1. J

    Connecting Panasonic 65JZ1500, UB820, Fire cube and Onkyo HT-R398 Help.

    Hi all I need help in what is the best way to connect my Pana 65JZ1500, UB820, Fire Cube through Onkyo HT-R398 to get the best picture results. I have everything connected to the Onkyo Av and TV connected via Arc HDMI. When I play something 4k on Fire Cube, the info button on the TV shows...
  2. Bobby2Kills

    Can't Switch from E-Arc input to Optical input on my Soundbar?

    Please help! My Rig: I have a LG SN9YG Soundbar plugged in via HDMI to the E-Arc port on my LG C1 TV. I need to use E-Arc for the Xbox Series X, which I can't passthrough the Soundbar because I want 4k 120hz. I have a shield plugged in to the HDMI-in on the soundbar so I can stream plex and...

    Panasonic UB820

    I have purchased a Panasonic UB820 recently and have connected to a LG C1. I have everything set up correctly on the TV set with no dynamic tone mapping enabled. I have tried 2 HDR discs.. BvS and Kong Skull Island but the HDR Optimizer does absolutely nothing to retain detail on any...
  4. T

    Panasonic UB820 / Dune HD Pro 4K II

    I have a Panasonic UB820 and a Dune HD Pro 4K II. I am really pleased with the 820 but after I have watched a film once I back it up to a server uncompressed and if I watch it again, play it through the Dune. Visually the Dune is fine but the audio quality lacks the sparkle of playing the...
  5. J

    Panasonic UB450/420 or UB820

    I have got a Panny HZ2000 with built in Intelligent Sensing etc etc and a Yamaha RX-A2A AVR. I am buying a new blu ray player and have two technical question for you guys who understand how players actually work! 1) As my top of the range TV has built in image processing etc will I see any...
  6. M

    Pan UB820 hdmi audio out - direct to soundbar???

    Hello all, can the above be done? I have a LG CX tv and it dosen't support DTS, i have a lot of movies on standard blu ray that has this sound format and will play in 2.0 stereo only. I have also just bought a sonos beam 2 soundbar which dosen't do DTS ether but it will soon with a firmware...
  7. M

    Panasonic ub820 lip sync

    Hi, I have recently bought a Panasonic ub820 4K Blu-ray player, and am having a few issues with lip sync. My TV is a Sony x950h, and all my inputs go through a Denon x2500 amp. I previously had a Panasonic u700 4K Blu-ray player and the audio was fine. I changed nothing else but the player...
  8. Mr Wolf

    TW9400 plus Panasonic UB820: Settings for HDR sources?

    Hi, I recently bought the above two units and am getting a bit confused about how to go about how to make best use of the Panasonic’s HDR Optimiser feature when watching UHD discs. Presumably I set the UB820 to the low/projector (500 nit) setting, use Digital Cinema in the PJ due to BT.2020...
  9. B

    Panasonic UB820 - Can't select audio track while watching an .MKV on the USB

    I just got the Panasonic UB820 today to replace an older Sony 4K player that wasn't nearly as expensive. I have a couple of movies in the MKV format on a USB. I put them into the USB in the front (and also tried the back), and the video plays, but a message reads "Audio format not supported"...
  10. H

    Potential issue with Sony HT-G700

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I own a Sony HT-G700 and Panasonic UB820 I have found that I am having an issue where the sound is taking a few seconds to come back after I pause it or fast forward/rewind it, I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the player or the soundbar, but I...
  11. Noble372

    Ub820 with gz2000 which one do I let upscale?

    Can not find much on this? My tv has the HCX PRO Intelligent Processor The player has the HCX Processor Do the two talk with one another being both Panasonic? Like some Sony players, or do I just turn off the 4K up scaling on the 820? Thank you
  12. Drooch

    Panasonic ub820 player audio issues

    I have a ub820 connected to a chunky old amp - the Denon AVC-A1SE - via analogue cables. My speakers are the reasonably big KEF THX Reference range. I was watching my Jurassic Park UHD and found the audio less meaty than another 5.1 system I have which is newer, all HDMI, but with a cheaper amp...
  13. A

    Panasonic UB820 multiregion?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I’m just wondering if there’s an easy hack to allow my UB820 to play US UHDs? if not is it a hardware and who would I contact to have that done? thanks in advance.
  14. T

    Samsung Q90r + Pana UB820

    I have a 75" Samsung Q90r and I'm interested in the panasonic ub820 and some of the HDR settings, specifically it's HDR optimiser setting. Firstly does anyone own both Q90r (or similar) and UB820? If so I'd love to hear your experience. Secondly can you apply the HDR optimiser setting with...
  15. Noble372

    Panasonic GZ2000 with UB820 HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

    I am one of the few who have a tv and 4k player that support both formats, Some 4k blu rays i have support both formats, I usually go with DV though it from a technical point, It is the better format, But i have to disable HDR10+ on my UB820 otherwise it shall always default to 10+ instead of...
  16. Drooch

    Panasonic UB820 not playing some .mkv files

    Some .mkv movies play fine through the USB ports (front and rear) but others won't play. For example a .mkv of True Lies with normal 5.1 audio isn't playing. Any idea why? Many thanks.
  17. R

    Panasonic ub820 sound issue

    Hi, I was playing ant man uhd on my Panasonic ub820 and in certain parts of the movie the sound will just cut out for a few seconds. This only seems to happen when dolby atoms is switched on. I’ve tested with just the tv internal speakers (lg cx) and my Sony soundbar with Dolby atoms switched...
  18. W

    Panasonic UB820 or LG UBK90 for entry-level 4K TV?

    I am looking to buy a new 4K UHD Blu-ray Player but kinda stuck on which one should I get between Panasonic UB820 or LG UBK90 My TV is 2018 LG 50UK6500 right now. Is HDR Optimizer in UB820 worth upgrading? (but anyway I am planning to get some OLED TV by the end of this year too)
  19. two2midnight

    Bargain Expired Panasonic UB820 £271 | Sony X800M2 £238 | Sony X700 £167

    Reduced prices on various 4K players using ebay 20% off discount code PICKSAVE20 (code is on the ebay page). Expires 28/3/21 Panasonic UB820 HiFi madness £271.16 (one left) Peter Tyson £271.20 (more than 10 available) Sony X700 Hughes Direct £167.20 (more than 10 available) Sony X800M2...
  20. M

    What hdmi cable for a panasonic 4k BR Ub820 to a LG CX tv?

    Hello all, ive just got my panasonic ub820 4k blu ray player today, and need to connect it to my LG cx tv and im wondering if my existing hdmi cable will do this 18gbps thing? (recommended speed for 50p/60p in the manual) Is there any way of checking this? or what should i buy? Many thanks m
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