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  1. G

    Alternate TV stand for 55JZ1500?

    Hello, I'm planning on buying one of these TVs soon. The circular stand seems to be quite large, and have a large footprint at the back of the TV, meaning I could not have it sitting very close to the wall (it would be sat on top of a TV unit). I'd rather have the back of the TV closer to the...
  2. M

    TV stand sizes, and a mix of cinema and gaming

    Thinking about getting a new TV, but looking at some of the recommended options it seems hard to get a good picture quality and HDMI 2.1 with a decent response time for gaming. The set is primarily used for viewing, not playing, but it seems a bit of a shame that it's currently difficult to get...
  3. A

    TV stand for wall mounted tv

    I've wall mounted my 77 A80J and currently have a 180cm stand below it. However the stand doesn't suit the room, and also as it's so wide, just wider than the TV, It seems to make the TV look small! I was wondering if anyone has a TV stand that is less wide than their wall mounted TV. I know...
  4. popesweetjesus

    Bespoke TV stand

    Hi I have a HiFi stand made by HiFi Racks and was looking to get a TV stand made by them but for the size I want I'm looking at £1500. Does anyone know of another company who is a little bit cheaper but pretty much same quality. Thanks
  5. K

    TV Stand Recommendations

    I have a 58" Panasonic at the moment and maybe looking to go up to 65" I am looking for recommendation for a table top TV Stand to replace the one that came with the TV. Main requirement is to be able to take a big TV (most seem to say up to 55"), but more importantly I need it to raise the TV...
  6. S

    TV stand speaker location question

    hi, i moved house a while ago and didnt have the time or the motivation to properly set up my 5.1 speaker system and would like some opinions on what to do regarding the front speakers. i have attached a picture to show the setup as it is now and also the space limitations. the basics are...
  7. D

    Height Adjustable TV Stand (Like Monitor)

    Hi All I am looking for help to find a TV mount that looks like the below (left) that will allow me to adjust the height by simply pulling up or pushing down - much like the monitor stand below (right). These are sprung loaded so there's a level of 'assistance' when you adjust the height. Most...
  8. C

    TV Stand Recommendation for LG C1 77" TV w/ Center Speaker

    I'm looking for a tv stand so that I can keep my LG C1 77" tv on the tv cabinet instead of mounting it to the wall, but also have a KEF Q650c center channel speaker in front of the tv on the cabinet without obstructing the screen. The cabinet is about 16" deep. The speaker is about 8" high and...
  9. A

    Recommendation for a custom build TV stand

    I've been looking for a low and wide solid wood TV stand for ages to sit my centre speaker on top of for ages but I can't find what I'm looking for. The ones I do like are extortionately priced. I'm sure a lot of members here have the same problem. I'm looking for a joiner to make me a custom...
  10. W

    Strong /cheap TV stand / cabinet for 70/75 inch TVs?

    Any recommendations on cheap and strong stands that will fit a 70/75 TV? Assuming worst case that the feet are to the side rather than the centre. I'm not looking to buy a TV right at this moment so I don't have a particular model in mind. However, I walked past a Hisense 75" TV on sale for...
  11. D

    Tv stand with three levels and 12" shelf?

    I finally managed to convince my parents to upgrade their TV and have an LG C1 48 on the way to replace their 32" Samsung. The downside of this change is there's no space for the B&W 601s I had set up on each side, and the only practical option is to put speakers under the TV on the next shelf...
  12. J

    Tv stand for sony49 xh9505

    Hi,can anyone recommend a tv stand for the above,my corner unit is too small,thanks
  13. D

    I’m looking for a tv stand for a 98”

    It weighs 88kg. The stands I’ve found in Google searches and on eBay only support up to 70” and 50kg. It’s an LG 98LS95D. Does anyone know of a stand? Thanks
  14. J

    Generic pedestal TV stand

    Has anyone used any of the generic TV predestal stands available on amazon, who could share their opinion? I have a 46" Samsung TV (with 400 x 400 VESA holes on back), and I'll soon be getting my mother a 40" one too (that'll likely needs a third party pedestal to fit on her narrow TV stand)...
  15. DavidT

    65" TV on a 55" TV stand?

    I'm sure this is ok but useful to get opinions........ My 65" TV weighs 22.3kg without its stand, I have a universal pedestal stand that is described as suitable for TV's up to 55" with a weight limit of 40kg. I am considering using the stand for my 65" TV but what do you think?
  16. Built To Chill

    Miraculously my OLED survived a shattered glass TV stand...

    You'll never guess what I came downstairs to this morning... the top shelf of our hardened glass TV stand had apparently spontaneously shattered during the night! Miraculously: 1) It did not happen during the many hours our baby spends on the floor right in from of the TV stand. She would have...
  17. RobbySpurs

    John Lewis Harvard tv stand

    Hey all. Does anyone have this stand? Harvard TV stand If so could anyone tell me the dimensions of the top centre shelf? Need to know if I can fit my centre speaker in it. Cheers!
  18. D

    detach tv stand help

    my elderly neibour has a 37inch panasonic lcd that seems to be attatched to a glass stand some how and i can fugure out how to get it off as she want a new tv but keep the glass stand.i can detach the tc from the small plastic stand that comes with tv but im then left with the stand attached...
  19. M

    TV stand height - am I missing something ?

    Hi, just looking at first decent setup for big TV with AV receiver with centre speaker under the TV. I was looking at something like this stand from IKEA : Ikea TV STand The height of the stand is 45cm, the height of centre speaker planning on getting is 17 cm so a combined 62cm. I am...
  20. tigermad

    AVF B600BB Tv stand space underneath

    Could someone who has this stand please confirm how much gap there is underneath with a 65 inch tv. Thanks.
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