1. G

    A new turntable cartridge or a phono pre amp?

    I have around £250-300 for an upgrade to my set up: Project Classic TT with Ortofon 2M Silver Yamaha RN602 Tannoy Precision 6.1 My original thinking was to replace the Silver with a 2M Bronze but I am now wondering whether adding a Phono Pre Amp (Rega Fono MM Mk3) would give better results...
  2. P

    Turntable purchase

    I'm finalising my DJ/music setup I've got a DJ controller and a couple of 1200 MK2s I would probably like to do a bit of scratching and vinyl mixing (have rekordbox DVS - virtual vinyl) but only really need one deck, and only have space for one deck on the current desk. also want to just play...
  3. acgingersnaps

    Turntable Question

    Question for the hi(fi)ve mind. Currently running a Project Debut Carbon, with a 2M Blue attached. Sounds good enough. However, just upgraded to a Rega amp, so my last unupgraded bit of kit is the turntable. Question is, will a Planar 3 be significant upgrade or just a sideways move/small bump...
  4. mattwhite1

    For Sale Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable for sale £190

    Direct Drive, comes with AT-VM95E - MM cartridge included and dust cover (lid). Unboxed, 1 year old, paid £350 for it then. Used regularly but still in mint condition. original cartridge has been used for less than 6 months as I upgraded to an Ortofon Blue. Happy to demonstrate working but I...
  5. G

    Looking for inexpensive yet durable amplifier for Turntable, Projector and Spotify phone streaming

    Hi all, I am a novice in the audio world, and was hoping for some amplifier suggestions. I would like to connect my ~10 year old speakers to: (1) a projector (for home movie watching through Apple TV), (2) a turntable, and (3) while giving me the ability to play Spotify from my iPhone to the...
  6. Refused

    For Sale Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable

    Rega Planar 1 Plus - £180 Before anything else, I should state I've experienced one issue with this turntable - the arm doesn't seem to quite lift enough. This has only really been a problem at the end of a record, as after lifting the arm the needle still catches the record slightly especially...
  7. M

    Wanted Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable

    Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am looking for Marantz TS 15S1 turntable. https://www.hifix.co.uk/marantz-tt-15s1-turntable?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLcdJD5zZ7B0357Dc-cjK-OIz1lshXENWVbIH_q_Rb1YIYkOrntmwtQaAqSzEALw_wcB Thanks
  8. W

    Luxman PD262 Turntable

    Hi All Does any of you learned people know of any company or anyone that works with Luxman vintage turntables? I'm looking for information initially and then maybe trying to improve the turntable by renewing the ageing motor and the tonearm Thanks in advance
  9. Ascotbilly

    HELP : System advice please

    Afternoon all - Wisdom on a 2nd system I'm planning please. Room is 4m x 4m approx, carpeted. listening position 2m directly in front at seated height I want to include tv on a unit typically shown below (pinched off one of the lads on show us your system). Not into AV hence why I've posted...
  10. JLP54

    For Sale Fluance RT 85 Turntable

    Fluance RT85 is like new, was purchased early spring and used for about two months while i rebuild my main TT. A rough estimate is 40 hours total. TT has not been in use since late April. Comes in original box with everything that was delivered by Fluance. In addition, a rubber mat also from...
  11. S

    Question Turntable question (no sub forum?)

    Hi, I own a Sony 4750 turntable unit. It came without an hinges (or AXIS?) to connect the dust cover to the turntable. I really couldn't find anything ... If it is specifically per model or there many other able to fit? If anyone can please help me over funding the axis i would be so grateful...
  12. A

    For Sale Thorens TD309 Turntable with Shure V15 III Cartridge & Jico Stylus £675

    Thorens TD309 Turntable for sale. Minimal use, for sale as I am upgrading. Comes with the optional Thorens Dust Cover Fitted with Shure V15 III with almost new Jico Stylus in great condition Also comes with the original Audio Technica bundled cartridge Electronic Speed Selection Tri-Suspened...
  13. imayger

    Awful sound from turntable

    Hello I've just plumbed in a turntable convertor to my Marantz AV receiver and the sound is awful. I've used quality brand new phono leads (2 sets) and through headphones direct from the turntable it sounds Ok. Everything else PS4/DVD sounds amazing. Any idea's?
  14. T

    Turntable Unit

    Apologies for the daft question.... Got my TT on a unit, all feet level, and the surface of the unit is bigger than the TT. However, I'm looking to move it. The other unit is big enough to accommodate the 4 feet of the TT, but back and front, it would kind of over hang. Makes sense? The new...
  15. E

    Audio Technica Turntable LP120

    I have read that the above turntable has a usb facility to record vinyl & I'm tempted to buy it. The blurb also states that it is compatible with Mac OS Mavericks. Mavericks is somewhat old and the latest Mac OS is Catalina. We don't have a PC. Does anyone know if this turntable would be...
  16. Ed Selley

    Pro-Ject Classic Evo Turntable Review & Comments

    The Classic Evo channels both styling and design approaches from a bygone age - does it make for a great modern turntable? Read the review. Write your own review for Pro-Ject The Classic Evo
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Technics announces SL-1210GAE limited edition turntable

    To celebrate its 55th anniversary, Technics has announced the limited edition SL-1210GAE turntable and also the development of a new reference-class integrated amplifier, the SU- R1000. Read the news.
  18. S

    Turntable for AV amps (Denon 4500H)

    Hello I wondered if anyone had direct experience of connecting a turntable to an AV amp and if there was anything in particular to look out for in the spec or anything that needs matching. I've got a Denon 4500 with Dali Zensor speakers + woofer (5.1). I was looking at Rega Planar 3 or...
  19. winrow3745

    Turntable advice to match stereo

    Hello all, I'm looking for a turntable that I can use with my NAD350 amp and Celestion F30 speakers. The system gives a pretty bass heavy output, so I'm looking for a turntable that encourages the detail rather than hyping the bottom end. I am looking for a turntable with a built in phono stage...
  20. W

    Help with setting up Thorens TD 190 + KEF LS50 wireless

    Hi everybody! I’m new to this so please bear with me. i have a Thorens TD190 turntable and KEF LS50W speakers. Thinking that these are active speakers and no amplifier is required, I tried to “plug and play” but there was no sound. I read somewhere that an amplifier is still required (please...
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