1. bruce-leroy

    For Sale Last Night in Soho 4K UHD (German import - Universal Studios) - Dolby Vision/Atmos (English)

    4K UHD German import - as a Universal release, it should mirror the UK release and has Dolby Vision video and English Dolby Atmos audio. Also included is a comprehensive selection of extras (all in English) encompassing all aspects of production featurettes, deleted scenes, storyboards...
  2. RedDevil85

    Universal Classic Monsters 4-Film Collection Vol. 2 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk Release date: 10/10/2022
  3. djpaulc247

    For Sale All Sold - Universal Soldier, Shazam, Godzilla King of the Monsters

    All sold : Shazam (UK) - UHD & Blu-ray. UHD watched once, blu untouched. Comes with slipcover - £10 including 1st class postage - Sold, posted 26/07 Universal Soldier (UK) - UHD & Blu-ray. UHD watched once, blu untouched. Comes with slipcover - £10 including 1st class postage. - Sold...
  4. P


  5. S

    Arcam Alpha remote control: replacement \ OneForAll universal ?

    Hi, I own An arcam delta 290 amp without remote control. I made some research and found out: 1. The Delta series used standard Philips RC-5 codes, just as per current Arcam stuff (and Naim/Sugden/Linn/Audiolab/Marantz/Creek etc etc) 2. Marantz remote control came with this amp (not sure about...
  6. E

    Are adapter brackets universal?

    I am about to move into an office which already has TV mounts on the walls - however the previous tenant did not leave the adapter brackets. The mounts are Peerless SF650P - I don’t want to start removing the brackets and I cannot find the replacement brackets in the UK. I am looking around to...
  7. M

    Samsung Universal Remote (IR), Microlab Speaker control

    Hi, I have a 2021 Samsung QN95A that is connected optically to a Microlab Solo 6C speaker set. As I do not have volume control via optical, I wanted to set up the Universal Remote function to control the speakers via Samsung remote's IR signal. I choose the "Home Theater" connection as...
  8. P

    Tough and Durable Universal Remote

    I’m looking for recommendations for a very tough and durable universal remote that is compatible with a LG TV, preferable with magic remote functionality. My little boy is on the autism spectrum and he is breaking remotes on me often. It’s not that he is very rough with them, though he can drop...
  9. Bully9

    Help! Universal remote - has it bricked my new TV?

    I decided to try to set up an old cheap remote on my new TV (don't ask). I didn't have a code so i went through the set up process but after apparent success (the TV turned off) when i tried to turn the TV on again it clicked and went dead. The standby light doesn't come on and neither the...
  10. J

    One for all universal remote help!

    I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place, but I can't find any help on the Web and I do have a bravia KD75X9000H. I recently bought a couple of one for all remote controls after logitech bailed on us, and have to say I actually like them better! Except for one thing: I can't map the...
  11. Unintended Consequences

    Dune HD Real Vision Media Player Programming Samsung Universal Remote?

    I’m trying to set up the universal remote to work with my Dune media player/AVR/Samsung Neo QLED TV. However, when I select “OTT box“ the Dune brand is not listed. With this in mind, does anyone know if it will work if I select another brand?
  12. joner7777

    I need a universal answer to so many apps.

    I run a business that involves customers sending pics of damaged cars to me for a estimate. Problem is , some come through on , phone text, FB messenger, whatsapp, e mails and face to face pics, land line calls ect. So when they call back to book in, i have to try and remember where the info...
  13. M

    Third party / universal speaker mounts for KEF 5001

    Hi, I have 4 KEF speakers, but after ten years seem to have lost the wall mount for one of them. Does anyone know of any decent universal third party brackets that would help? Ill try to put photos in here, but the back of the speaker is curved, so a flat surface on the mount wont work. Oh...
  14. G

    LG OLED65BX3LB - Universal control set-up issue

    Hi Everybody, I have the LG OLED65BX3LB since march 2021. Great TV, marvelous remote - everything runs fine. My audios set-up is done through a 5.1 home theater Panasonic ( old model - around 2007 ) with the help of an optic cable. Obviously - I want to control them both with the LG Magic...
  15. V

    How to disable samsung universal remote ?

    Hi When i turn on my samsung tv using the samsung remote it turns on my sony av receiver at the same time which is all well and good but for "normal" i just use the internal tv speaker .I tried turning off anytime + hdmi cec but it just mutes the receiver.Cant find anywhere in the menus to...
  16. Ollymuk

    Universal Controller for infra-red Box and Bluetooth TV

    Hi all I've recently replaced my TV with a Sony Bravia VH2 and, after using our Sony TV for a day, decided to replace our ancient set top box with a Manhatten TR3 due to the shortcomings of the Sonys Freeview implementation. I now have two controllers which offer a nice experience. One is...
  17. mtenga

    New Pannde PD-6 UHD Spinner - Universal

    No HDR10+ but DV, SACD and DVD-A. Claims network playback capability. Dual Operating System (UDP-205 + LX800). Bit more circuitry inside than the Reavon :D https://cineultra.eu/en/NEW-Pannde-PD-6-Elite
  18. wisnoskij

    Universal Remote for Proscan?

    Hello all, I have been looking for a replacement remote for months now. Maybe my memory is just bad, but I remember losing remotes and just picking up a 10 dollar replacement from Walmart in the past. But I am told they no longer carry them in store and only offer them online. Looking on line I...
  19. fatboy frank

    Universal Remote/alternative to Harmony!

    I noticed that several people have commented on the ending of the Harmony (Logitech) range of universal remotes ........ i recently came across this, which looks like it could be very similar.
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