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  1. Keith41

    Samsung plasma TV wall mounting

    Hi all I got a 50" Samsung plasma TV model PS50A416C1D it has vesa mounts in back but need some help 1. The vesa screw holes on back of TV look recessed how do i mount wall bracket 2.the TV is 40kg according to specs on- line my worry brick chimney breast won't be man enough to hold TV on...
  2. Brigga

    Rotating and Extending TV Wall Mount

    I do hope someone can point me in the right direction as all the conversations I've had to date have drawn a blank. I wish to place a Samsung Frame 32 inch TV on the wall in Portrait, due to the lack of wall space. I then wish to rotate it to Landscape and swing it around by 90 degrees so it...
  3. W

    Advice - TV Wall Bracket on Media Unit/Wall

    Good Afternoon, Newbie so be kind please. I have recently had a media wall/unit built (Pic attached) and has now been plastered so waiting to dry then ready for TV bracket to be put up. My question for a professional is what fixings would you use for the TV Bracket. The TV Bracket weighs -...
  4. G

    Rotating TV Wall Bracket

    Hi All, Looking for some help as Google doesn't understand the difference between rotating and swivel :-) I have a TV that I would like to mount on the wall and mostly watch TV on, but occasionally I would like to use it to play pinball fx3 in portrait mode, which means I need a bracket that...
  5. H

    False chiney tv wall feature

    Few bits left to finish off, it's not perfect, but it'll do for now: 55" samsung tv, denon avr, q acoustics 5.1.2 with monitor audio minx front heights/atmos, sky q, xbox one x (managed to get a xbox series x too), all controlled via alexa on fireTv Cube, spotlights are on smart switch too...
  6. E

    vogel s THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount opinions

    Hello i am thinking of buying this bracket THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount to wall mount my oled 854 but i dont now if it is correct for ambilight because the tv it i will be 1.5 cm far from the wall.Pls any help is most welcome.
  7. leckie

    TV wall mounts for 65" LG OLEDs

    Looking for a bit of advice from folks with 65" LG OLEDs. I'm in the process of picking kit for our new house and I'm keen to get a wall mount that's more appropriate for the TV. I have a 65" CX. Currently I'm using the Invision Ultra Strong wall mount. It's grand, and well built. However as...
  8. J

    Samsung Frame TV Wall Gap

    Hi there, First post here, would really appreciate any advice. We're considering purchasing a Frame TV, and looking for some clarification on setup viability. Essentially we're planning on having the tv mounted on the wall but have a double socket (normal, not recessed) and brush outlet...
  9. Chriswoollett2902

    32” tv wall bracket

    After some info please if possible. Just bought a 32” tv for my daughters bedroom and want to mount on the wall so she can watch from her bed. Are there any that will allow it to mount so it sits flat on the wall and then come out and rotate 90 degrees to the wall so she can watch it? cheers
  10. H

    Question TV Wall Bracket Advice

    Hi I need some advice. I am looking to wall mount my tv for first the first time, it will be on a flat wall and I am looking to have the tv as flat to the wall as possible. My tv is 55” but I am wanting one to go as big as 65” in case I go bigger in future. I don’t know if there is a...
  11. K

    Question TV wall mounting, to use spacers or not

    I'm wall mounting two TV's. One is an older Toshiba 55XL700E and the other is a newer LG 55C9. For the older one, I'l use a cheap/decent mount that I bought locally in the Philippines. For the newer one, I'll be using an AEON-40200 I bought off of from I have a couple of...
  12. shep1968

    TV Wall Mount Advice Needed

    Hi all. Shortly i'll be replacing my conservatory and will be able to have a TV wall mounted in there. I'm down to a choice of three but will definitely be a 48 or 49 inch model. I need some advice about the wall mounting. The TV will be fixed higher than ideal so will need to tilt so i have...
  13. H

    Question Best recommended tv wall mounts

    Hi all, Not really well up on these things, so I’m looking for advice on wall mounts for two TVs. I want to wall mount a 65” and a 55” UHD Sony TVs. I only need to mount the TVs. Everything else (Xbox, Virgin box, soundbar) will be on a TV stand. I’m not too bothered about actually moving the...
  14. leeince

    Assistance selecting a new TV bracket please.

    Hi All, Im having the living room renovated and so need a new bracket for my TV The one I currently use is one of the flat style ones where the arms that go on the back of the TV hook over the frame thats on the wall. Im looking to go for a bracket that will allow me to pull the TV out or...
  15. NaTT

    The accostically transparent upholstered TV wall

    Not posted in years, but a new and properly flat LG GX tv, and a new material covering for my TV and speaker wall has me wanting to share... So it's a 65 OLED, surrounded by 7 genelec AIW26s, front left and center in the glass wall, other 4 in the ceiling and 2 genelec subs. All the amps and...
  16. Harkon321

    TV Wall - On wall speakers with WAF? Anyone got pictures?

    I'd planned on mounting a 55" TV with three Monitor Audio A40s around it. Wife now saying that this looks too 'busy'. Don't really have the depth for in wall set up, so considering other on walls that look more living room friendly. Any picture inspiration welcome.
  17. J

    The Frame tv wall installation query

    Hi all, so we have a new 32 inch wall mounted Th Frame, looks good so far but my query is running bothe the single connect cable and aerial to the unit, Online it says keep aerial at least 6 inches from power cables but as both the sockets on the rear of the tv are very close surely this goes...
  18. bogart99

    TV wall mounting bracket.

    Why do the makers of wall brackets state suitable for tv of so many inches up to so many inches,. Surely what matters is the VESA sizes and weight it can take. I have just received one, which is going back, which states suitable for 26 to 47 inch , weight capablity 50kg and up to vesa 400 x 400...
  19. CheemsBurbger

    Panasonic TV wall mount help

    I'm having trouble finding a wall mount compatible with my Panasonic Plasma Screen TV. The model number of my TV is TH-42PX80U. Can someone please send me a link of the wall mount compatible with my TV?
  20. ReflexReact

    Question Where to buy an extension plate for TV wall bracket

    Hey all So I’m moving (/moved) from an LED LCD to OLED (C9) TV. Ive just learnt that the OLED screens have much lower Vesa mount points- as a result the new TV will sit way too high on the wall! my current wall bracket is a pretty traditional tilting one with two vertical bars which you screw...
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