1. Bingoman

    Is the current Tory party worse now than under Major?

    With a Mp arrested on the suspicion of Rape, another watching porn in the Commons and resigning and other misdemeanours from others in the Party and the Government is the current Tory Party run by Johnson worse than when John Major was in charge in the 90s? Could the party lose more seats at...
  2. E

    Dead pixel, scratch, hair under the screen?

    I was hoping someone could help me identify what this is and if theres any way to fix it. The TV is a TCL R625.
  3. geordie_john

    Gas fire under centre speaker

    Hello can anyone tell me if its OK for me to put a gas fire on if there is a centre speaker about 12 inches above it and a Panasonic television above that? Thank you.
  4. Bingoman

    Putin to put Russia Under Martial Law?

    i ask this in Russia Invades Ukraine thread but i thought this might deserves it own Thread, According to Ukraine Intel and various Rumours doing the rounds it appears that Vladmir Putin will putin Russia under Martial Law as soon as tomorrow? If he did put the Country under Martial Law what...
  5. V

    LG C1 apps doesn't work under NordVPN

    Hi all. Recently I have configured NordVPN in my second Mikrotik router and I have connected my LG C1 OLED TV to this router but most of apps aren't working (Netflix, Youtube, and so on). It is not the same with my PC or my phone, there everything is ok. Does anyone had this issue or have any...
  6. I

    Tv for under £1000

    As title suggests Any recommendations for tv under £1000 ?
  7. G

    Best floorstanding speakers under $ 4000?

    What speakers do you recommend in this price range and why? Thank you.
  8. I

    Revealed what a Scotsman wear under his kilt!

    https://www.scotsman.com/news/revealed-what-does-scotsman-really-wear-under-his-kilt-1465283 This article from 2016 in the newspaper The Scotsman.
  9. BorkenArrow

    Children under 5 should be banned from air flights.

    There...I said it. Sorry, but I don't see why I should pay all that money and be subjected to hours of screaming.
  10. square-eyes-baz

    Over ear Headphones under £100

    Hi, was a member years ago but got out of hi fi for a bit. Im looking for an over ear set to listen to 80% radio dramas 20% music. Will be used with an android phone. Need to be comfy and not too bulky. After days of reading thought the Philips 9500/9600 might be ok but then saw AKG K550s which...
  11. N

    Could public support for Insulate Britain grow as gas and electricity prices for heating rocket out of control in the UK this winter under the Tories?

    Could public support for Insulate Britain grow as gas and electricity prices for heating rocket out of control in the UK this winter under the Tories?
  12. aryatv

    Need help with 55-in TV under $1300 budget

    Hi all, Looking to get a new TV after my Panasonic ET55 started developing horizontal line (panel issue) after 9 yrs. I have narrowed it to the below - 1. Samsung QN85A QLED 2. Sony X90J XR55X90J 3. Samsung Q80T QLED QN55Q80TAFXZA 2020 model. I am not a gamer but watch movies...
  13. N

    Blu-Ray player under £200?

    This is for a bedroom system for occasional use. Must have analogue audio out for RCA interconnects to amplifier for CD playback and be a lot quicker to load discs than the aged Sony 350 it will replace. Recommendations?
  14. Bv09

    Best TV under £1200-I only care about picture quality.

    Hi all, I plan to use chrome cast or fire stick most of the time and will probably not watch anything live. I need it for my bedroom Wall and 55” looks right for the variety of tvs available and return on investment. But if there is anything better I don’t mind going up to 60. The only thing I...
  15. A

    A receiver under £1,000 for 4ohm speakers.

    I have recently upgraded to a Piega centre and Tmicro 60 AMT rear speakers for the AV system. They are 4 ohms. The sound quality/experience is much better than before but, about halfway through watching Tron Legacy, the centre speaker seemed to lose volume. The receiver (Teac Reference AGH550)...
  16. doublesquare21

    50-58" under €800

    Hey everyone Im looking for a good tv preferably under €700-€800, im mostly going to watch in a pretty dark room with some light strips in it. These are the options i have found so far: Panasonic HX820E 58" €600 Philips PUS8545 58" €699 The panasonic dropped price from being €900 before so it...
  17. J

    Looking for the best indoor headphones for under £200

    Hello. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I am in the market for a set of headphones for the following: in order of priority: dance music in lossless format surround sound movies I've managed to snag one of these from Amazon for £180 B&W PX Headphones Review but after reading some...

    Which 2019/2020/2021 TV Around $350 USD Might match

    https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-ln-t4066f/?fbclid=IwAR3mPZLppAJKUT6xkzwtrb8vyF5jprRrjTZuIzwPiffTEA57Q1g8naG8vrk My son claims he bought this set New in 2007 It has a great picture What In USA would Match The Specs at 43 inch or 50 inch Samsung/LG/Hisense ?????????? A list of...
  19. (GTV)Chris

    Is just under 4K for a new JVC DLA-X7900 worth it?

    Hi, I've been looking for a used DLA-X7900 for a long while, and have realised that these things are rarer than hens teeth! So I have found someone selling one for £3999, brand new with warranty and wondered if this was a good price? I was hoping a new unit would have been a little less than...
  20. SVK

    MP3 player for under £400

    I have been wanting to buy an MP3 player for under 400 pounds I am stuck in between Fiio x5ii and Sony Nw-A105 but cant decide which one to buy. Open to other suggestions
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