1. Jstkiddn

    Help me plz. 2 dif tvs. Will panel swap out?

    Ok so I went to kill a fly and broke my 6 series tcl :(... had to get a replacement asap and bought a 4 series on accident not realizing it was different lol. Well I thought about it and then looked.. same ribbon cable connection on them. 2 dif One is a Tcl 65s431 with a lvu650ndel panel. The...
  2. B

    LG vs Philips OLED TVs - YouTube apps 4K?

    Between the typical Philips and LG OLED TVs, do both have full 4K support in their YouTube apps? I was leaning towards a Philips 48 unit due to the Android OS and the ambilight, but I’m hearing talk of a poor YouTube app implementation. I probably watch as much YouTube as I do other sources...
  3. C

    Sony refurbished TVs ?

    I see the Sony centre online has a refurbished tv section they have a 1 year guarantee unlike the new ones they give a 5 year guarantee are the refurbished TVs a good buy are they well made and built to last ?
  4. Colliepops

    1080p 120fps Tvs

    Does anyone know of any tvs that are 1080p 120hz compatible. I'm not needing a 4k TV as its for my Series S in my truck so doesn't need to be large either max of 32inch I reckon. A monitor would work for me too if I could get apps on there like Netflix etc as all my TV viewing on the road is...
  5. B

    Formats sent out ARC on various TVs

    I've been out of the electronics game for a long time. I still have all my gear from when I was "in". I have amps, speakers, and sub that I'm VERY happy with. My preamp is only 1080p capable but does support ARC (I'd rather not invest in a new preamp right now). I need to buy a new TV, so...
  6. L

    which of these 3 budget 65" TVs is best

    I had planned on moving my 65" LG C9 downstairs when I switch my upstairs to a projector setup, but I don't feel like waiting any longer due to frustrating issues with the existing Samsung 55", and the current sale at Costco has me at least able to buy a new couch and TV while getting a $500...
  7. B

    Are there any TVs that offer Picture in Picture (PIP) nowadays?

    Used to enjoy this feature on a Samsung LCD years ago 👍 You could keep an eye on the footie while not missing your favourite soap/drama 😜 I think it was a common feature but seems to have disappeared from specifications Interested to know if any manufacturers still implement it? 🤔
  8. purepurewater

    Who does Sony Source the Panels from for their Direct Lit and Fully Array TVs?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know who makes the screens/panels? Of course, Sony uses LG Display (and now, of late, Samsung Display) for their OLED line, but what about their TVs, such as the X80J and X94J and so forth? I heard it was Samsung or Sharp, thanks!
  9. C

    Best old Sony TVs ?

    Which are the best old Sony TVs in 40 or 42 inch must have freeview HD ! My local charity shop has them in often and lots on eBay but which had a lovely picture and was well reviewed in its day ?
  10. W

    More Samsung OLED TVs are on their way
  11. traw0r

    Need help choosing beweetn 3 TVs in my budget

    Hi there, I'm looking into these three TVs, which one would be better? HISENSE-55U8GQ - 620 € PHILIPS 58PUS8506-12 - 660€ Sony 55X81J - 770€ I'm using the TV for like two hours per day on average for like sports,youtube and netflix. Those are the prices where I live, would Sony be worth...
  12. P

    EPP Portal - Used/second hand TVs?

    Hi There, I've bought an N94A 75'' using the EPP portal and received it today. It came with a few marks on the back of the tv, as you can see below and I'm afraid of keeping it, as it looks like "use marks". Does anyone know if that's the reason for the discount? The products are used/second...
  13. T

    I don't like big HD TVs - am I wrong?

    I wonder if this is going to resonate with anyone. I just bought a 65inch NEO QLED Samsung q95A - an £1800 TV. I sit 2.7m away from it. I was expecting to be amazed - and I am - the brightness, the sound, the definition. Buuuut....I'm not really "enjoying" it for three reasons, or maybe just...
  14. P Adams

    Advice required please on four LED TVs for my sister!

    My sister is asking for advice on four TVs she is considering buying one of! I know there are numerous questions she should be answering for me to give her some advice, but if anyone has any views on any of them I would be most grateful. I’m sure they will all be good enough for her watching...
  15. A

    Lg OLED panels used on Philips TVs

    Apologies I have found the answer to my original post so please ignore this.
  16. Phil Hinton

    VIDEO - LG G2 and C2 OLED TVs close up with comparisons and Interview

    We get hands-on with the new LG C2 and G2 OLED Evo TVs for 2022, including some comparisons and an interview with James from LG UK. Click to view the video.
  17. rumburak

    Sharp new TVs: BL1, BL2, BL3, BL5 etc

    There are a few discounted Sharp TVs in the supermarket, showing up next to the vegetables. I found one in Tesco Hatfield, 65BL2KA for £469, but a guy just posted deal on HUKD from Lidl Southampton, it was a 65BL1KA for just £299. Looking on Sharp's website, these TVs all have the same specs...
  18. 7

    Are UK Panasonic TVs (TX50DX700B) region locked?

    Is anyone aware if UK bought Panasonic TVs are generally region locked? I'm specifically interested in the TX50DX700B model, but any relevant knowledge/experience would be helpful. My UK bought Panasonic TX50DX700B is in Germany and isn't finding any channels. I'm trying to narrow down the...
  19. C

    Advice on 75"+ TVs

    I think I have my list of TV's narrowed down to 3 or 4 choices. I currently have a 75" Sony X900f with a Samsung Q950N soundbar. I've been mostly satisfied with this setup but would like a slightly better TV due to blooming/not so great blacks. It's currently in our Movie/Game room but moving to...
  20. L

    Need help in a TV minefield of 7 tvs

    Hi All I am in need of some help. My original Sharp TV 70" from 6 years ago died in November and the insurance replaced it. Been reading the forums for a while before deciding on the TCL 75 c815. First TV AO delivered was damaged. Second TV speaker was vibrating as it was loose and buzzing...
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