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  1. Sammyez

    Wanted No Time Die - Bond 4K UHD

    Wanted: No Time Time To Die Bond 4K UHD Offer £15 inc delivery to Leicestershire
  2. Flicks

    Wanted Hobbit and Lord of the Rings 4K

    Looking for these. @patten1071 had steelbooks for sale but can't contact because inbox full. Will consider any 4K versions even from overseas
  3. Bennyp281080

    Wanted Top gun and pitch black 4k

    Looking to buy
  4. mikeysthoughts

    For Sale Free Guy 4k UHD with slip. Brand new £15.50 delivered

    Per title
  5. abr1

    For Sale Venom 2 (Let There Be Carnage)

    Italian import, boxed, 4K disc only - no standard blu-ray Disc watched once £15 delivered
  6. Eltee

    For Sale Dune with Slipcase.

    Dune UHD and Blu-ray. Italian version with slipcase still in wrapping and opened at the top. Fully English. Watched twice. £21 delivered first class.
  7. panman40

    For Sale Candyman 4k uhd with slip

    As per title, excellent condition, £13 delivered 1st class.
  8. stevefish69

    Wanted John Wick Trilogy 4K

    On the lookout for the John Wick Trilogy on 4K Anyone looking to move their copy on
  9. kungfuman

    For Sale Dune 2021 (Italian Version)

    Owned new by me, just opened and watched once. Will post 1st class.
  10. M

    For Sale 4K BLU RAY FOR SALE

    Brand new 4K UHD blu rays sealed unopened. If opened will be described here individually sold. List will be updated on an ongoing basis. Payment will be made via paypal for my first 15 successful sales so you are fully protected if you do not receive your item. All claims of item not received...
  11. rulocal

    For Sale Dune 4K Steelbook (IT)

    For sale is the 4K Steelbook of Dune, as pictured. This is the Italian release but the discs are essentially the same. A couple of imperfections which look like someone has been nibbling at it. Not me 😂 £26
  12. S

    For Sale No Time to Die 4K

    Have this for sale. Slipcover didn’t arrive in the best condition so have attached a pic….the worst part being the top left corner. £18 delivered.
  13. M

    For Sale Dune 2021 Italian import with slip

    As new condition Italian text on the covers all content is in english. £21 delivered PPG or BT.
  14. A

    Wanted LE Mans 4k

    Hi , been looking for le mans -ford vs ferrari , 4k blu ray...... for reasonable price , anyone out there?
  15. dav-t

    For Sale Candyman 2021

    as title UHD BLU SLIP
  16. Nayfne

    For Sale Various 4k, No Time To Die, Dont Breathe 2, Monster Hunter

    Dont Breathe 2 4k uhd +Blu Ray £16.50 James Bond No Time To Die 4k uhd+Blu Ray..comes with slipcase but has that silly security tape still attached, no it'd not half inched, it's the ones that disable once you've paid for it, but I'm leaving it in place because the last time I took one off, it...
  17. pj

    For Sale Ghostbusters 1 + 2 4k with slips and blu-rays

    Ghostbusters 1+2 4k with the blu's too out of all the discs only the first movie's 4k has been in a player :facepalm:only selling to recoup some costs towards the extortionate new box set :eek: price is £25 paypal gift including both wrapped carefully and shipped :thumbsup: collection from...
  18. Baz59

    For Sale Tenet 3 Disc Edition Reduced

    As new watched once. 3 disc edition (4k UHD + Bluray + Special Features) complete with slip case.
  19. J

    For Sale No Time To Die 4K Disc Only

    As above, UK disc includes the movie plus all bonus features. Will be posted first class in a protective sleeve.
  20. georgetsang

    For Sale 4K Darkest Hour + Fifty Shades Collection - NEW SEALED

    Both sealed and unwatched Darkest Hour 4K UHD + Bluray + Digital Download - Sealed (£15) Fifty Shades Collection 4K UHD + Bluray + Digital Download - Sealed (£25) Priced with 2nd class delivery
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