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Unlock may refer to:
Unlock (charity), a British charity
To undo a Lock (security device)
Unlock Democracy, a United Kingdom pressure group
Unlock the Gates, a 1973 rock music album by Gypsy
Unlocked or unlocking may refer to:
Unlocked (Verbs album), 2003
Unlocked (Alexandra Stan album), 2014
Unlocked (Meisa Kuroki album), 2012
Phone unlocking, the removal of a SIM lock on a mobile phone
Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a 2002 intelligent design documentary film
Unlocking the Past, a 2007 hard rock/heavy metal music album by Jorn
Police Files: Unlocked, a 2006–2008 Australian police documentary television series
iOS jailbreaking, removing the limitations imposed by Apple, Inc. on iOS devices
Android rooting, allowing users of Android devices to obtain root access within Android's subsystem (similar to iOS jailbreaking)
Unlockable may refer to:
Unlockable (gaming), content that is available in video games but not accessible unless something is performed by the user to access to it
Unlockable character, characters that can be unlocked in a video game
Unlockable games, full video games that can be unlocked within another video game, often as easter eggs

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