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  1. U

    Philips 9005 series keeps turning off after 5/10 mins

    Recently bought a Philips 9005series. Been working fine the last few days but now I'm having issues with it turning off after about 5/10 minutes. Which is becoming extremely frustrating. I've turned off all sleep setting etc, even put them to max wait times and the issues still ongoing 🥴. If...
  2. L

    Samsung HW950 turning off by itself since getting the LG CX

    Hi guys. I’m having a problem with my samsung HW K950 turning off for no reason. This is in turn turning off my new LG CX. The problem only started since getting the new tv. Sometimes after 5 minutes sometimes 30 minutes. I hope there is a simple fix. It is happening on hdmi 1 which has sky q...
  3. M

    PS5 keeps turning off

    My sons ps5 keeps turning off now and again mid game and won’t turn back on. The controller just flashes as though there’s no power to the ps5. The only way to solve it is to switch the ps5 off at the plug and then back on and then it turns back on but I get the warning you didn’t turn your ps5...
  4. M

    TV Randomly Turning Off

    Hi After some help as at the moment I’m really perplexed! There’s a bit of a saga as Samsung have even exchanged the tv for a new one and I’m still getting the problem. I purchased a Samsung UE65TU7100KXXU in December. For some reason, at random intervals the tv just turns itself off. I have...
  5. caz2005

    Any Unity game devs here know why my reflection probe is turning off?

    I know this isn't really this type of forum but I'm having no luck on Unity forums. The problem in my scene where a reflection probe keeps turning off/on if you like depending on what way the camera is facing. It only happens in this area of my environment and it does it even with a new...
  6. J

    Bush TV turning off immediately after I turn it on

    Hi, I have a Bush TV LCD32TV022HD. Whilst I was using it it randomly turned off, then I turned it back on and it seemed fine. However the next day every time I turn it on it turns straight back off. I've tried removing the power cable and putting it back in. I also saw somewhere that if you hold...
  7. KP191

    Yamaha rx-v667 keeps turning off

    Hi all my receiver has been stored in our attic for the past 9 months. There was no sound when turned on. I tried cleaning the headphone jack and that wasn't it. Then I tried the reset to restart by pushing main zone, Info and tone control buttons simultaneously and it turned on but seems to...
  8. kah22

    Question Hue Bulbs Turning Off On Their Own !

    I’m having a problem to which I can’t find an answer I have a Hue bridge, and four hue bulbs. Three of the bulbs are attached to a chandelier and one to a standard lamp. There are no dimmer switches involved. I have a number of other INNR bulbs in different rooms. Each night at midnight the...
  9. Tempest

    Turning off TV after casting automatically turned it on? Doh-Fixed-Simple!

    I've had a Sony Smart TV for a few years, and apart from some early VERY poor software updates, and some bug which seems to mean it can get unhappy when things are plugged into a USB socket for some time, its been fine. I've just plugged in a Chromecast with Google TV which if I'm honest does...
  10. cougartrace

    Yamaha receiver turns itself back on after turning off?

    My father has a Visio TV, a Yamaha RX-V465 receiver, and Xfinity box. He has a Bose sound system going through the receiver and of course the TV goes through the HDMI on the receiver. He has the XFINITY all in one remote. When he presses the power button on the remote, all devices turn on (tv...
  11. Kuttiman

    Question Panasonic TH-L42U30M TV shutting down

    My panasonic TV model: TH-L42U30M is shutting down by itself after running 1 Hour or more. Even standby red light also goes off. Then I want to disconnect the power cord and weight another 30 minutes to turn it on again. What will be the reason for it?
  12. Matt_C

    Question How can I turn off "updates" notification?

    I don't want to upgrade to Catalina (because I know it will break a few apps that I use) but everyday I'm getting a notification telling me there is a software update to install (the one from Sys Prefs, not the App Store one) and I can't figure out how to silence it. I don't want to turn off...
  13. Oliver Henry Evans

    Advice: Turning off amp makes popping sound come out of speakers

    Hello all First post: I’ve been experiencing some issues and need some advice! My setup: 5.1 system comprising of: 5x B&W M1 Mk2 speakers, 1x BK Electronics XLS200 subwoofer connected to a Sony DG820 (old I know but couldn’t afford to upgrade). I have connected them up to my Sony XF9005 TV...
  14. RichardOF

    Denon AVR-X3300W turning off when using ARC

    Hi, hope this the correct forum to post in but I’ve also post in LG tv section. TV LG OLED 55B7 Receiver Denon AVR X3300W Since the middle to end of last year I have had an issue with my TV that when using it to view Freeview, Amazon or Netflix after 15-20 mins my Denon receiver goes into auto...
  15. RichardOF

    OLED 55B7 ARC turning off Denon receiver

    Hi, hope this the correct forum to post in but I will also post in the Denon forum. TV LG OLED 55B7 Receiver Denon AVR X3300W Since the middle to end of last year I have had an issue with my TV that when using it to view Freeview, Amazon or Netflix after 15-20 mins my Denon receiver goes into...
  16. koskzkz

    hitachi 42hyt42u keeps turning off

    Hi all, I just bought used Hitachi tv it worked well for like a moth than out of nowhere it started to shut down automaticly. Well not shut down but just the screen goes black you can hear all the sound but no image. I searched for a solution but got no real answers. Any help?
  17. S

    FX700 turning off

    I've got a real issue with my Panny FX700 in that if there is anything dark on screen, it will just turn off. This can happen with films or anything. I've just fired up a game on my Xbox and during the opening scenes there was small white text on black background and it was enough to turn the...
  18. B

    Question Please help if you can. Can I stop tv turning off?

    Dad has dementia and to reassure him, I’ve been playing him a looped PowerPoint of messages and familiar photos on my laptop during the night. His tv is bigger, so that’s better and I managed to put the PowerPoint into video and load it with a usb stick to play on the tv (go me!) But the tv...
  19. D

    iPhone 7 camera live every time despite turning off

    Hi, no matter what instructions I follow camera Live is always on. I don’t want Live Photo’s. thanks in advance for any assistance.
  20. Glenn Uk

    Question Rako RDT PIL controller not turning off

    Dear All –– ADVERTISEMENT –– It has been a while since i last posted on here but having a problem with a RDT PIL dimmer not turning off. I have set up the device in Rasoft pro ok, assigned to a room and I have programmed in some events as well as using the standard scenes. However, whilst...
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