1. martin 39

    Atmos upfiring placement

    i am trying to find out if it is possible to put a shelf at the same hight and length of the tv and place upfiring atmos speakers on the shelf. Would this woek. It would mean a new amp as current amp is arcam avr 400. Or do i just stay 5.1 which still sounds good just got the upgrade bug after...
  2. Edgie70

    Question sn7cy upfiring speakers in cabinet issue

    Hi all , I'm thinking of upgrading from my yas306 to the LG sn7cy but it has 2 up firing speakers but as you can see in the pics my glass cabinet might not allow proper usage of them , what do you think , will they still sound ok or will it sound poor , thanks
  3. T

    Question Wanted for new home: rear surround and upfiring atmos speakers

    Hi all, we just moved from London to our new home in Switzerland and i am looking for ways to integrate the home cinema into the new living room. The system consists of JVC X5900 Denon 4500 L-R-C Whafedale Sapphire Sub Yamaha 2x8'' I am looking for the best possible solution for the surround...
  4. skayjah

    Question ELAC upfiring atmos issue with Denon AVR X2300.

    Hi folks, Does anyone have any idea why my left front height channel is much quieter than my right? Right runs perfectly at +0dB but left is on +12dB and is still quieter than the right, with lots of distortion. Have swapped the inputs in my receiver and if I do that, the right then has the...
  5. PascalWasser

    Atmos upfiring

    Hello all, I've got a question about the definitive technology Bp9080x with integrated upfiring module for atmos. My ceiling is 8ft high with smooth plaster. My listening position is 13ft away from the front speaker. I can't find on the internet what the max distance can be for upfiring. Could...
  6. S

    Denon / Atmos speakers Q..

    Hello. Guidance needed. Moved to Atmos. Denon 7200wa I'm going to go for the 5.2.2 / 4 config I like to bi-amp my front speakers hence 5, not 7 Anyway. The Atmos upfiring speakers I have one pair, which will go into the "HEIGHT" connection ports Couple Qs.. 1. In the diagram in the Denon...
  7. lgans316

    Question 7.2.2 AVR & Upfiring Vs. Overheaded Speakers for Atmos

    Hi All, I am close to moving home. I am planning to go for a 7.2.2 setup subject to room layout. 1. Is there any AVR that supports 7.2.2 configuration? :confused: 2. To benefit from object based audio formats, which height channel speakers are effective? Would it be Up-firing speakers placed...
  8. H

    Question Do upfiring Atmos speakers work with artexed ceilings?

    Or does it have to be a completely smooth surface? Thank you :) I'm itching to try some upfiring speakers but I want to do my research fully first. I also need to overcome the fact that my other half won't be happy with even more speakers in the lounge, but oh well, it's easier to ask for...
  9. Sparky32

    Question Can I use MA Radius 45s for upfiring atmos

    Dont see any MA upfiring atmos speakers, could I point MA 45 HDs at the ceiling and get atmos? Main concern is the rear firing tweeter? Would I be better trying MA 90s angles at the ceiling or buying some proper upfiring, any ideas what go with Monitor Audio well enough?
  10. Roen

    Difference between KEF R50 and Q50 upfiring speakers?

    Can someone describe the differences between the two lines with respect to their Atmos upfiring speakers?
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