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  1. jsilv

    Silly question but struggling to get antenna connected

    We’ve just moved into a new property and it might seem silly but the antenna doesn’t fit into the slot on our Samsung TV. What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to fit in? It seems like both pieces are like the same size so won’t fit in to one another… pictures attached. any help much...
  2. S

    Help re coax cable

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help me. I’ve just moved to the depths of the highlands and the house has 2 coax cables - no wall plate, just loose cables. My landlord has no clue about what the cables connect to, but seems to think the previous tenant watched Freeview. I went to connect one...
  3. scottydog68

    Freeview reception problem. This might be in the wrong thread!

    My brother in law has special needs and lives in a shared communual house and a few weeks ago his TV stopped receiving a signal from the antenna. I visited him today for the first time since it stopped worrking and took this photo. You can see his aerial that I've drawn a blue line around. I...
  4. ahaydock

    65OLED805/806 TV Aerial Input?

    I’ll be buying the 65OLED806 later this year, but having my living room done next week and want to think about cables whilst I can access the trunking before it’s plastered over and the tv etc back in place. The Phillips site says ‘Service Connector‘ under Connections. I assume this is the TV...
  5. Danf88

    New build cabling under stairs

    Hi I'm in a new build property and I'm confused about the aerial/ coax cabling in the house. I have aerial sockets in all 3 bedrooms and the living room. I also have two satellite sockets in the living room on the wall. In the cupboard under the stairs, I have a grey box, which has a bundle...
  6. C

    Help - How do I get terrestrial channels in new house

    Moved into a new house and not sure how to get terrestrial TV. Thinking the previous owners had Sky maybe? Tried traditional antenna aerial but the TV won’t tune any channels. There are satellite (?) ports in the wall, can I get TV through these? Do I just need a satellite cable? Or a Freesat...
  7. S

    HDMI freeview signal issue

    So I recently purchased a new tv LG 50UN80006LC I also have an LG home theatre system modal BH7440P for the freeview I have. ONE FOR ALL SV9143 Full HD Amplified Indoor TV Aerial using 2 sandstorm hdmi silver edition 3m And sandstorm optical cable 3m silver edition So my tv Setup is Xbox...
  8. H

    broken tv aerial port at the back of my panasonic tv ,,,

    when i moved my tv around i forgot to remove the aerial and its snapped off and i can't get any signal ,,,,help
  9. K

    Question Sky in another room

    Hi there, Currently we have a Sky HD box in the lounge along with our TV. We’ve now got an LG OLED TV in the kitchen (mounted on the wall) & we would like to watch sky in there, in order to watch sports. What is the best way to watch Sky in the kitchen from our previous box? I’ve heard of...
  10. W

    Freeview Reception Issues

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice with a problem I am having getting Freeview reception in a new home. Originally we moved in to this new build and I connected up one of our TVs and re-tuned, but only around 50 or so channels were available, none of them being BBC, ITV etc. Wondering why...
  11. elneenio

    FREESAT / AERIAL multiswitch setup

    Hi all , Moved into a new house and I am looking at installing a free sat /saor view installation , I understand the majority of what needs to happen but I am kinda puzzled by one last piece so any advice is greatly appreciated. In a nutshell I was lucky that the house I bought had coax...
  12. Eserem

    How can I do please?

    Hi I hope it’s right section for recive some help... I have 3 external coaxial cables, 1 for areal and 2 for sat (1 extra for recording with sky), while at home I have 2 coaxial cables in the bedroom, 2 coaxial cables in another bedroom, 1 coaxial cable in the kitchen and 3 coaxial cables in the...
  13. A

    TV aerial installation

    Hi all I had a free view aerial installed. We have a loft bedroom and no proper loft/roof access so engineer said he couldn’t fit a large aerial mounted on the roof as there is only a very small hatch. Hatch is large enough to reach into but not large enough to get inside the roof cavity. For...
  14. W

    Question How to get UK channels in the UK with a French TV?

    Hello everyone, So here's my question. I recently moved to the the UK and I brought my French TV with me. I connected it to the aerial outlet of the house but it wasn't able to find any channels (maybe there is no antenna at all I don't know). After browsing, I think that has something to do...
  15. S

    Question Free streaming BBC, ITV, C4, C5 in HD

    This is our problem, We live behind a steep bank covered in trees and have a dish aerial for Freesat. We moved the dish higher due to the trees a few years ago but the trees have gotten taller and I can't see us getting much more height other putting it on pole..or moving it but there seems to...
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