itch, and I wondered if it would be best spent on a new amp. I currently have: Arcamn AVR10 Emotiva BasX A2 driving the two fronts Monitor Audio IW-460X as my front left and right (no centre). Monitor Audio Silver FX7 as my rears driven by the AVR10 BK Monolith Plus sub...
  14. M

    Two TV’s, upgrade one.

    One of two tv needs upgrading so two tv’s, a Samsung UE40F6740 and a Panasonic TX-P42V20B. One is in a conservatory 5m by 3m, windows all down a long side positioned at one end. 2 seating positions at 4m and 3m about 30 deg apart. Sound is via Sonos beam and sub woofer. Now box and freesat...
  15. P

    Upgrade path - advice wanted

    Apart from my speakers and cartridge, my system was purchased in the 1990s, so is about 30 years old. It comprises of: Pink Triangle Export turntable with SME 309 arm and Ortofon MC cartridge (can't remember the name) Meridian 206 delta sigma CD player AVI phono stage AVI S2000 preamp and mono...
  16. NGD Boy

    Upgrade advice please

    I’ve currently got Rotel RA01 and CD2 I’ve got the chance of a CD14 and wondered how much better this would be than my current set up. I’d replace amp as well in near future as both current are silver and living room is about to be decorated etc, new gear would be in black, so I’d appreciate...
  17. W

    Upgrade recommendation - where to start

    Hi all, I have the below setup which is used for playing vinyls only. I am thinking about upgrading but not sure where to start (Player, Amp or Speakers). Can you help and make any recommendations in that area? I’m looking to spend up to £1000 for each component. Setup is: Rega Planar 1 Rega...
  18. J

    Upgrade advice - speakers up to scratch?

    I'm thinking of replacing my old Pioneer AV receiver from 2008 and would really like to get a new Anthem MRX740. My existing speakers are similarly aged Monitor Radius HD 350 centre and 225 L&R. with HD90s for rear speakers. They all still work fine but my question is am I wasting money on a...
  19. cera44

    CPU upgrade help

    If someone understands a bit more about cpus and components can you tell me what cpu would be a upgrade to my Ryzen 5 3600 The graphic card im using is amd 5700XT nitro + Pc is mainly and will be mainly used for 2k gaming as well used for 1080p 240hz
  20. cera44

    CPU upgrade

    If someone understands a bit more about cpus and components can you tell me what cpu would be a upgrade to my Ryzen 5 3600 The graphic card im using is amd 5700XT nitro + Pc is mainly and will be mainly used for 2k gaming as well used for 1080p 240hz
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