1. M

    For Sale BT TV Ultra HD 4K Youview Box - DTR-T4000 - 1TB

    BT TV Ultra HD 4K Youview Box - DTR-T4000 - 1TB i have two for sale - £70 each collection preferred bl5 3ej
  2. Ktbrooke

    Advice needed - Wireworld Eclipse 8 or Tellurium Ultra Black 2?

    Hi, Has anyone heard the Wireworld Eclipse 8 and the Tellurium Ultra Black 2 speaker cables? If so, how would you describe the sound qualities? No cable skeptics, only true believers may reply!
  3. topgazza

    Wanted Amazon Fire Cube 4k Ultra HD

    As per the title. Before I press the button on Prime for one @ £89.99 if you have one gathering dust let me know please
  4. jamie15

    For Sale SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC U1 Memory Card + Adapter

    Bought 2 of these SD cards for my parents who were always running out of space on their phones, but in the end I decided to just buy them new phones with more storage (no expandable either unfortunately). Now I have two SD cards and no use for them, figured I might as well sell them on! Just...
  5. P

    Wanted Panasonic DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player

    Wanted: Panasonic DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
  6. Edgeyboy

    For Sale Ultra low profile mount for Epson EH-TW7400 / EH-TW9400 / EH-TW9400W Projector

    Provides minimal gap between projector and ceiling. Fits Epson TW7400 / 9400 and 9400W projectors. Used. Black Finish. RRP £118.80 Collection welcome.
  7. ultraman1

    Question NEW S20 ultra owner. How many on earth has had enough updates to fix auto focus? And a poll

    I am on snapdragon locked carrier in the usa. there must be someone with good news that updates fixed issue.
  8. Roscovitch

    Amazon Ultra HD Music and HEOS

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I've been reading various threads and can't seem to find an answer to this specific problem. So it's like this: I have a Denon X4500H with a HEOS account. I have a Amazon Ultra HD account and can stream in HD directly from an iPhone X using the Amazon HD...
  9. B

    For Sale Armani jeans star wars ultra boost

    all brand new never worn left it too long to return now jeans 38w slim fit £50. Adidas ultra boost star wars 2 pairs size 9 and 10 £80 each prob £4 p&p each no offers at moment
  10. Toni01


    Brand New pair of SVS ULTRA Bookshelf Speakers Piano White. Still in sealed box never opened. Two sets available. Prefer collection or can deliver within M25. Any inspection welcome. Never got round to setting them up, they were sourced from the USA so although new sold without warranty...
  11. G

    Can ultra short throw replace a tv

    I'm considering getting rid of my current setup and buying a vava or fengmi 4k UST. My main concern other than what's already been covered in threads, is it's placement will be a very bright living room. Ideally I would like to project straight onto a white wall so I can alter screen size...
  12. scoobysmiff

    Panasonic 75" Ultra HD 4K LED Television- TX-75HX940B

    Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade my old Panasonic Plasma 65VT30 as I want to go down the 4K route. The TV is THIS one that I am thinking about when it is eventually released so, has anyone got any idea of how it will look/perform and what sort of pricing it is going to be when released...
  13. Rokko ru7400

    Ultra deep color

    io ho I have a TV lg sm8200 nanocell 65, to enable game mode I have to put on ultra deep color? Sdr game I don't use hdr
  14. edjg

    Question Anyone successfully using a Chromecast Ultra with 55" OLED 754? - issue with DD+ audio

    I'm having a problem with my brand new 55" OLED 754 (with latest software update this morning). Dolby Plus sound via a Chromecast does not work. It is mostly silent. The audio will occasionally come in temporarily and then go silent again. It is fine with a stereo stream, but DD+ streams all...
  15. M

    For Sale SVS PB13 Ultra subwoofer,Q Acoustics Concept centre channel speaker and PSB Imagine XA Dolby Atmos speakers

    Selling most of my home theater bits as i just dont have the space for a full-blown Atmos setup and a projector at home and i am going back to stereo. The sub has the Bash amp and the amp is working fine.I think that SVS are offering the PB4000 amp as an upgrade for PB13 owners,its only 400...
  16. D

    Question Ultra HD + HD "Offer"?

    Morning folks, hope you're all keeping safe! Just logged into Sky and noticed this offer... When I tick select it adds a fiver to my monthly bill though, anyone come across this?
  17. pcaddy

    Question GPU for LG Ultra Wide Monitor

    I'm looking at building a new PC in the next couple of months and would like to use an LG 34GK950F 34inch 1440p 144HZ gaming monitor. I would like some advice as to what graphics cards would be appropriate for this monitor, I would not be able to afford the Nvidia RTX 280 Ti, and would like any...
  18. H

    Is 4k / Ultra Netflix package worth upgrading to over the standard HD package for the LG C9 TV?

    Will i see a big difference between "Standard HD" and "Ultra HD" for the extra £3 a month?
  19. H

    Question Premium High Speed HDMI VS Ultra High Speed HDMI not sure i understand fully? Any help?

    Do the "Premium High Speed HDMI " = HDMI 2.0b And "Ultra High Speed " = HDMI 2.1 or is it more Premium High Speed HDMI = 4k @ 60fps Ultra High Speed HDMI = 4k @ 120fps :confused: The terminology i am reference with Ultra and Premium is from the standards page: HDMI Cables Overview - HDMI
  20. iArh96

    Samsung S20 ULTRA Camera problem.

    Hello everyone :D So the camera on my S20 ULTRA is either a faulty one or im doing something wrong, So attached are a few pictures all taken in the highest resolution (108mp) s20 please take a look at just how poor my pictures are coming out especially if you zoom in it goes almost like a...
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