1. D

    Which turntable?

    Having inherited a collection of vinyl from my dad I'm looking to add a turntable to one of my systems. I’m had considered a Roksan Attessa but having seen one in the flesh and spoken to a few dealers I’ve been put off due to issues with set up and the tight (yet loose) dust cover. It will be...
  2. M

    Noobie advice on Turntables

    Hi All, I was hoping to get a bit of advice on what to look at in terms of a turntable for my system (Lyngdorf MP-40, Yamaha MX-A5200 11 channel power amp, I have a 7.1.4 speaker setup built around B&W 702 S2's). I used to love Vinyl and want to get back into it in a sensible-ish way. I really...
  3. C

    Tube pre-amps for Turntables

    I bought a Fosi Audio tube pre-amp about a week ago. Very impressed with it. However, as I have until the end of Jan to return it (I bought it off Amazon). Just intrigued if the Pro-Ject Box S2 would take the sound to another level? Any thoughts?
  4. J

    Getting distorted sound when turntables hooked up to av receiver through a Rane Ttm 57sl mixer

    Hi, hope someone can help. I've just bought a old av receiver ( a Yamaha RX-V2600 ). Sound from Pc and tv work flawlessly. But when I connect my Rane Ttm 57sl mixer with my Technics 1210s I get a horrible distorted sound, as if i had connected phono to a digital input. But I've connected the...
  5. plymman

    Do different turntables have more surface noise? Crackle, pop etc..

    This might sound like a silly question but do some turntables show more surface noise than others? I had a Rega P1 that sounded great, very little surface noise at all but I had to send it back because it had an issue with hum/buzz. I borrowed a Project Essentials 3 and this shows much more...
  6. M

    Turntables - budget 500/600€ - Rega vs Pro-ject vs Denon

    Hi friends, Hope everyone is healthy and safe! I'm planning to buy a turntable with a budget around 600€! I know aproximately zero about turntables but i have a lot of vinyls i'd like to listen! I did some research about Pro-ject Carbon Evo and read good reviews? Also, the shop where i used...
  7. Access

    Stolen Pro-Ject Turntables

    Something to be on the look out for if you are going to be purchasing a Pro-Ject turntable from an unofficial source. https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/cms/content/news/527 Henley Audio unfortunately need to report that on a recent shipment into the UK, a quantity of Pro-Ject Audio Systems...
  8. M

    Turntables: Technics sl 1410 / Technics quartz sl-q303

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to by a turntable and I have a 500€ budget. Although, a friend of mine told me he could offer me one of this two models: Technics sl 1410 or Technics quartz sl-q303. I know those are old models but i couldnt care less about the design or equipment look. I know almost...
  9. NifkinFZ6

    Question What are the best value Bluetooth turntables?

    My sister is looking for a Bluetooth turntable for her bf for Xmas: she doesn't want to spend too much, but I don't want her buying the hifi equivalent of a Christmas cracker toy. I was thinking the AT LP60BT, at £180, but are there any less expensive ones that'd be worth checking out?
  10. A

    Recommended Second Hand Turntables & Amplifiers to Look Out For

    I've been considering various options for buying a turntable, mostly brand new. However, when it comes to considering second hand turntables, I feel a bit lost as to where to start. What would your Brand/Model recommendations be to look out for on the second hand market? I feel like starting...
  11. Ascotbilly

    Metal Disc's / Vibration Stabilisers for Turntables - Snake Oil ?

    Afternoon all, comments welcomed on the above please.
  12. A

    Looking to learn more about Top Platters on high-end turntables.

    Newbie question: Is there a sonic benefit to a thicker/denser platter for playing back records? I often see customized turntables with platters that are thicker than the stock platter, and I have yet to find a ton of easily understood info about the benefits. Are they MOSTLY cosmetic choices...
  13. J

    Question Need to plug my turntables power chord into something.

    Don’t know if it’s just me or what. My turntable has 3 fixed cables coming out of the back, 2 are the normal red and white RCAs which I’m quite happy about and know how to put them to comparative good use. However the 3rd is beginning to annoy me as it should connect into my amp which has a 12...
  14. J

    Considering three turntables

    I'm mainly into a new turntable for vinyl playback. I have read about looking for used vintage, but to be blunt I don't know what I'm doing. This will be my first turntable in a decade or two, much less a decent turntable (upgrading from a cheap sony toy I had in 1997). So my three contenders...
  15. V

    £200-300 Turntables - am I expecting too much ?

    Hi I have recently taken delivery of an Edwards Audio Apprentice II lite. I am happy with the sound quality, and on a new record it has impressively low noise between tracks. But what I do have is a noticeable but fairly quiet hum when rotating, not through speakers, from the TT itself. And I...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject X1 and X2 turntables hit the UK

    Pro-Ject’s X Series turntables, the X1 and X2, hit the UK and simplify the range with many features shared by both models. Read the news.
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pro-Ject launches T1 turntables

    Pro-Ject launches affordable T1 turntables in three flavours mixing up speed control, MM phono stages and Bluetooth options. Read the news.
  18. vatir

    Turntable Upgrade, Help Needed

    Hi Everyone, Currently I have a Marantz TT42 which I've had for 12 years and wanting to upgrade to a better option for not more than £400. It will connect to Yamaha R-N803D and Kef R300. Been reading up on all the different options and it all just becomes too confusing with all the different...
  19. tokee72

    New stylus rubbing outside of record

    Hi, I've just installed an ATN91R stylus on my Audio Technica AT-LP3 turntable to replace the original AT91R that came with it. Since then, I've noticed that the outside of the stylus casing is rubbing off the record and I'm not sure why - as far as I know the counterweight and anti-skating...
  20. JohnnyNapalm

    Question Phono Pre Amp - Worth investing?

    Afternoon all, as spring is approaching I am getting the upgradeinitus bug and am considering looking to see if I can get more from my TT. I currently have a Marantz TT-14S1 which has the stock MM cart. This is connected directly to my Technics SU-C3000 pre amp by way of phono input and sounds...
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