1. C

    Wanted Game Pass Ultimate

    Looking for a 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 months Game Pass Ultimate codes. Can pay via PPG or Bank Transfer Let me know
  2. R

    Wanted Game pass ultimate

    Hi all, looking for game pass ultimate codes, ideally 3 or 6 months. Anyone got any?
  3. P

    Wanted Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Looking for a digital code for Xbox game pass Ultimate. Any length considered. Cheers
  4. N

    Who makes ultimate mount wall brackets?

    I have an ultimate mount 126m but lost the screw adjuster on the side. Any idea who the manufacturer is so I can see if I can get parts?
  5. DracUK

    DuneHD Real Vision 4K and Harmony Ultimate Remote

    Anyone got this combo working together TIA
  6. GalacticaActual

    Rocky 4 ultimate directors cut

    Really looking for ward to this, it a fathom events one off in the US, anone know if it will get a screening in the uk? or hopefully a 4k disc?
  7. C

    Sonic Colours Ultimate

    Seeing trailers for this popping up in my FB feed. Looks like a cross between Sonic and F-Zero. Wonder how it looks on Switch? I have a feeling the trailers I saw were probably PS5 or Xbox X. Anyway, it also had a bit of a Mario Galaxy vibe and not many games have that.


    After 13 plus years of waiting to replace my Excellent but old Pioneer 500M Monitor the wait is now over for the LG 65 inch OLED Monitor but theres a snag ………..Price 😬😬😬 a few Quid less than £10,000 😔😔 LG OLED MONITOR 65EP5G
  9. tonyadamson

    Nvidia Shield Pro BT Sport Ultimate

    Evening all, I've scanned through the forum but can't find an answer to my question so here goes. Can anyone confirm either way if BT Sports Ultimate (4K HDR, Atmos etc) works on the 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro? I have the BT Sport app. I have my BT Sport monthly pass. I have BT Sport channels in...
  10. RSK21

    My Harmony Elite thinks it is a Harmony Ultimate Home .. ????????

    As above something strange is going on with one of my Elites. I reset it and the hub following a house move and resynced the remote to the hub. Now the remote thinks it is a Harmony Ultimate as opposed to an Elite, so I have no access to the number pad on the screen nor can I use the home...
  11. mb3195

    The ultimate AV demo disc

    I’ve done lots of posts on demos scenes previously, best for Atmos, best for DTSX, HDR, upmixing, etc, but tonight I have watched the ultimate AV disc!!! I’m not commenting on the film itself as that’s not the point of this post, but for pure audio and video quality, Godzilla Vs Kong is...
  12. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Smyths Toys Gaming

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with over 100 high-quality games for console, PC, and compatible mobile devices and access to EA Play included at no extra cost. With EA Play, unlock access to a collection of EA’s best-loved games, in-game rewards, and trials...
  13. Rob Sinden

    Promoted Steinway Lyngdorf – The Ultimate Music and Home Cinema System

    A Steinway Lyngdorf thread seems overdue, so here is my attempt to describe their benefits. Steinway Lyngdorf combine a range of technologies that remove the distortion found in other audio systems. They are only available as complete systems, but these systems will outperform any other...
  14. M

    Giveaway - 3 Months Gamepass Ultimate PC/Xbox

    Offer is open to "Active" or higher members - sorry new joiners (Novice members). Came with my disk that I am shucking :D I don't need it as I am already on Xbox All Access pass for the next 2 years. May be a good time to use it considering the amount of games MS are bundling now with...
  15. N

    Skyrim Gamepass Ultimate

    Can anyone confirm Xbox saves are available on the PC ?
  16. Delvey

    Intel Ultimate Countdown (Let the Telegram Alerts Commence)

    Initial reports suggesting on par with the 3070 but a number of other options maybe available. If true a decent first go by intel...
  17. N

    The ultimate doubter needs help

    Hi Guys, I owned an Samsung QE55JS8500 TV for around 5 years from which I was really happy, but it started to gain the grey screen issues for which it's well known. So it was time to upgrade my TV to a newer version. We're hardcore TV users at home, while being at home, the TV is always on...
  18. D

    Is The One GX 1 Pro The Ultimate Emulation Handheld? 16GB Ram, 4.4GHz Tiger Lake i7 CPU!

  19. broona

    Question Sharing Game Pass Ultimate?

    Me and my son are going to share game pass, me on my series x, and him on his PC. Is there a way to avoid game save conflicts, and each play from our own save? He overwrote my Gears 5 save the first time we tried it! 😅
  20. E

    Logitech Harmony Ultimate passthrough setup activity

    How do I set up an activity where the amplifier is not turned on but the input is sent to AV1? I have installed the latest version of MyHarmony ( I feel that I can configure less than in a previous version. When I go to the activities tab, select the activity and click on "adjust...
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