1. T

    Samsung Q90r + Pana UB820

    I have a 75" Samsung Q90r and I'm interested in the panasonic ub820 and some of the HDR settings, specifically it's HDR optimiser setting. Firstly does anyone own both Q90r (or similar) and UB820? If so I'd love to hear your experience. Secondly can you apply the HDR optimiser setting with...
  2. A

    For Sale Panasonic dp ub820 and discs

    I have doe sale my Panasonic dp ub820 4k player for sale , hardly used hence why selling it's in immaculate condition , with remote leads , no box also comes with 6 UHD discs Jaws Deadpool2 Invisible man Evil dead Top gun War of the planet of the apes Looking for £250 inc special delivery
  3. Noble372

    Panasonic GZ2000 with UB820 HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

    I am one of the few who have a tv and 4k player that support both formats, Some 4k blu rays i have support both formats, I usually go with DV though it from a technical point, It is the better format, But i have to disable HDR10+ on my UB820 otherwise it shall always default to 10+ instead of...
  4. Drooch

    Panasonic UB820 not playing some .mkv files

    Some .mkv movies play fine through the USB ports (front and rear) but others won't play. For example a .mkv of True Lies with normal 5.1 audio isn't playing. Any idea why? Many thanks.
  5. R

    Panasonic ub820 sound issue

    Hi, I was playing ant man uhd on my Panasonic ub820 and in certain parts of the movie the sound will just cut out for a few seconds. This only seems to happen when dolby atoms is switched on. I’ve tested with just the tv internal speakers (lg cx) and my Sony soundbar with Dolby atoms switched...
  6. W

    Panasonic UB820 or LG UBK90 for entry-level 4K TV?

    I am looking to buy a new 4K UHD Blu-ray Player but kinda stuck on which one should I get between Panasonic UB820 or LG UBK90 My TV is 2018 LG 50UK6500 right now. Is HDR Optimizer in UB820 worth upgrading? (but anyway I am planning to get some OLED TV by the end of this year too)
  7. G

    Bargain Expired Panasonic UB820 £271 | Sony X800M2 £238 | Sony X700 £167

    Reduced prices on various 4K players using ebay 20% off discount code PICKSAVE20 (code is on the ebay page). Expires 28/3/21 Panasonic UB820 HiFi madness £271.16 (one left) Peter Tyson £271.20 (more than 10 available) Sony X700 Hughes Direct £167.20 (more than 10 available) Sony X800M2...
  8. M

    What hdmi cable for a panasonic 4k BR Ub820 to a LG CX tv?

    Hello all, ive just got my panasonic ub820 4k blu ray player today, and need to connect it to my LG cx tv and im wondering if my existing hdmi cable will do this 18gbps thing? (recommended speed for 50p/60p in the manual) Is there any way of checking this? or what should i buy? Many thanks m
  9. TRH

    Panasonic UB820 - TVArc inteference

    Hoping someone can help with abit of an odd issue - I recently purchased a UB820, upgrading from an older Samsing model. It is plugged into an N950 soundbar, using passthrough to an Q9FN TV. Noticed that when I first plumbed in the new player, TV arc started misfiring and eventually I was not...
  10. D

    Used UB820 prices

    Hi I’m planning to sell my Panasonic UB820 to partly fund an upgrade to a UB9000. I bought it from JohnLewis 6 months ago however I no longer have the original box. Just wanted to get a feeling for what‘s a reasonable price to ask for (non-smoking home) ....£180, £200? have had a look on the...
  11. Deeez Nuuutz

    Help Please. Panasonic UB820 Won’t Play in 4K HDR ??

    Hi, Just got a Panasonic UB820 after my Sony S790 stopped working and I’m having trouble getting it to play 4K discs. Trying to watch ‘The Dark Knight’ on 4K and It only plays HD and in the playback settings it’s displaying (1920x1080) SDR/BT.709 ? Display is an LG C8 AVR is a Denon X7200W...
  12. A

    Question Advice on pairing Panasonic UB820 or Sony x700 to projector or TV

    Hi everyone - I have an Epson HC3800 projector that is currently used with a Sony x700 4K player (by way of an Onkyo NR-686). The player has Dolby Vision turned off since the HC3800 can only do HDR10. This is set up in a dark room in the basement using a 92” screen and is where i more often...
  13. C

    Panasonic ub820 dvd/blueray rip compatibility and hdr10+ HELP

    Anybody with the Panasonic ub820 know if it will play home made dvd and blueray discs? Also what about home made uhd 4k discs? Also I have a lg sn11 7.1.4 soundbar and apparently it hasnt got hdr10+ support. So if I plug the ub820 into this and then have the soundbar to the tv via hdmi earc...
  14. G

    Bargain Expired Panasonic UB820 £271 and £275 deals

    Panasonic UB820 deals £271 at Peter Tyson ebay store until 19/11 using 20% off code Panasonic DP-UB820EBK 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player 5025232878819 | eBay or £275 at Currys ebay store using 8% off code PANASONIC UB820 Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player - Currys 5025232878819 | eBay or £275 at TPS...
  15. D

    Question Pioneer SC-LX701 - Issues with Panasonic UB820 & xbox One S

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help with this or not, but here's hoping! I've just picked up a Pioneer SC-LX701 to replace an Onkyo amp and I'm having a quirky issue or two. First, my Panasonic UB820 works fine when playing discs, however the amp won't display the player homepage or pass through...
  16. D

    Recommended picture settings for Panasonic UB820

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic UB820 and I’m trying to get the most out of the player with my blu-rays. 4K Blu-rays look stunning, however, some of my older Blu-rays and DVDs don’t look so great. I appreciate that the older discs won’t have the same impression as a 4K but I’m wondering what...
  17. Steve Burling

    Panasonic UB820 4k Blu-ray player, help needed.

    Hi, My ‘Man Cave’ secondary set up is as follows TV - Samsung KS9000 Receiver- Marantz SR6008 Blu-ray player - DP-UB820 Speakers - Focal Dome 5.1 Sky (Mini box) I have sky linked through the receiver into the tv via HDMI 4ARC everything is working great I brought the Panasonic UB820 which...
  18. onusound

    Question Help please with new panasonic gz950, htb900 and ub820 - No Atmos?

    hello guys Could some kind soul help me out with my new panasonic setup Just bought myself the panasonic gz950 along with the htb900 soundbar and an ub820 4k player Connection wise i have the sound bar arc connection going into the 950's arc connection. then the 820 video out into hdmi 1 of the...
  19. R

    Ub820 washed out colors

    I have the Panasonic ub820 and loved watching Alita on bluray colors fantastic but yesterday i watched spiderman home coming in 4k and i noticed rhe Colors weren’t as good as Alita. More like washed out. What could be? Maybe the signal change it to 4k 444? Or double vision off? I would...
  20. R

    Question Panasonic ub820 audio settings

    I just bought the ub820 and kinda going crazy with the audio settings. On the downmix should i select surround encoded or stereo?? I have it connected through hdmi to the Bose Lifestyle 650 5.1ch. Also another settings it says bd secondary audio. Should i select on off or auto?? And last one...
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