ultra short throw

  1. M

    Turning a mini projector into an UST projector

    Hello all, I'm new to the projector world and am trying to design something unique. I need to take the Texas Instrument's DLPDLCR2000EVM and turn it into a UST projector in a very short distance (~13 inches). I need to reflect it down at an angle after 5 inches and from there it needs to reach...
  2. C

    Ultra short v Long throw

    Hi all, Its been over 10 years since I last bought a projector (sanyo PLV-Z700), but its finally given up the ghost or at least the bulb has. My current projector is around 4.5m away from a 120in diag/2.7m wide screen, just behind the seating position. Its not a dedicated cinema room, so I am...
  3. Rajat

    2.35:1 Format on UST Projector

    Hello All, appreciate if you any one of you can guide how to watch the movies in cinemascope format using UST projector. Will the buying of 2.35:1 will help. As i haven't come across any Anamorphic lense for the ust projector
  4. T

    Epson LS500 or LG HU85LS

    I'm looking at moving my lounge around and the new layout will be more conducive to a UST projector. I currently have an Epson TW9300 with a 135" 21:9 alr screen. I'll get a 120" ust alr screen. Probably the vividstorm. The two USTs on my short list are the ls500 and the hu85ls. I'm looking...
  5. screenertime

    VAVA Chroma Triple Laser Projector.

  6. dabedoo

    hisense 100l5f ceiling light spill

    Hello, I bought a Hisense 100l5f and after installing it I noticed a lot of light spill on the ceiling right above the screen and it's very distracting. When I watch at the reviews on youtube I don't see this annoying light spill. You can have a look at the problem here: Am I doing...
  7. R

    Xiaomi UST 4K projector auto-off setting

    My Xiaomi ultra-short throw 4K projector seems to have a half-assed auto-off option that turns the projector completely off after a few minutes of inactivity the very first time it is powered on. However, if I switch it off using the remote once, then any time thereafter turn it on again using...
  8. Doctor Smith

    Standard PJ to UST

    Has anyone gone from a standard Projector to an UST? If so any regrets? Please include which model you went from and what you have now.
  9. C

    Optoma P2 - yellow artefact issues

    Hi, is anyone having problems with scenes exhibiting a strange yellow cast on highlights. I have tried 3 different sources, cables, tinkered with various settings and a reset without remedy. Reducing the contrast helps in some scenes, but means the image loses its punch. I'm not sure if it was a...
  10. R

    Samsung LSP9T image offset

    Can any owners of the Samsung LSP9T comment if their image output is horizontally centred to the projector body? With the projector installed so the image is dead level and plumb, mine is offset 32 mm to the left, and since there’s no lens shift on this model, it’s a nightmare as it’s set in a...
  11. N

    Short Throw - Ceiling Mounted! Need HELP

    So, I need to mount a Motorized Screen (not too tough to figure out) on a beam in the room. Where I am running into problems is the projector. There is a chandelier in the middle of the room that will not allow for a projector length >7 feet. Because of structures on the wall behind the Beam, it...
  12. M

    JMGO U2 UST Projector Thread

    JMGO U2 Projector on Indiegogo This one just launched on Kickstarter and it really covers almost all my UST Projector wants! The specs that really stand out to me: Tri-Color laser 3600 2400 native ANSI lumens .47 4K DLP chip 3D capable 28dB at 1m 0.25 throw ratio 100” fixed focus 1 Year...
  13. S

    Best UST projector at the moment?

    I've just started looking at this and so far have found the following: Samsung LSP7T - around £2,380 Optoma CinemaX P2 - around £2,600 LG HU85LS - around £4,300 Samsung LSP9T - around £4,875 Has anyone tried these? Any thoughts on these models or alternatives that I have not seen yet?
  14. C

    Hisense Trichroma 100L9 Pro Laser TV

    Just thought i'd create a thread for any info on this forthcoming Hisense UST laser projector which is supposedly due on sale in Europe and America next month. Headline feature is three separate laser light sources and >100% coverage of the BT 2020 colour space. If it supports 3D playback as...
  15. J

    BenQ 6050 + ALR v2 Screen - on offer!

    Hi all Thought I would post this as appeared a great bargain to me: The BenQ v6050 + the BenQ ALRv2 screen is currently £2999 at Richersounds, down from £5000, with 6 years warranty https://www.richersounds.com/benq-v6050-alr-v2.html
  16. johnepiscopo

    Philips Screeneo 2 cuts out

    Hi guys, I’ve had my Philips Screeneo 2.0 for nearly 4 years and other than having to replace the bulb around 8 months ago I’ve had not issues with it, until now. Yesterday, shortly after turning the projector on for the first time that day, the projector just cut out; no sound, no picture...
  17. C

    Projector choice and soundbar

    Currently building a family room separate from house... want to put a projector in for films and sport ... budget £100/£200 . (Will be spending good bit more on TV for the room.) On a few man cave pages elsewhere and seems plenty of choice on amazon for projector around my price range with...
  18. K

    Can i use a normal flat grey or white screen with ust projector?

    Hi I'm about to buy an ust projector and will only be watching in the dark, lights off and curtains shut during the day and night. Cant I just make a diy screen either with white or grey screen material and be done with it? Or is ust projector screen absolutely necessary? The cheapest ust alr...
  19. Fitodde

    Solution to vertical lines in Xiaomi UST 4k projectors

    Have anyone encounter problems like this on Xiaomi UST laser projector ?
  20. D

    The Premiere LSP9T 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector 130" Screen Recomendations and questions

    Hi! I recently bought the Samsung 130" 4K ultra short throw triple laser projector. I currently have it just projecting onto the wall and obviously that is not the greatest for such a nice projector. I've been trying to research screens and am having some trouble. So I thought I might come...
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