1. R

    tweeters won´t sound treble

    Friends I ask for your help. In 2019, my daughter's boyfriend bought a pair of handmade tower speakers, with all the very refined components, from a reputable manufacturer located in the southeast of our country; really fine thing. Upon receiving the speakers, he tested them and in the first...
  2. Etony

    For Sale Bowers and Wilkins nautilus tweeters and housings and m&k k5 speakers. K4 speakers and sonos gen 1 added

    Prices reduced 19/05/22 I recently replaced one tweeter on my old 800n but had to buy a pair of them from b&w. 1 is brand new housing and tweeter and the other housing is new (I just swapped the tweeter end) the tweeter foil is no good as was pressed in and split but housing and tweeter is fine...
  3. A

    Replacing tweeters/diaphragms in B&W 705 S1(!)

    Hello there, I have recently acquired a pair of B&W 705 S1 speakers which apear to have a broken tweeter on one side and a damaged one on the other side. This is my first set of real speakers and I am unsure how to proceed with repairing them. How do I find out to which extent I can and should...
  4. Malihifi

    Q Acoustics Concept 40 Replacement Tweeters?

    Hi All, I am considering taking a Q Acoustics concept set-up from a friend, however the tweeters have been pushed in so will need changing, can anyone help with identifying what tweeters they are, where I can buy replacements or is it worth maybe upgrading the tweeters whilst I'm at it...
  5. S

    Help identifying tweeters

    Anyone know what tweeter this is? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  6. dansmithVL

    NAD 705 receiver with Mission 737s

    I'm about to replace my 35 year Mission 737's with the same that work. After 35 years the tweeters finished once after about 10 years and again about 20 years later. Not bad me thinks! Mainly powered by my NAD 705 I think over the years which works great accept the display light doesn't work...
  7. davidR4

    Denon AVR-S650H + Jamo S 626 - tweeters distorted/crackling at certain frequencies

    Hello everyone, after I was able to learn a lot here by reading along, I have bought a home theater system according to my budget, consisting of: Denon AVR-S650H Jamo S626 HCS 5.0 I have the problem that the all the five tweeters of my speakers clearly "scratch" or produce a distorted sound...
  8. B

    Ribbon Super Tweeters

    Evening All, I have a pair on loan! They'll be connected to a pair of MA Silver 200s (powered by a MF M2Si amp). I have settings for attenuation (0/-10/-5) and Crossover (7.5/15kHz). Any suggestions on starting settings or sample tracks which "should" give me a good idea whether my hearing (at...
  9. undulattice

    Linn Helix LS150 Tweeter Replacement

    Hey everyone. I have a pair of Linn Helix LS150s. Pretty sure I have a blown tweeter on one side. Struggling to find replacement parts as they are pretty old. Any ideas where I could get a replacement tweeter? If not, is it worth getting these serviced, or would I be better served picking up...
  10. Cwyn

    Question RadioShack Super tweeters with Wharfedale Valdus 500 Floorstanding Speakers or not?

    Hi, I’m just about to take delivery of some Wharfedale Valdus 500 Floorstanding Speakers to use for my front left and rights. I have a Denon AVRX2600H with a centre speaker as yet to be sourced and 2 rear surround satellites from an older system. I also have up firing atmos to the front left and...
  11. R

    Can poor audio quality cause tweeter burning out?

    Guys, is there any possibility of a tweeter burning out because of the reproduction of an audio recorded in flac or mp3 that is said to be "of dubious quality"? As far as I know, this claim does not succeed. The maximum that can occur is that the component does not render its full potential of...
  12. Kentreynolds

    Q acoustics can't connect tweeters to main unit

    Help..bought a q acoustics subwoofer amp second hand but the tweeters that came with it dont seem to have any wires coming out of it and no screws so i cant even get in to connect them that way! Its a subw05080003 model. White Any help would be appreciated!!!
  13. Fognozzle

    Recommended replacement for Philips AD 60/T8 tweeters

    Hi all, I've got a pair of 53 litre enclosures that I built in the '70s and they are sounding tired at last. I'd like to replace the Philips dome tweeters, but I don't know what to replace them with. Some people say that they were amazing, while others call them the worse ever tweeters. What...
  14. StefanBFC

    Question Blown tweeters

    I'm just curious if my two front speakers have blown tweeters. If I play music in stereo, through Spotify it, sounds really muffled, I can't hear nothing coming from both the left and right tweeters. If I play it through multi stereo then the sound completely changes, I can hear the...
  15. Joshafc92

    How to replace tweeters in q acoustic 2050i

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could let me know how I would go about removing the tweeters from a set of q acoustic 2050is? They've unfortunately blown and I've brought replacements but I've not been able to work out how they are removed as there's no obvious access point. I've attached a photo...
  16. rob8000s

    B&W CM1 Owners - Inverted Tweeters?

    Hello, I have recently bought a pair of series 1 CM1's. I have inverted the tweeters. Can somebody try the same and let me know your findings please? I just want to make sure what I'm hearing isn't pseudo auditory hallucinations! lol I'm not going to discuss why I reversed the polarity and my...
  17. B

    Q Acoustic Tweeters blown - get new ones from ?

    Hi, being an average hifi user I actually thought that the sound had gone dull due to the amplifier; basically the treble didnt effect the speakers. The amplifier is a Yamaha 500 series. So, I removed a tweeter and it registered 0 ohms, tada, the tweeters had blown. Funnily enough it wasnt being...
  18. R


    Hello everyone, My names Rich Pabst and i just joined your forum. I would like some info on replacing the tweets on a pair or JBL CF-150 speakers. I was looking at the Morel CAT 308 soft domes and also the Audax TWO34XO tweets. I'm looking for your input as which if either of these tweets you...
  19. B

    Replacing EMIT Ribbon tweeters in Infinity speakers

    I am new to this forum and don't know much about speakers. I have a pair vintage Infinity speakers. The tweeters are dead and gone and I can not find new replacement for them. I don't want to replace them with used ones since they have a high rate of failing I want to replace them with non EMIT...
  20. A

    Yamaha V 581- Hissing noise from the tweeters

    I recently bought Yamaha RXV 581 AV receiver. While i was listening to music (with musiccast) at high volume, about -10db i paused the song. Then i heard it for the first time. It is a hissing sound like the radio noise. I could hear it from the tweeters of both my front speakers. The Noise goes...
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