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  1. S

    Zappiti Keeps Showing Seen TV Shows

    Hi I have a Zappiti 4K HDR I sore my movies on my Nas and store my collection online and run the software from my Mac mini. The question is can you get the Zappiti to remember to only show the Movies And TV Shows that I haven't seen yet? I go into the filters and untick the Seen option but next...
  2. VisionMan

    New TV shows new platforms

    There are now so many new TV and film platforms that its hard to follow. They cost as well so I've decided not to bother. I only have a TVL and Amazon Prime atm as it suits.
  3. gunner84

    Recommend me some tv shows and movies on Amazon prime

    I’ve just signed up to prime and wondering whats worth watching on it, I like a lot of different stuff really. The Boys looks interesting, but what other must see stuff is on prime? Thanks
  4. hones93

    Which actress is this and what film or TV show is this screenshot from?

    I have this old photo and I was wondering if someone could identify who the actress is and what film or TV show this is from?
  5. Drax1

    Most Anticipated 2022 TV Shows

    There's plenty of varied high profile content to look forward to in 2022, from Lord Of the Rings and House Of The Dragon to returnees like The Mandalorian and Gangs Of London. Then there's the final seasons of The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Ozark and Happy Valley. One off series such as...
  6. B

    Anyone know some unique and weird tv shows

    Anyone know some wacky tv shows that slipped under the rader but you think are brilliant? I need more stuff to freak out the Mrs. I'm thinking stuff like Morden Toss, Monkey Dust, Trip Tank, 12 oz mouse.
  7. Dennis90x

    ADC / WB changed and now my picture looks washed out on RU7379 Samung TV ?

    Before someone says i shouldnt go into the Service Menu.. i know. I didnt changed anything but the TV Plus settings and turned it off. I just watched other settings and tried to go back on "HDMI Calibration " by pressing left on the Remote. And it said "failure" i fixed it already but my colors...
  8. VisionMan

    TV Shows or films you think you think you should have watched but never have

    I'll kick it off as the OP - I've never watched the Sopranos. I've also never seen a Daniel Craig James Bond film.
  9. F

    Best LCR under $4,000 for movies/shows

    Initial plan is: KEF R2c - KEF R2c (Gloss Black) $1,300. KEF R5 - KEF R5 5.25" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker Gloss Black Each $2,600. Rest of the set up is 5.2.4 with dual HSU VTF-2 MK5, KEF Q150 for surrounds, receiver Onkyo TX-RZ50. I do like the idea of having floor standing fronts so it...
  10. terrysays

    Future TV Shows

  11. S

    TV Shows that should be watched?

    I have no idea if there is a thread on this or not I've seen the thread tv shows I gave up on so figured well what's at the other end of the spectrum with shows that must be seen that slipped through the net. So anyways in the last 6 months I found "better call Saul" which is a spin off from...
  12. E

    Kodi 19 - 3D H-SBS playback on active 3D TV shows doubled (quadruple sides)

    Hi. I am using Kodi Matrix build for QNAPClub HD Station. I updated it from KODI v19 Alpha few days ago. Until previous version, I could watch my 3D H-SBS correctly, but now the display keeps "doubling" the sides. Trying to explain better: My QNAP NAS is playing through last...
  13. Alexosa

    Is Sony xh9005 75" worth it for watching Netflix, prime, Disney plus and TV shows? Or should I get something else?

    Please help I am thinking of getting the Sony xh9005bu. I am not a gamer, I only use tv for Netflix, prime, Disney+ and I watched football and TV shows via Sky Q. I am just after lovely picture quality from TV. I recently turned tu8000. Should I go for the Sony 9005 or is there better...
  14. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Christmas Special Best Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies & TV Shows of the Year 2020 (16/12/20)

    This week we round-up our favourite AV and Hi-Fi kit and technologies, look back at the best movies, TV Shows and 4K discs of the year and look forward to what we might see in 2021. 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:22 - Welcome 00:08:30 - Notices. When we're back after Xmas 00:09:20 - Catching up with...
  15. ilanitwriting

    cooking tv shows

    hey everyone just bought some cooking stuff from a local website and i want to start my cooking session. do you know of a recommended cooking tv shows that i can learned from? thank you for the help! :laugh:
  16. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Best Hi-Fi products of 2020, Plus Best of the Month for TV Shows & Movies (25/11/20)

    This week Ed will take us through the best Hi-Fi products of 2020, we will also have an interview with Chris Mullins from Sony Professional about the latest native Sony 4K projectors, plus, the best of the month for music, movies and TV shows. 00:00:28 - Welcome 00:03:15 - Competitions...
  17. E

    Replacement for Samsung ES7000 for usual TV shows, 50" with timeshift

    Hi, since 8 years I own a Samsung 40" ES7090. I'm pretty satisfied with the picture quality but now I'm looking for a larger TV in the 48" - 50" size range. We are sitting nearly 2,5 - 3m away and are using it mainly for TV channels, Bluray or 720p/1080p content. My wife and daughter often use...
  18. kah22

    Unused TV shows no stations

    I had a Sony Briva television sitting idle in my house for eighteen months or so. I had no call for it so it just sat there, may have been turned on once or twice, but certainly not on a regular basis Having completed some renovations I now have a use for it. So went to set it up today in a...
  19. Dark Eyes

    Suggestions for TV Shows that Dad and teenage daughter could watch

    My 16 year daughter usually spends most of her time in her bedroom, on her phone or watching videos or 'TV shows', but recently she has come down and asked to watch a show with me, which was nice. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be able to find much content that we can both enjoy. I like nature...
  20. Andy Bassett

    Should we be watching more international films and TV shows?

    A comment by @DarkDogZA in the 'What's new on Netflix for May 2020' thread queried why there were so few non-English TV shows included in the rundown. Although closer inspection of the streaming service's coming soon rundown reveals a couple of exciting looking foreign language shows coming...
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