1. BobbinZA

    Twitch.TV on VIDAA

    I have a HiSense TV with the VIDAA OS. Apparently there is no native app for Twitch.TV for this. I seem to recall the shop demo feed on the TV had a Twitch logo though but whatever. So I thought no problem, I will just use the Twitch web app. But hell, the built-in browser on this TV is really...
  2. B

    Watching Twitch on an N5700?

    Hi, I was wondering if there’s any way to view Twitch on an N5700 please? I’ve searched the App Store and there’s nothing in there. I’ve also tried using the TVBrowser app and whilst it does play video, it’s at a crazy low resolution (maybe 240p at the most) - if I switch to desktop mode and...
  3. Saxo Appeal

    Question Twitch Issues

    Hi guys Is anyone having issues with Twitch just now when they watch a streamer and try to exit (back button) it just won’t let me proceed to exit, return to the main selection screen I have to delete the App and start over and then it happens again :(
  4. Adcook

    AVF Community Twitch Channel

    I just wondered if there was any interest from the AVF gaming community and management about starting up an AVF twitch channel? Would it work and what would it take to get going and maintain.
  5. Troymeadors1993


    New to twitch. anyone that likes cod bo3 gtav or farming simulator 15 I'm into it. I stream in the afternoons. open to more suggestions
  6. L

    Streaming on Twitch using Kinect to block out background?

    Is it possible to stream on twitch using the Kinect sensor to block out the background? If so, how?
  7. thewhofan

    Twitch app quality worse than browser version

    I watch a lot of twitch streams on my mac but sometimes like to watch on my tv instead. My internet speed is easy capable of streaming on source quality but for some reason the Twitch app on the PS4 never reaches source quality (looks like it gets to high). On the other hand when viewing via the...
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