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Proximus TV (former Belgacom TV), subsidiary of the Belgacom Group, provides Digital TV (IPTV) services over its own IPTV Platform in Belgium. It was launched in the summer of 2005.
Proximus TV is distributed using ADSL/VDSL solution. This IPTV service was originally distributed over ADSL which later evolved to ADSL2+. More recently, the Broadway Project started providing fiber to the street cabinets and VDSL2 from the street cabinets to the home. By increasing bandwidth and evolving from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC compression, Proximus TV currently offers high definition television to a large number of Belgian households.
Like satellite broadcasts, and unlike cable distributors, the distribution of Proximus TV is not limited to a certain municipality or province. On December 2008, coverage of Proximus TV was 86.6% of all Belgian households, and High Definition TV was available to 64%.
At the end of March 2013, there were 1,412,000 Proximus TV subscribers, including the so-called "dual stream" subscribers.
By end 2014, Proximus’ TV customer base counted 1,288,000 TV households, or 1,593,000 subscriptions when including multiple set-top boxes.
In September 2014, Belgacom TV became Proximus TV.

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