1. H

    Epson TW7400 Dust Blob

    HI all, I have a 2 year old Epson 7400 which has developed a small dust blob at the very top of the projected image about a quarter in from the right. Are there any methods to try and dislodge/remove this or am I looking at sending it back to Epson?
  2. S

    Epsom TW7400

    Got an Epsom TW7400 and when running it don't feel the picture quality is great. On the projector there are lots of settings to adjust, like the following, which I know will make a difference:- Colour mode Image preset mode Auto iris HDMI video range Colour space Dynamic range Image processing...
  3. J

    Installing TW7400 into celing with ELPMB30 mount

    Hey, new to AVforums! Looking for some help, I recently moved in and need to install my 7400 into the ceiling but I'm unsure of the ceiling type, if it's plasterboard or not. And am scared the projector is too heavy and will fall down...... have a baby on the way so that makes me very nervous...
  4. E

    Epson TW7100 v TW7400

    Hi. I'm trying to decide between an Epson TW7100 (£1490) and TW7400 (£1799). I had a TW2900 until now. I will mostly use it for watching movies (4k where possible) and will eventually get myself an Xbox Series X (and currently have an Xbox One). It will mostly (if not entirely) be used in a...
  5. S

    Question TW7400 with 4k firestick

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone on this forum is running a amazon 4K firestick with the TW7400 projector please?, if so how are you running it please? I have just done a very interesting test, using this switch box (having spent ages troubleshooting sound issues on the firestick - I'm thinking...
  6. fozziebear39

    Question Sony HW45ES or Epson TW7400 or TW7100?

    Hi, I am replacing an old Sony Projector. I'm looking at the Sony HW45ES as it is the exact same throw ratio so I know that it will just slot in as a replacement. I currently have a bat cave with dark grey walls 106" fixed screen. I believe this is one of the best 1080p projectors and quiet. If...
  7. F

    Acer v9800 or Epson TW7400

    Hey Someone who can tell something useful about the Acer v9800 (user experiences) Other candidate, Both new in shop: -Epson TW7400 €1799 ($1951) -Acer V9800 is cheaper € 1499 ( $1625) I have no interest in HDR and have never suffered from Dlp Rainbow effect., motor lens shift is not a must...
  8. K

    Epson TW7400 or Optoma UHD60

    Hi Guys, looking to upgrade my projector in the coming weeks, been looking at these 2 projectors just wondered if anyone owns either one and how would they rate them. Any help appreciated.
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