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  1. raigraphixs

    Untitled Emma Stone Universal Pictures (TBC)

    Wait a minute i thought @Our Year was married to Emma :laugh: only in his dreams :p Emma Stone is in talks to star in an untitled film for Universal Pictures with her husband Dave McCary in talks to direct. Patrick Kang and Michael Levin, supervising producers of NBC and UTV’s “Young Rock,”...
  2. E

    Leg options for a very heavy 86" screen

    Hi, I have purchased an 86" Yealink Meetingboard for the firm I work for. This is a very large and heavy unit with integrated touchscreen/audio/camera/etc. We are unable to wall mount it in the room it is intended to be used in (stud walls, and the screen is way too heavy for them at nearly...
  3. raigraphixs

    Untitled Universal Studios film from Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (The Daniels) June 12, 2026

    Next up from the directors behind Everything Everywhere All at Once. https://deadline.com/2024/02/the-daniels-universal-movie-release-date-1235842409/
  4. Casimir Harlow

    Win a copy of The Holdovers on UK iTunes Digital

    Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Win a copy of The Holdovers on UK iTunes Digital BUY OR RENT AT HOME NOW THE ONLY WAY TO WATCH AT HOME WHILE STILL IN CINEMAS FROM UNIVERSAL PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT Read the Official AVForums Review of The Holdovers HERE The immensely touching...
  5. raigraphixs

    The Tiger’s Apprentice (Paramount+) Animated 2nd February 2024

    Animated fantasy film based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Laurence Yep.
  6. raigraphixs

    With Love (TBC) Directed by Jonathan Eusebio

  7. M

    LG G3 with SofaBaton X1 universal remote

    Hi, Has anyone paired a G3 with a SofaBaton X1? I like the design and functions of SofaBaton, especially like the fact that I'll be able to integrate it with Google Assistant and Home Assistant, but I'm wondering if it's going to pair well with the G3. Has anyone tried it? Thanks, Alex
  8. B

    Universal Remote for Arcam Solo?

    Hi everyone i have an Arcam Solo music and the remote seems to have died. I’ve had the system for about 16 years and still love it, would a universal remote work with it, or are they just for TV’s? Thanks
  9. C

    oon universal remote not working anymore

    I have a sharp IR/non-smart tv - lc-32lb480ul, and don't have the remote, so I got an oon universal remote. It WAS working, and it just stopped working. I've gone through the oon help section, tried all the codes, and I just can't get it working again. I unplugged the tv, pulled the remote...
  10. L

    Ceiling mount

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent universal ceiling mount for my tw6700. Thanks.
  11. JustinNiz

    Universal remote for in car screen

    Hi, I recently purchased an imported Toyota Vellfire. The rear screen does not have a remote. I am looking for advice on a universal remote. Thank you
  12. highconcept

    Bargain Classic Hammer and Universal Horror Boxsets

    There's some good deals an Amazon at the moment for horror boxsets. All seem to be US imports but they're all region free, plus free shipping regardless of price. A good way to load up on some classics!
  13. Doctor Smith

    Model kits?

    Anyone know where I can buy model glue and paint kits? The Universal monster kits. Frankenstein monster, Dracula etc. I loved making them when I was a kid and would love to start making them again.
  14. S

    Question Is there any preamp with IR receiver compatible with Samsung TV universal remote?

    I have Samsung TV, a Modi Multibit DAC and a pair of KRK powered monitors. I would like to output TV sound using optical into the DAC and then add a preamp with IR receiver between the DAC and the powered monitors, so I can control the volume remotely, ideally from the same Samsung TV remote...
  15. terencejames

    Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Orlando

    My kids are absolutely desperate to go to the Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. I'm just wondering whether anyone has been and has any advice? Is it worth getting some fast passes for the event? Thanks
  16. arnonel

    Confused by universal remote vs sky q remote

    Hi there I have SKY Q in a cupboard. SKY Q remote works fine If I use a universal remote for SKY Q. The universal remote doesnt work If I open the cupboard a few inches. The universal remote works If I use a IR repeater. The universal remote doesnt work Why is that? And what is the solution to...
  17. Casimir Harlow

    Fast X Movie Review & Comments

    Momoa's having a blast, Cena thinks he's playing an entirely new character - for the better - and even Theron is halfway redeeming herself, but, apart from a suitably insane Hot Wheels Tracks-inspired extended finale, this "Part 1" is less fun than the first HALF of the any of the last six Fast...
  18. Griff85

    Universal Studios, Orlando

    Me and the missus have been looking at going on holiday the end of November and we both really fancy going to Universal Studios in orlando, Neither of us have been before so just wondering is there anyone on here that's been that can give us some advice? Like When is best to book, Will November...
  19. Doctor Smith

    Universal remote control?

    Can any recommend a good universal remote control that will work with the following? Lg G2 oled Zidoo media player Virgin 360 box Denon x3800h AVR Thanks
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