1. everytuesday

    Jvc NX7 connection issue with UB 900 DVD player

    Hello! I’m looking for a bit of troubleshooting help + a good cable recommendation for my setup. It seems like either my projector broke, a cable broke or my DVD player broke or a combo of that. Last week this setup was working and now it’s not. My original setup was DVD player->denon x4500 ->...
  2. C

    Question Panasonic UB900 .Random loss of sound/picture

    I have the above 4K player connected to a Denon AVRX6300 receiver.When playing a 4K Blu Ray or normal Blu Ray I loose the sound/picture randomly for around 7 seconds.The sound returns first,then the picture.The display on the Denon confirms that no signal is being received.This happens around 3...
  3. Tim2049

    Question Worth upgrading Panasonic UB900 4k player for Dolbyvision?

    Hi, currently using the UB900 and MORE than happy with it. Currently in limbo as to whether or not to buy one of the newer Sony 4k players so I can utilise the DV abilities. Is this wise? Will the difference be justifiable? Any advice hugely appreciated... Ps. I've seen DV via Netflix through...
  4. atmos74

    Question Panasonic ub900 netflix display issue

    Hi I have recently bought a Panasonic UB900 box to pair with my sony str 1080 amp and HD projector I can get the panasonic to output on all elements including netflix and bbc iplayer. However when select the Netflix option I get the dreaded "content cannot be displayed due to HDCP 2.2....etc"...
  5. W

    Question Panasonic UB900 end of movie problem

    Hello there any Panny users. I have been using this player with superb results for 6 months. Lately it has started to stutter just towards the last chapter in movies. I tried restarting the movies and they will play fine , but if I move on to the offending chapter, same thing. Its probably a...
  6. J

    Prometheus UHD on a Panasonic UB900

    Does anyone else have Prometheus UHD on a Panasonic UB900 when you play the UHD it just plays in 1080p when you get the playback info up when it's playing. I've not seen any other disc do this, I am at the latest firmware. Would appreciate if anyone else has seen or could try this. Many...
  7. woppy101

    Panasonic UB900 won’t play normal Blu-ray or dvd

    all of a sudden my Panasonic UB900 won’t play normal Blu-ray or dvd disks, it has no problem will uhd disks but as soon as I put a normal Blu-ray or dvd in I just get no signal on my tv or static
  8. laser

    Question Panasonic ub900 won't play h265 footage from BD-R

    We use 4K Panasonic camcorders and have edited and burnt 22GB h265 demo file in MP4 format to a BD-R for distribution and replay. The disc was burnt using UDF 2.5 file format to BD-R. The disc will not play in the Panasonic ub900 or ub700 4K players. We've been unable to test the ub300 and...
  9. Wildkarrde

    Answered Panasonic SC-ALL70 and UB700 sound issue.

    Not sure anyone can answer this or has had the same problem but here goes anyway! I have BD rips on my HDD which are either DTS 5.1 or 7.1 and for some reason the sound will not play. I've connected it via HDMI (ARC) and Optical with no joy. Strangely the rips work fine on any other Soundbar...
  10. L

    Bose 300 and Panasonic UB900

    Hello, I have a TV – LG55c6v and a Panasonic UB900 player. These were working fine. At the weekend I linked to a Bose Soundtouch 300 and had some problems. I am using the ARC connection from TV to soundbar and it works fine for the TV(sky). I have the UB900 player connected via HDMI to TV...
  11. Eagle eye

    Panasonic UB900 connect hard drive via front USB.

    I have a 4K video camera and would like to know if I produced an edited 4K video at 60 or 100 Mb/sec in MP4, could I play this back at 4K resolution via the front USB connection. As happens with my current Blu-ray recorder will it show the contents of a connected hard drive but with 4K video...
  12. L

    Panasonic dx902 settings issue & 3D

    Hi I would really appreciate any help or advice. I currently have my Sky Q box, panasonic ub900 4k player connected to my Marantz 7010 amp. Then have a single hdmi cable connected to the tv from the amp. The issue is i have different viewing mode settings for watching sky sky i.e. normal mode...
  13. L

    Pansonic UB900 vs Oppo 203 4k blu ray players

    Hi guys I have a Panasonic ub900 4k blu ray player, is there a huge difference in image quality between oppo over the Panasonic ? Is it worth upgrading over the Panasonic ? Is 3D playback better on the oppo over the Panasonic with cross talk and other issues ? Any help is fully appreciated
  14. C

    Panasonic DMP UB900 v Aracm DV29

    I am in the process of upgrading some of my equipment as I need a replacement TV. This will be the Samsung UE55KS7500 curved and I have a bought a new unit to house it all in. I do have a samsung blu ray player from a few years ago but I still use the Arcam to play the CDs. I purchased the...
  15. Jaxkesa

    Question Goodfellas UHD - Compatibilty problem

    Just settled down to watch this on my UB900 and it says the disc cannot be played due to a compatibility problem. Anyone else had this? I have the latest firmware installed and never had any problems with 4k discs before.
  16. Dave964

    Question Panasonic UB900 vs Samsung UBDK8500

    I've read a few reviews, and some suggest the PQ is very slight better on the Panasonic - but at almost twice the price, is it really worth the extra? Years ago, I moved away from playing actual discs and ripped everything to my NAS. In the last year, I've started moving away from the NAS to...
  17. M

    Panasonic UB900 - help needed

    i have recently purchased a Panasonic UB900 UHD player and when setting the player up I am unable to get past the "welcome" and "please wait" message that comes on the display when powered up. The remote control and buttons on the top of the machine are unresponsive and I cannot even get the...
  18. P

    Question Panasonic UB900 audio question

    Hi, I bought the UB900 over the weekend and generally pleased with it. Two problems I've got so far, a video issue on my LG OLED when format set to 4:4:4 - but I've posted separately on that one. The one I'd like help on here is around audio... I've connected both HDMIs - separate audio...
  19. stjernholm

    Question Problems with ATMOS on Marantz 8802A and Pana UB900

    Hi Guys. I am using a 8802A with a Panasonic DMP-UB900 UHD BD Player. I cant get Dolby ATMOS to work. The player simply does not output the flag to the 8802A. Been through everything, and still no luck. Using another player (Marantz UD7007) with a BD HD disc with ATMOS audio works fine...
  20. F

    Question XD93 (50") - HDR picture settings?

    Could someone recommend setting for the HDR picture settings the default max brightness and contrast just looks plain awful! I'm playing via a DMP-UB900 if that makes a difference (everything set to 0 on that).
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