1. kevwright2002

    For Sale Logitech G513 Carbon Keyboard and G903 Lightspeed Hero Mouse

    About 6 months old but barely used. Thought I was going to get back into PC gaming but never did. Max use is about 3 hours total in PUBG before deciding to just go back to the iPad version where I could win sometimes :) Looking for £178 for both or £89 each to include RMSD. Can post next day...
  2. A

    Wanted Jaws 4k UK Steelbook

    As title. Many thanks.
  3. O

    For Sale Lots of US and UK Blu’s!

    New batch for sale if out on price I’m sure you’ll let me know as just don’t know how to value certain items. The Ultimate Matrix Trilogy USA £20 Flash Gordon USA £6 Cars 3 USA Digibook £10- sold pending Ghost Rider USA £5- sold pending. if out on price I’m sure you’ll let me know as just don’t...
  4. L

    Wanted Thelma & Louise 20th Anniversary (UK)

    A bit of a long shot I guess but will give it a go. Has to be the UK version, complete (disc, box, inlay) and in very good/excellent condition. Don't want to pay too much for this as it's only £5.39 (with the "usual discount") via Zoom...
  5. G

    For Sale Brand New Sealed Apple Iphone 11 Pro Max 512GB Silver UK Model Full Official Apple Warranty

    Hey there, I have the mobile phone described in the title for sale. It is a 100% Brand New Sealed Sim Free Device. It was not purchased on a contract. I received it as a gift but don't need it. I am a 110% genuine seller based in Leicester. I am more than happy to provide you with any...
  6. J

    Bargain Cisco UCS C220 M5 For sale London UK

    2x16GB ram, 600GB HD, Intel Xeon 2nd Gen processor
  7. bigry

    For Sale 1917 Uk 4k brand new with slip £21

    Managed to snag a steelbook of this so have unopened Uk release for sale £22 inc postage
  8. RobTi

    does UK GP port to MA or US itunes

    Hi i just noticed that a few of my GP films dont port anywhere else (the hobbit collection brought this to my attention), so do i need to buy them again, watching on ATV so no GP app and youtube wont do 4K ? Thanks
  9. P

    Flying into uk

    My brother is flying into uk on 5th June and will be self isolating at my address. Am i right in saying I am allowed to pick him up in car at the airport?
  10. mrben2475

    For Sale Apple magic keyboard UK

    Great condition and works perfectly. £30
  11. T

    Buying equipment online from EU countries for UK delivery

    Has anyone bought kit online from France or other mainland European countries and managed to get it delivered to the UK? In theory it's a good way to save money, but I'm not sure if it's possible. To be specific, I have my eye on some Triangle speakers and as they're French they're on sale in...
  12. G

    Europe approach vs UK approach

    I get the impression Europe may return to normal life more than UK. Some of the stuff I have read in the UK is bonkers “a new normal” here is a good tweet I will share Should we expect any less from a nation who thought up the sugar tax and congestion charges in London.
  13. A

    Mini or air 2? (Uk)

    Hello everyone just wanting some advise, I love the size of the mini and what it can do for such a small drone and the price is good. But obviously I’m in the uk so how does it fair in wind and is the range an issue with it being a CE model or do I dig into some savings and go for the air 2...
  14. marksman

    Question Driver Selection (UK) - Ported Marty Cube

    Good Afternoon All, Im on the sub build road and have commissioned 2 x 18" Marty Cubes (limited space) to be made which will be done soon. Putting 2 UM18`s in them was the plan the vast majority of people seem to use them, although a lot in the US granted. My use case is 90/10 in favor of HT...
  15. A

    Are Hisense dying in the UK?

    I ask as I've posted three courteous questions on this forum without a single response. Are people that unhappy with their Hisense TV's that they don't wish to comment? I also note that Richer Sounds now sell very few Hisense models, is that because they were unreliable, and they were getting...
  16. R

    Mavic 2 in the UK?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I am interested in purchasing the mavic 2 but I live in the UK. Am I allowed to fly the drone or is it illegal due to the size/weight of the mavic 2? What are the laws when it comes to flying drones in the UK? I'm getting mixed messages. Is buying the...
  17. C

    Incomming laws for the UK?

    Is There anyone with knowledge of how likely the incoming laws for the UK are likely to remain unchanged? I have been wanting to get a 'decent' drone, with a couple of specific features. I have some amazon vouchers to spend too, so price is kinda non-negotiable. I wanted decent quality video...
  18. marksman

    Question Marty Cube (UK) - Paint

    Good Afternoon All, I've just ordered 2 "Marty Cube" enclosures from "Gordy" ready to replace my single BK Monolith, ill be using Ultimax 18" as is the trend. My main question is about paint, Gordy said he will cover it all in PVA to seal it so that's how it will come. Now im going for a more...
  19. U

    Onkyo TX-SR494 - UK or Standard Version

    I was looking at purchasing a TX-SR494 direct from Onkyo. They offer two versions but it is not clear what is the difference between the two: Standard version - £449.99 reduced to £299.99 or UK version - £449.99 (no reduction) Does anybody know the difference between the two? Not been able...
  20. B

    Question Northern DVR960 Series From USA now in UK Should it work FIXED

    Hi Can someone if you have time please help, I recently sold a villa in US and brought my Northern DVR to UK I've connected my UK cctv cameras to it but video display on monitor and/tv appear to be scrolling, question, would there be an issue with PAL - NTSC is this changeable I can't find it...
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