1. M

    UK Smart Wall Socket and light Switch

    Hi I am moving into a new house and want to get Smart Light Switches and Smart Wall Sockets (Not Plugs, i currently have the Kasa HS100 and want to replace with actual wall sockets that are smart. I have seen the SONOFF Smart Switches and MOESGO Switches, but they dont do wall sockets...
  2. IGC

    Memoria (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Tilda Swinton, UK Blu-ray, July 2022)

    UPC: 5037899086025 Released by Sovereign Films I know there's a lot of Apichatpong Weerasethakul fans here :grin: Q&A with Simon Field- Tilda Swinton talks with Simon Field at the ICA as they discuss Memoria, from the film's inception, how she became involved...
  3. Everything Goes

    English independence (The end of the UK)

    Should England become independent and break up the UK? Seemingly the right wing press are starting to push the idea. The Tories have become an English national party anyway. With Scotland and Northern Ireland very much on divergent paths from England. Wales may be happy to go it alone too...
  4. S

    Becker Sat Nav in my Mercedes - UK maps greyed out

    Mercedes "C" class with a Becker M013 Sat Nav. My problem is (in Becker Content Manager) - that all of the UK is greyed out and I think I might have deleted the UK map files. Is there anything I can do to retrieve them or shall I buy an update (they did need updating) ? Thanks in advance
  5. Kieran1981

    Samsung QN90a 43” is a VA panel in UK (for me at least)

    Hi everyone this is my first post, and I registered primarily to inform those who are seeking this info, that the 43” version of the Samsung QN90A is a VA panel and not a ADS/IPS panel, at least the one I received was. Maybe I won the ‘panel lottery’, who knows. The full model number for my...
  6. IGC

    Wrath of Man (Guy Ritchie, Jason's Anthem, UK Blu-ray June 2022)

    UPC: 5055761915761 I liked this no classic but worth it for the story and cast. Shame there's no 4K (options below).
  7. F

    OLED TV worth buying if I only have an aerial (UK)

    Hi, sorry I am not that technically gifted but I have been saving ages to buy a pretty future proof TV. They have come on so much with 3D, 4K, Curved screens with varying degrees of success or failure. For me, personally watching 95% TV and 5% gaming, I think the current OLED TV's are about as...
  8. IGC

    Whoops Apocalypse (Peter Cook, Rik Mayall, Alexi Sayle UK Blu-ray, June 2022)

    UPC: 5027626841447 Don't remember too much about this except for the cast.
  9. BMox81

  10. IGC

    Killer's Moon (Alan Birkinshaw, UK Blu-ray 88 Films, August 2022)

    UPC: 5060710971385 Never actually seen this. Mind it got caught up in the Nasties. It had a release from Screenbound with nothing but a trailer hopefully 88 Films have found some new content and I might be tempted. Kino have some interesting bits
  11. marcaaron22

    Black Sails Series 1-4 (Blu Ray) UK vs US

    Hi, I have recently been recommended watching the Series, Black Sails, I have not seen any of the series yet. As I was about to order the complete series 1-4 Blu ray set, I read that the UK version is only 5.1 surround and not 7.1, that was bad enough, then also read that extra features are...
  12. B

    Wearing underwear during massage or not? (UK)

    Im a male and have never been quite sure what is normal etiquette when receiving massage. But it seems like whenever I Google the matter, most places say that it's normal to remove your underwear as you'll be covered by a towel anyway. I had my first massage today with a female therapist and...
  13. eliotcole

    Amazon Prime TV - General Service Quality (UHD, HDR, Bitrate) - UK vs Rest of World (RoW)

    Hi, I've long been noticing this, and brought it up numerous times either publicly on Twitter, or privately in tickets, with Amazon ... yet it keeps happening. Amazon's recent disasterous (full) takeover of Comixology, too, leads me to believe that this problem is endemic at the big A, and not...
  14. TaurusDevil

    UK Will Send One Billion Pounds In Military Support And Aid To Ukraine.

    We have a big cost of living crisis here in the UK. People are going without meals and power. A food bank local to me closed early the other day because it ran out of food! But we can afford to send £1.3 Billion in military support and aid to Ukraine??? 🤔🤔
  15. S


    Bought 5 of these before i realised you cant stack so i'm selling them at £35 each - Bank transfer only and code to be sent via messages.
  16. V

    Are all UK Samsungs in 65 inch IPS panels?

    Can't find a definite answer but it seems all the highly rated models on US review websites dont apply to us as UK Samsungs use IPS which has much worse contrast ratio in exchange for brightness and viewing angles.
  17. malcolmduffin

    Recommended Retailer / Source for Shipping Boxes in UK?

    About to sell some fairly expensive hifi separates. Can anyone recommend a good retailer or source for double-walled boxes?
  18. Straybezza

    Wanted Ps plus subscription code uk

    Hi. Anyone got one?
  19. B

    Hisense E76GQT UK - Ultra HD problem.

    Have the above set and all is great with the exception of one thing. When watching Sky Sports and switching to Ultra HD via the red button. Starts working well, then after a few minutes the screen "blinks". This repeats on a regular basis and gets a bit worse, the longer you watch. Not too...
  20. Retrocomp

    The end of Free and Fair Elections in the UK. A dark day.

    Last night the Government passed through legislation that will benefit the Conservative party and most likely, help to keep them in power, regardless of what opinion polls state. Elections Bill passes through parliament "Meanwhile, voter ID requirement laws, while seeming like a good idea for...
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