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  1. Darko

    Wanted Xbox Ultimate (1 Year or more)

    As the title says let me know what you have Thank you Darko
  2. RedDevil85

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition (2016) Mondo X #025 (HMV Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: HMV Release date: 11/12/2023 Status: Available to Pre-order
  3. I

    Wanted Xbox ultimate games pass

    As above looking for my son as his about to expire Thanks
  4. M

    For Trade Jaws 4K The Film Vault for The Dark Knight 4K Ultimate Collector's Edition

    Just received a copy of the new Film Vault (006) Jaws on 4K Brand New and Sealed and looking to trade it for a Brand New and Sealed copy of The Dark Knight Ultimate Collector's Edition 4K. As per attached pics...
  5. LeeDicko

    For Sale 3 Months Game pass Ultimate... - £21

    Had some Microsoft points to redeem so bought one of these. Code will be PM'd within 1 hour of payment clearing. Redemption email can also be forwarded if required. Payment via BT or PPG please.
  6. R

    Wanted Game pass ultimate

    Hi looking for 3 months ideally but wild consider others. Normally pay £18. Anyone got any? Thanks
  7. Uncle cuddles

    Any Xbox games worth buying that will never be on GP Ultimate?

    I have a series X and GP Ultimate (GPU), but I have a lot of reward points so looking to convert them to games but don't want to waste any on anything that will eventually come to GPU for free. Anyone make any recommendations? I assume there are some publishers who may never release games on...
  8. M

    TNT Sports Ultimate is in HDR

    Looks like the change of BT Sports to TNT Sports has resulted in what I hoped and caused TNT Sports to add HDR to the Virgin feed of TNT Sports Ultimate, when previously as BT Sports Ultimate the channel was 4K but SDR only. I still have a 1080p SDR TV, but just noticed when putting on today's...
  9. N

    Harmony Ultimate remote control + Panasonic TX-43LX800B

    I recently purchased a Panasonic TX-43LX800B and tried to add it to my Harmony Ultimate remote. The model wasn't listed in the database, and the alternatives supplied by the software didn't work. Logitech suggested contacting Panasonic to obtain the Hex/Pronto codes to enable them to add the TV...
  10. P

    FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

    Hello. My 8 year old son likes to play Fifa 23 on the Switch, and especially FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). He is now stuck, in that he has only five players in his team, can't afford new players, can't play a game, and has exceeded the maximum number of times EA allows him to reset his team. I am...
  11. N

    Vividstorm floor rising screen vs Elite Yard Master Plus folding portable screen vs Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen vs Draper Ultimate Folding Screen vs ...

    Vividstorm floor rising screen vs Elite Yard Master Plus folding portable screen vs Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen vs Draper Ultimate Folding Screen vs Severtson Quickfold Series portable screen vs avstumpfl Mobile Projection Screen I know that is a lot of screens to compare. Though if you had to...
  12. IWC Dopplel

    A good reason why the ultimate measure is your ear.

    Here's a good reason why you should listen and whilst being fully aware of your brains ability to mislead. Trust your ultimate measurement tool, it's very, very good. its the whole reason we bother in any case. I have been experimenting with parallel mains filters, using a box to plug...
  13. R

    BT Sport Ultimate

    How do I get the BT Sport Ultimate channel 493 on Sky Q. I have BT Sport HD package with Plusnet and UHD package with SKY. When I go to channel 493 says I have to upgrade but when I press the red button it says technical issue error code DSU_522
  14. L

    Pixel shift vs X1 Ultimate --- Epson LS12000 vs Sony VPL-XW5000ES

    Hi guys, I play PC games 50% and watching movies, youtube, twitch etc... 50%. Epson has 4k 120hz and Sony has 2k 120 hz. 120hz motion is important for me for gaming. I read that X1 Ultimate chip does great job to make 2k picture look like 4k. 1) If source is 4k 120hz for Epson or 2k 120hz...
  15. Waynej

    Bargain Expired Xbox Gold / Game Pass Ultimate - anyone bought from here?

    I found this on eBay, my gut reaction was it’s one of those ‘too good to be true’ ads, but feedback seems overwhelmingly positive. Although I did see 1 negative that is concerning, but overall I think it might be OK. Thoughts...
  16. RedDevil85

    Rambo: Ultimate Collection (1982-2019) 4K UHD

    Links: TBA Release date: TBC (2023) (US) Lionsgate (US) set rumoured for a while but now (thanks to Cliff, working on the set) have some detailed info on it. Upcoming set will include:
  17. Stuart Wright

    Win the Ultimate Streaming Amplifier courtesy of Roksan - Worth £1,500

    Be in with a chance to the ultimate Streaming Amplifier just in time for Christmas. Developed by our in-house UK team and controlled by the multi-room BluOS app, our streaming amp is optimised for your home and your everyday life. Explore all your music and all your devices from a single...
  18. Waynej

    BT Promotion: Game Pass Ultimate - anyone had this, any advice to maximise it?

    My old 3 years Ultimate is coming to an end in a few weeks, so I’ve been eyeing up the Gold deals. I did spot that 3mth Gold codes were going for less than £5 about two months ago. It’s just my luck that those bargains would end before my subscription expires. Is there similar deals that anyone...
  19. SFkilla

    Jurassic World Ultimate Collection (4K/Blu-ray Steelbooks) (FR/IT)

    Jurassic World (Ultimate Collection) (4K + Blu-ray) Purchase link: Amazon.fr / Fnac.com Release date: 19/10/2022 ------------- Jurassic World (Ultimate Collection) (4K + Blu-ray) Purchase link: Amazon.it Release date: 03/11/2022
  20. Delvey

    Nvidia Geforce Beyond Countdown (RTX 4000 or something else!)

    So, the new 4 series cards are supposedly around the corner offering a substantial performance improvement. I doubt with the current economic conditions they can charge a huge amount but who knows...
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