1. xaote

    LG OLED Cx 10 update 04.30.35

    I have a new update notification this morning. Doing some research people are having problems with eARC. I'm not going to update until I do more research but it seems to be a common issue.
  2. silouette

    pioneer kuro clock update

    Have a 60" Kuro and clocks have gone back but tv displays old time. Anyone know how to update it ? Thanks in advance
  3. iamkroll

    Audiolab 6000a Play firmware update issue

    Hi, I can't seem to find any resource on the internet about this. I tried asking Audiolab via their Facebook but they really are not very responsive there. Hopefully I can get some help here :) So I am trying to update the firmware on my 6000a Play. Currently I am on version 0.24, that's what's...
  4. TVEye

    Has a software update altered settings?

    A few days ago I switched on my TV which was already tuned to More4, where there was a programme called The Perfect Pitch, about a campsite I had been to at Pencarnan in Prembrokeshire. The trouble is that it looked as if the entire film was under-exposed, with very little contrast and...
  5. silouette

    my 60' pioneer kuro keeps showing the update menu

    As above, it arrives once a day now at the same time and will not delete via remote, but goes of after about 30 seconds. Help
  6. B

    Samsung s10 (SM-G973F) Stuck in Download mode, after normal Update.

    Hey Avforums Members, Im completely new here, and found this site through google searching. So yesterday night i updated my Samsung S10 regulary, cause i got a notification that a new update is downloadable, so i did it. While updating, the phone crashed, and got in "Download Mode". Since then...
  7. M

    AV receiver update

    I was trying to update firmware on my STR-DS1250. When I ran the update using a new sandisk usb drive formated in fat32 I was getting a message "NO SUPPORT" I tried a different USB drive, old Kingston Fat32 and with this one the update process started but got stuck at zero percent (on display...
  8. N

    Panasonic DMR-HWT250 channels not updating

    My Panasonic DMR-HWT250 is now prompting me to re-scan channels whenever it turns on, and although there are no problem messages and it all appears to run through the scan as expected, it doesn't seem to actually update. Similarly, if I make changes to a favourites configuration, and save it...
  9. K

    Yamaha Rx-V681 update error

    I'm trying to update firmware for my Yamaha avr RX-V681, but during S6-1 erasing, it flashes an error 090000 & 010000, alternatively. What should I do?
  10. D

    FireTV box stuck in setup loop since update

    I decided to do a factory reset on my 1st generation Fire TV box [Not stick or cube], During the setup it did an update, Since the update the box will no longer load, It goes through the setup process until "Loading" appears in the bottom right, But then goes back to the start of the setup...
  11. P

    Problem with ARC on LGCX after firmware update

    Hi everyone. I had my 65CX running smoothly for some months, using eARC to output sound from the native apps into my Denon receiver. Then suddenly, after I updated firmware to 03.23.06, ARC keeps turning itself off every time I turn off the TV. So every time I turn the TV on, the sound is set to...
  12. R

    RX-A2A update

    Before the last update I could use MusicCast to change the settings on my RX-A2A, like pure audio and many other settings. After the 6/24 upgrade I can no longer change settings on my receiver! Why did Yamaha take away this feature. Is there a new way to change the settings on my receiver from...
  13. G

    Is update 03.23.06 a bad one?

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone can tell me if the latest update to lg cx (2020) update 03.23.06 lowers the nits or brightness down? Which is not what I want? Cheers.
  14. jimiz

    Lg SN10YG how to update?

    I just purchased a LG 77C1PUB tv and a LG SN10YG soundbar. The TV ran an update right off. Then I hooked up the soundbar. I am sure it needs an update but my searches for updating the firmware seem to keep telling me to hit home button on remote. I cannot find anyway to update the soundbar...
  15. D

    KD-49XE8005 keeps bringing up a message that there's an update available.

    I updated from here "https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-lcd-tvs-android-/kd-49xe8005/downloads" when it was available, and lately I keep getting a notification that there's an update available. But I never get a chance to "click" on it If I check the software...
  16. Boostrail

    Miracast does not work after Software Update

    HI Using Samsung S5e and last week got software update. After downloading and installing this the screen mirroring to Sony Android TV has stopped working. Smart view finds TV but then just says "connecting" ad infinitum. Both on same very good wi-fi. Worked perfectly for past 3-4 weeks with...
  17. Vindaluke123

    Phillips pus7855 recent issues after update possibly?

    Recently had a update on the TV and I have recently ditched my sky subscription as I always use the apps well now that i cancelled my sky box it feels like my TV apps are now breaking down. I tried screen mirroring with my Huawei p40 which previously had no issues and now it says connection...
  18. BadAtUserNames

    No Mans Sky (New Expeditions Update out now)

    Anyone else play? New update "Expeditions" out just now looks pretty great
  19. O

    PUS9005 Ambilight+Hue issues after update

    Recently updated to the latest firmware version and since the update my Hue lights seem to have become very unresponsive. I have 2 playbars below the tv and two spots above, whenever the ambilight displays a colour the hue lights are a good second behind in terms of changing and...
  20. zt1903

    [email protected] Update

    https://blog.playstation.com/2021/03/17/play-at-home-2021-update-10-free-games-to-download-this-spring/ Available from next week. March 25th Abzu Enter the Gungeon Rez Infinite* Subnautica The Witness Astrobot Rescue Mission** Moss** Thumper** Paper Beast** April 19th - Horizon: Zero Dawn...
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