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    Question Any new TVs with RCA (R/L) line-out audio

    I hope this is the best forum for this question, if not let me know which one is and I'll re-post over there. My old TV died. It had an RCA (R/L) audio (line-level) output that was not tied to the TV's HDMI audio going to the surround sound system. I was using that audio-out to drive my...
  2. W

    Question Freesat 4k to 3 TVs same channels

    Hi everyone, newbie here, so apologies if this has been asked loads of times before but I couldn't find a specific post about what I'm wanting to do. I have recently purchased a Freesat recordable 4K tv box with 2TB HD, but it only has one output, HDMI. I was wondering how to go about sending...
  3. BourbonKing

    New 'Dumb' TVs. Do They Exist?

    Much as the title says really. My current Samsung 50" is dying but I don't need nor want a new smart TV with all manner of subscription apps and spying voice/gesture assistants. Am I right in thinking it's near-impossible to readily pick up a decent spec'd new 'dumb' TV in the UK, and that...
  4. N

    TCL C835 VS C755

    Hi everyone. I'm currently considering to buy c755 or c835 - 65 inch tv. The c755 is a bit more expensive. Which one do u recommend ? it will be the first time with TCL - I have a 6 years old LG smart tv with "blueish" picture (led's problem)
  5. F

    What is the better of these two budget Hisense 75" tvs?

    What is the better of these two budget Hisense 75" tvs? Thanks. Hisense 75" A65K Dolby Vision HDR 4K UHD Google Smart TV with 4-Year CoverageModel: 75A65K Hisense 75" Class A76K Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TVModel: 75A76K Both around $500 … the first one is $250 off, the second listing...
  6. JPW74

    Are there any good cheap TVs out there?

    My wife decided she wanted a TV in the kitchen, partly to listen to Spotify, and also some TV watching too. First, I bought a LG 24IN SMART HD READY TV from Argos for £169.99. My main TV is a 7 year old LG and I've enjoyed that, very few problems (only ARC issue, but gave up and use optical...
  7. xllboyllix

    Question Gaming & Streaming TVs

    Volevo un vostro consiglio, sto cercando una tv da 43-50 "che si ottima per il gioco e anche per lo streaming, ne ho visto già 2 una Philips 43pus8818/12 e la tcl 50QM8B quale mi consigliate tra questo? Bilancio 500-600 € Grazie in anticipo 🙏
  8. MahaRaja

    Is 2024 the dominant year of Mini-LED TVs?

    Hi folks, As the title says, this year is going to be the year or start of the rise of Mini-LCD or aka Mini-LED TVs. We know that this year, Sony is focusing on releasing their high end and very advanced Mini-LCD TV, so much so that it's taking attention away from their premiere OLED models, it...
  9. scarty16

    LG TVs and Google 4K

    What is up with up with LG TVs, I have one from 2018 and one from 2023. I use Google Play to buy movies etc using my Google opinions cash. The 2018 plays the movies etc in 4k HDR no issues, the 2023 only allows 480p. I know it is the youtube app that is the issue? Does anyone have any...
  10. Phil Hinton

    The Best TVs of CES 2024 - Discussion thread

    We give you a video round-up of the most promising and best TVs of CES 2024. Read the news.
  11. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Sony Stand Tour - Discussion thread

    We give you a video tour around the Sony CES 2024 Stand. Read the news.
  12. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Hisense Stand Tour - Discussion thread

    We take you on a tour of the Hisense stand at CES 2024 Read the news.
  13. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Hisense confirm the 110 inch UX Mini LED for the UK - Comments thread

    We interviewed Rob Andrews from Hisense UK about the new TV product range for 2024 including the massive 110-inch UX Mini LED TV.
  14. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Hisense Laser TV and C1 Laser Projector - Comments

    We catch up with Hisense at CES 2024 and look at the new range of UST Laser TVs and the new C1 laser projector with blending technology. Read the news.
  15. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: TCL confirms 115 inch MiniLED TV heading for Europe in Q2 & comments

    TCL’s headline grabbing TV at CES this year was the world’s largest Mini LED model at 115 inches and both it and the other announced models were bound for the US market. Now the company has confirmed this behemoth will be heading to Europe at the start of Q2 and also drew back the curtain on...
  16. A

    Syncing two Fire Stick TVs

    I have a Fire TV and want to use my projector on another screen in my bar, but a quick test today and they are out of sync. Is there a way to sync the two so customers do not see one screen a few seconds behind the other?
  17. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Panasonic Z95A and Z93A OLED TVs launched - Comments

    We interview Dirk Schulze from Panasonic about the new flagship Z95A and Z93A OLED TVs due to be launched later this year. Read the news.
  18. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: LG Transparent OLED and C4, G4, M4 OLED Evo TVs launched. Discussion thread.

    We visit the LG Suite at CES 2024 to take a closer look at the new M4, G4 and C4 OLED Evo TVs, as well as the new OLED T transparent model with Dave Seperson.
  19. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Samsung MicroLED in new sizes and a Transparent Concept - Comments

    In our third video from the Samsung First Look event we take a look at the new MicroLED TV sizes launched at CES, along with the concept transparent MicroLED. Watch our video.
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: TCL unveils new miniLED TVs plus Dolby Atmos soundbars at CES 2024 & comments

    TCL takes its miniLED TVs very seriously indeed and used CES 2024 as a launch pad for a number of expanded and enhanced models alongside new Dolby Atmos soundbars. Read the news.
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