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  1. Edgie70

    Fire TV box change dns

    Hi all , hope this is ok to post here , I have an Amazon fire TV box , connected via WiFi , I want to change the ISP dns to Google's dns , I know how to manually configure it but after I've put in the DNS and restarted the box it goes to an ipv6 address , if I do this on my fire stick 4k max the...
  2. C

    Simple, customisable UI/EPG with recording to USB

    I'm looking for help and advice to help my aging parents cope with using their TV. They want it to be "like it was in the old days", please folks. That means as few remote contols, and as few buttons presses as possible to prevent motor control and memory loss issues becoming a problem...
  3. reddwarf4ever

    Re X96Q Android 10 Smart TV Box unable to play video

    Just bought a X96Q Android 10 Smart TV Box does seem rather well put together, Inhave some MKV video in DTS which I inverted to AC3, in the hope it would help compatibility. the video refuses to play on my LGOLED55C9PLA, although they play perfectly on my Xbox, but prefer not to have that...
  4. llanellijack

    Apple TV box screen mirroring question

    I have the virtual cycling / running App Zwift running on an Apple TV box to a connected TV. Any idea if I would be able to mirror the image from the connected TV to another Smart TV that is Apple Airplay enabled (ie. have Zwift running on two TV's in the same room) ?
  5. Neil Fellows

    Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box volume control

    Hi. Looking to purchase a new Recordable 4K TV Box but can not find any info on programming the volume buttons on the remote to control my amp. There's instructions for programming the remote to control my TV's volume, but I'd need the volume up/down to control my old school Denon Amp (3806)...
  6. xyeovillian

    Intel NUC used for a TV box

    I have an Intel NUC7i5BNB which I use soley as a TV box via HDMI to Oled TV I have upped the ram to 16gb and it still using M2 Intel ssd. I'm having problems with it randomly flickering on and off I'm running Windows 11 Pro and it also did it with Win 10. Is this a problem with the video card...
  7. Markosm70

    In 2022, Htpc, mini mac or tv box for watching movies?

    Hi to everyone I'd like your expertise on the following situation: I own three old different TV boxes: one for IPTV MAG 250 for English Channels, another H96 for Netflix, YouTube and internet and the last one (no name) to receive the national channels. This is so baffling at time for the rest...
  8. L

    FREESAT recordable 4K TV Box

    I have recently bought the above Freesat 500gb box to replace my Humax 1tb Freesat box on which the hard drive disk failed. Despite following the setup instructions I have the following issues: When the box and the TV are turned on I get a message: "We are setting up your dish. This may take...
  9. Welsh Whirlwind

    Anyone using a BT TV Box Pro with a Harmony Hub?

    Hi all, As per title, I've just ordered a new Pro Box from BT and I wanted to get ahead of the curve and add it into my Harmony Devices but it does not show up - the manufacturer of the Pro box is seemingly Sagemcom and the model is RTIW387 - but the closest I get is the Sagemcom dtiw387v...
  10. M

    I own an Android TV box... and I am happy enough!

    I have a vmade 6K one, that runs on the Android 10.0 OS. I cannot say that, other than a few hiccups, I feel let down by it. You can basically use an Android TV box just like a normal computer, and I think it's better than an Amazon Firestick. When you add a browser to a Firestick using an...
  11. T

    Help. BT TV box breaks TV controls

    I have an odd problem. Just moved over to BT from virgin but whenever I plug the new BT TV box into the hdmi socket of my sharp TV the TV controls stop functioning. The volume still works but that's about it. None of the menus will come up and I can't even turn it off from the remote or from...
  12. LiamG2000

    Freesat 4k tv box

    I have a freesat 4k tv box and everytime I turn it on there's no picture and I have to keep resetting the box to get a picture Can anyone help?
  13. A

    Tv box on back of tv

    Hello, My partner purchased a TV from one of those buy as you view company's a few years ago before we were together. There is a box connected to the wire that she had to put £1 in in order for the TV to work. The payments have finished and this box is still attached. We've since moved house...
  14. Z

    Android TV Box to be used with TLC TV

    Hi I have got TLC TV 6 years old it is Linux OS. I am thinking to use it as Smart TV by attaching Android TV Box (HDMI cabel) ,,,,,I tried to read about it but I am confused with below : 1- Can a spare phone like Samsung S10 do the same job as Android TV box in watching Netflix Stan, Disney...
  15. J

    Question about Amazon Prime Video app on NOW TV 'black' box - not displaying 1080p

    Hi all, Installed the Amazon Prime Video app onto my NOW TV 'Black Box', and it seems like its only displaying 480p. Because compared to the same video selection screen for Amazon Prime Video on my 1st gen Amazon Fire Stick, it looks much grainer. I've double checked that the master out for...
  16. E

    Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box Sound but no picture on some recordings

    Hi I have a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box 500GB purchased in February one of these Occasionally there will be a recording where the sound is fine, but there is no picture (screen is black). This seems to happen most regularly on our daily South Today recordings on BBC1 channel 101. Anyone else...
  17. E

    panasonic tl-l32c3 doesn't see digital tv box (view tv at-163)

    Hi, We had this problem before and jayCee suggested pressing 'AV' on remote and switching input to the digital box. Somehow it worked before but now I see no 'AV on the remote and the inputs that are not blanked out are 'TV', 'PC' and one other (DVR). HELP! Please.
  18. B

    Tv box problem

    I have a freeview dvb-t2 box. Seller states it functions as combo dvbt2 and dvb-s2 box for free sat. I’m getting 90% signal, but 0%strength. What’s the 0% strength for? Fix for this and settings to scan, channel no , bandwidth 6m,7m or 8m, frequency (box looking for 6digits kHz input)
  19. S

    Connecting tv box & turntable to 1 pair of speakers

    Hi, My sister own: 1 stereo receiver (sherwood from 80's) 1 pair of speakers 1 turntable 1 tv box She want to hear both sources from the av speakers. Which device she needs and how to connect it? I read on google..confused. Something with Bluetooth? Thank you very much!
  20. D

    The MXQ M12 TV Box - S922X Hexa-Core Powerhouse

    His review
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