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    Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box Sound but no picture on some recordings

    Hi I have a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box 500GB purchased in February one of these Occasionally there will be a recording where the sound is fine, but there is no picture (screen is black). This seems to happen most regularly on our daily South Today recordings on BBC1 channel 101. Anyone else...
  2. Alex43

    For Sale Humax Foxsat HDR 500gb + Android TV Box

    Hi I have Humax Foxsat HDR Freesat Recorder 500GB model. It has custom firmware installed so you can even back your HD recordings as pictured. Comes with original remote control as well. £70 delivered please Also 4K Android TV box. 64gb storage 3gm ram and comes with remote control as well...
  3. E

    panasonic tl-l32c3 doesn't see digital tv box (view tv at-163)

    Hi, We had this problem before and jayCee suggested pressing 'AV' on remote and switching input to the digital box. Somehow it worked before but now I see no 'AV on the remote and the inputs that are not blanked out are 'TV', 'PC' and one other (DVR). HELP! Please.
  4. B

    Tv box problem

    I have a freeview dvb-t2 box. Seller states it functions as combo dvbt2 and dvb-s2 box for free sat. I’m getting 90% signal, but 0%strength. What’s the 0% strength for? Fix for this and settings to scan, channel no , bandwidth 6m,7m or 8m, frequency (box looking for 6digits kHz input)
  5. S

    Connecting tv box & turntable to 1 pair of speakers

    Hi, My sister own: 1 stereo receiver (sherwood from 80's) 1 pair of speakers 1 turntable 1 tv box She want to hear both sources from the av speakers. Which device she needs and how to connect it? I read on google..confused. Something with Bluetooth? Thank you very much!
  6. D

    The MXQ M12 TV Box - S922X Hexa-Core Powerhouse

    His review
  7. D

    Sony Bravia XH9005 blank, black screen - TV box off

    Occasionally, when powering up my Sony TV, all I see is a blank, black TV screen. The internet is OK, so I can get Prime, I-Player U-tube etc. I can select the TV channel, however all just blank black. When I power reset the TV, on power up the TV asks - Do I want to switch on the 'TV box'. Once...
  8. S

    Converting an Android mobile phone to a TV box

    Can anyone guide me? I have an Android 10 mobile phone, specifically P20 Pro which I would like to covert to an Android TV device. The screen is smashed but still touch sensitive so can still get to OS. Thought this could be a good use of this phone rather than collecting dust. Has anyone tried...
  9. D

    REVIEW : ALL NEW!!! Mecool KM6 Classic Amlogic S905X4 Android 10 Q 4K TV Box

    Link to his review
  10. D

    Review : RKM MK25 Amlogic S922X 6 Core TV Box Dark Horse Of TV Boxes

    Link to his video
  11. D

    2021 A95X Max II TV Box Amlogic S905X3 Monster Expandable Storage

  12. D

    MECOOL KM6 REVIEW // Brand New!

    ANDROID TV BOX MECOOL KM6 DELUXE EDITION Specification CPU: Amlogic S905X4 Quad core ARM Cortex-A55 GPU: Mail-G31 MP2 RAM: 4GB ROM: 64GB Wifi: 2.4G/5G 2T2R 802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax BT: 5.0 Ethernet: RJ45 10/100/1000 M ANDROID TV BOX MECOOL KM6 DELUXE EDITION Supported DRM: Widevine Level1 Playready...
  13. D

    Hidden Gem!!! Sunnzo S9 Max Amlogic S905X3 4K TV Box Stop Review

  14. D

    MECOOL KM6 Classic Amlogic S905X4 Android 10.0 TV Box 2GB/16GB 4K HDR ATV 2T2R WiFi Bluetooth 4.2

    For presale on Geekbuying Also on Gearbest buy I no longer consider Gearbest a safe place buy from, anymore !
  15. D

    Cheapest X3 Max Amlogic S905X3 4GB 64GB TV Box

  16. D

    TiVo Stream 4K Live TV Google Certified Android TV OS TV Box

  17. E

    Question panasonic tl-l32c3 doesn't see digital tv box (view tv at-163)

    Hi, this was working before I pressed the 'channel' boix on the tv, then set the tv to defaults with the remote. Now I get only snow. I do not know the settings for a digital box. The tv shows a '2' in the upper left hand corner. I assume that is the channel but I cannot change it. Any help...
  18. J

    LG CX 55 and TV BOX, no picture.

    Hi guys, I just bought LG CX 55" and I have a normal TV box I've been using the last 6 years. The box has been used on both LG (older series) and Samsung TV. When I first connected the box (Via HDMI port 1 or 3 (not 2, since that's the ARC input)) everything worked. After a day, the picture...
  19. D

    mecool k5 hybrid full android tv box - multi-tv tuner - dvb t2/s2/c - s905x3 - any good?

  20. HenRiko

    Question Android TV Box with DVB-T

    Hi guys! What decent Android TV boxes would you recommend, which have the following features: DVB-T decoder Bluetooth for headphones AirPlay Remote control via iOS app (not critical) Thanks so much!
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