1. bootyman81

    Universal 4K UHD BDs announced

    after teasing the release of their first wave of UHD BDs, Universal have given some of them an official release date, with others still tentatively mentioned for release, again this is for the US market but hopefully something will be announced here closer to release Universal reveals its first...
  2. WildeKarde

    Holiday to Orlando in 2017 - Universal or Disney

    Was looking for some advice on the best way to approach booking a holiday for four to Orlando next year. We'll ideally be considering start of July (due to school holidays) but not sure what the best option is booking. The kids will be 14 and 10 so I'm thinking Universal is the better option...
  3. E

    Acoustic solution in burn inmode using universal remote

    :) I have an acoustic solutions lcd32762hdf stuck in burn in more. I lost the original remote some time ago. I have replaced this with a one for all urc-3910. I have read elsewhere I need a code to access the menu to turn the burn in more off. Does anyone know the code or how to find it and...
  4. D

    Signalex universal remote

    Hi all, I've purchased a signalex universal remote and no code was given. I'm wanting to connect it to an Orion tv. Hope you can help.
  5. D

    Question Bose Solo5 Universal Remote

    I want to get my bose solo5 sounder remote to control my tv and my satellite box. How is this done? Also is there no way to have the soudbar come on when my tv is turned and default the sound to be playing from soundbar without me having to do it manually.
  6. P

    Universal remote control code for Samsung B650 TV?

    Hello, I have a LE40B650 TV from Samsung(from 2009) and the RC does not working right. I want to use a universal remote control which was came with my TV provider's set top box. The very same RC like this How to update PACE HD DCR7111 UPC media box firmware upgrade Is there a code for samsung...
  7. CemAygun

    Question Optoma 24 Pin Universal Connector Audio Out

    First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post. And I apologize if my first question is a bit long. Here is my situation: I have recently purchased an Optoma ML750. My usual luck presented itself as two days after I paid for it I have discovered the ML750ST, which...
  8. herespaulo

    Universal remote w/cable box

    Does anyone know if the PS4 Universal remote (the official one from Sony) works with cable boxes? I use Rogers here here in Canada. Thanks!
  9. K

    Question Universal Remote Control

    Hello! I am planning to put all my electronic devices (Apple TV, amplifier, Sky Box, etc.) under the stairs and therefore not in sight with the TV. I would like to have one universal remote control to control everything - ideally this should not be dependent on IR because I won't have direct...
  10. steviebhoy1888

    Remote replacement for a SC LX85

    Hi folks hope you can help I did ask this question before but my replies have gone missing, I am desperate for a replacement remote for my pioneer sc lx85 amp remote. Problem is that to buy a new one is £285 which is a bit steep , so I require a universal but not sure as I have never purchased...
  11. H

    Universal set to launch Wi-Fi Direct Universal Remote with voice and gesture controls

    Turning over a new leaf Universal Electronics revealed a new universal remote control evaluation platform code named “Leaf” that uses Wi-Fi Direct to deliver uncompressed high quality voice and motion navigation for an intuitive control experience, as well as traditional navigation, in a...
  12. raigraphixs

    Universal's Van Helsing (TBA)

    We already know Universal want to reboot The Mummy (Here). Now add Van Helsing to the list, other reports have Tom Cruise attached to produce and star in Helsing. Press Release
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